Saturday, August 16, 2008

True friends are for betraying!


I forgot to add the reason why xxvsdy has been shut down is
because the author of the site received physical and verbal threats from none other than my alter ego's avid supporter and friend MelissaLam from Cozycot.

who is Melissalam?

Keep guessing... we're almost there!

Dont copy me!!

Teehee everybody!

its seems that my fans are still convinced im a sweet innocent girl who
would NEVER speak ill of anyone!

Least of all my friends!

But then again, what are friends for if not for defending myself?

Grace and Candice had plastic surgery too!

Nira is a tranny!

Fiona xie is loose!

Arissa Is FAT!

Angelababy is FAKE!

Xuesha and nira are bimbotic ahlians!

Everyone who looks like me is a C grade imitation!

Every female who is prettier than me had plastic surgery / and or is loose!


Oh and i almost forgot.....

Teehee! i can flame them on forums all i want and they will never know how two faced i really am!


As you all already know, Deliriouschic is one of my secret nicknames in Cozycot!

You want proof?

Well, here it is! credits to

When the summerdoll scandal broke out awhile ago with the damning evidence linking to my friendster profile, i knew i had to change my email address
to my other one.

But silly me! Ive been found out yet again!

(click to enlarge)

Originally Posted by lambilicious
Im sorry but nira is definately 11100000000032523325230205035 times better looking than dawn yang.

And isn't it obvious that XOXODOLL is dawn yang herself? I'm suspecting ernernhui too, but not too sure. Actually, I think it's quite obvious dawn uses many aliases to defend herself and put others down. People, OPEN YOUR EYES.

Dawn replies:
you think we are DY? she has haters, she has supporters, she has neutral obective parties so deal with it girl!
And nira really looks bad to me irl, that's my opinion and many of my friends opinions so take it or leave it. She is photogenic, but not pretty at all in person. ernernhui82's description is completely accurate. I dare say anyone who's seen both dawn and nira real life will confirm say dawn's million times better.


these are only some of the many insults to my 'friends'!
go to to see the entire collection of insults!!

*next post will include fan art made by ex-dy fans*



Anonymous said...

Wah... what thick skin she has!
Calling other girls "cheap imitations" of her when she was so much uglier than them before her multiple surgeries!!!

no wonder so many people despise her.... tsk tsk.

Anonymous said...

ohmy. how can you imitate a human (physical attributes i mean)? unless you're a FAKE yourself? (: most humans cannot be imitated that easily because they are not GOODS. but it's hard to say for donk wayang cos ya know. she zhng-ed her whole face and yea, anyone can have those features!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

well i am not sure if that is true. people can search for dawn yang and when the profile appears, change the search column to the email address. then screen shot it.
if thats the case, it's totally unfair to tarnish her reputation that way. if thats true, i do think DY is a total bitch.

Anonymous said...

hmm, how can the author be physically threatened as she's in australia? :/
what a pity though. really like her blog!

Anonymous said...

Is that the best the few of you can do??? Regurgitate other hate sites about Dawn?? Oh wait... I forgot... its the same bunch of you repeating your crap across different hate sites. BORING...

Oh and stop lying. You have no idea who melissalam is.

Btw, you are lying about "Stella" closing her blog because of melissalam. Like how she lied about being in Australia.

The truth is, she is one of the village idiot's (Wendy's) sheep-friend, who in a stupid message to one of the alleged melissalams revealed her ownership of the blog. This alleged melissalam did not take too kindly to being defamed and the rest is history.

We also know who at least two of you are, and when we have sufficient proof, even your boyfriends Jon Lee and Mike (or anyone else for that matter) will not be able to save you.

Now in response to a few statements:

1) Grace and Candice had plastic surgery too!
- Errm... you gals revealed who they were. All the poster did was say dawn had cosmetic surgery together with two of her friends.

2) Nira is a tranny!
- Is she not???

3) Fiona xie is loose!
- I don't care, I'd still pop her in a minute... just thinking about her gets me... errm i think i should stop on this one.

4) Arissa Is FAT!
- not really... although I think she's a little chubby.

5) Angelababy is FAKE!
- who the hell is she???

6) Xuesha and nira are bimbotic ahlians!
- From what I heard, for the first it might be true (i would like to be proven wrong on this), and the second can't be unless there are bimbo ah-lian trannys (which I have never heard off)!

7) Everyone who looks like me is a C grade imitation!
Every female who is prettier than me had plastic surgery / and or is loose!
- Hmm... I don't think Dawn Y said that, however I think it does apply for you gals that run this (and "stella's" blog).

8) Teehee! i can flame them on forums all i want and they will never know how two faced i really am!
- Once again that sounds about right for the bunch of you... didn't you gals give Dawn Y the impression that you were her friends and start up the dum** dawn site?? Not to mention how many secret nicknames you gals have collectively on the CC forums.. sounds like a loose pot calling the kettle black!

Anonymous said...

From the looks of it, Satan's Prodigy was trying to 'justify' what THAT PLASTIC- Oops! I mean Dawn, might have done or said as stated on this blog.

Although, I find these 'justifications' rather pathetic and childish.

And I can't help but feel that it's the plastic itself.
Who knows right? :P

PS: Dawn Wayang, Keep updating!

Anonymous said...

@ hanna
Do you even know the meaning of justification much less what constitutes justifying??

The points are my take on those comments. Some are serious, some tongue in cheek.

However the attention whore in me feels the need to cater to stupid people this morning. So now let me JUSTIFY what I said:

1) Its a fact, Dawn Y did not mention their names.

2) My personal take on what I think Nira looks like. That being said I could have missed it, but I don't recall anyone saying Nira looks like a tranny. I believe she was called a pontianak.

3) I actually think I have a major crush on Fiona. Even more than I've had on any other celebrity anywhere in the world. Just wanted to say it in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

4) Ok maybe I exaggerated a little. She isn't chubby, but she isn't skinny as well. Have you seen or met her in person to say I'm wrong?

5) I don't think that there is a need to justify this. I really don't know who she is.

6) I've met Xuesha and I think she's nice (thats why I want it to be wrong). However I have been told that she's a bimbo and an ah-lian by different people whom I consider to be good judges of char. The Nira bit was just a tongue-in-cheek comment with reference to what I think she looks like.

7) DW said that not Dawn Y. However since I do have reliable info on who they are, I'm telling them what I think of them.

8) That is what the "team" behind DW is saying about Dawn Y, but ironically they have done worse.

Dawn Wayang said...

@satan's prodigy

hello calvin,
it looks like you've resorted to anonymous commenting now, havent you?
Oh i know a lot about you, and why?
well, you just revealed your identity to me by letting out information that only calvin cheng could possibly know. Of course, you will try all you can to deny that I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Well, let me tell you this, i know more than you think.

for all you know, i might even already have your IP address.


keep guessing.

Dawn Wayang said...

@ satan's prodigy

I also know you are using proxy,

but no matter. i already have your real IP address.

p.s: i dont think people in elkhart indiana would be obsessed with commenting so many times. proxy is such a let down isnt it? boo hoo.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint, but I'm afraid that I am not Calvin. I suspect he's home with his girlfriend since he hasn't contacted me much since she's been back.

The only thing that could have lead you to believe that I was Calvin was my refutation of the lie that melissalam, and the revelation of the truth about "Stella". Unfortunately you assumed that he would not tell anyone about what had happened, or that "Stella" would not mention it to her other friends besides you bunch.

If you really did know Calvin, you would also know he wouldn't be bothered saying anything unless he was attacked first.

What has happened in relation to the other blog is known by quite a few people already.

Let's just say I'm very closely linked to almost everyone that the spotlight has shone on on both sides of the "war" (if I may call it that), even if they were dragged into it unwittingly, as well as the people behind these malicious attacks. There may be one exception, but I shall keep any other info on this to myself.

Assume or insinuate what you want, for I am ninja (sorry but I couldn't help saying the last bit!). I'll be frank and tell you straight up that I am and will continue to do whatever I can to derail any attempts on finding out who I am by misleading everyone into thinking I am someone else. Why? Because I want to show everyone what DW really is. A conjurer of lies and deceit by mixing them with some truths.

Anonymous said...

WTF?! Satan's prodigy, you coward. If your cause of saving Dawn's infamous reputation is so justified then why don't you quit hiding behind ridiculous nicknames and piggybacking on other people's IPs with a proxy? At least these guys are doing it to avoid harassment from people with too much free time and way too much money. What's your reason? Afraid people will point you out in a crowd and snicker about who's friend you are?

Anonymous said...

Sorry mary. If only you could read, as I did say I'm remaining anonymous because I would like to show DW for what they really are. I believe I did say "A conjurer of lies and deceit by mixing them with some truths."

Also I don't want this bunch of liars and hypocrites to start harassing me.

Knowing myself, I'm less inclined to wait for proof as compared to Dawn Y, her other friends, and her supporters.

I would in all probability do something stupid and get myself in trouble with the law if this got personal to the real me.

I am VERY PROUD to be considered one of Dawn Y's friends now, and I am VERY EMBARRASSED to say that I was once a friend to one of DW and many of their associates.

As for why DW is anonymous. It's not because of them worrying about the "people with too much free time and way too much money". If you actually knew their real identities, you would realise they're anonymous because the main media and general public (not this biased sample of sheep, of which many post multiple times) does not really like them and if they were to have said it without hiding who they are, even less people will like them for it would be clear that they are deceitful and full of malice.

Anonymous said...

Oh mary, I almost forgot to answer your "query" on defending Dawn Y's reputation.

That is not my main intention, however whenever I do reveal the real truth, it inadvertently will lead to that.

Just in-case you're wondering why I'm proud of being Dawn Y's friend, I've already said it in another comment thread. I would rather be plastic outside than plastic inside the chief of the village idiots and the rest of its chief.

Anonymous said...

oops. major mistake. My last line in the 9:55am post should read
"I would rather be plastic outside than plastic inside like the chief of the village idiots and the rest of its sheep"

Anonymous said...

Gosh an attack on my literacy, I must have hit a raw nerve. I do apologize for the "coward" goad it was simply done to get a reaction and basically piss you off. I know for a fact that you piggybacked on a friend's IP framing her to look like you, intentional or not. So you see, we both get defensive when our friends are involved.

So they're all hypocrites? I can see that, everyone at some point has done something underhanded at least once in their lives. However your claim that they're deceitful falls short with me. Where is the proof dear? DW and the many others have very convincing evidence against your friend. That she lies to the media and her fan base. That she steals others works and then tries to pass them off as her own, even though her own site has a thoroughly wrote out copyright disclaimer. I would very much like to see what you have to prove this is a set up to make Dawn look bad.

Don't take this as an assumption that I dislike Dawn. I'm actually rather biased towards them both of them and would have continued reading this saga and it's side stories in silence if you hadn't used the proxy that you did.

Anonymous said...

Hi Noel (Satan's prodigy)! How are you? Been busy lately? Been working hard for your boss? It takes a lot of time to monitor 24/7online. Did you pay you overtime? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Noel a.k.a. satan's prodigy, what exactly do you get from covering-up all these sh*ts you boss has left?

Anonymous said...

So it's that fat fuck Noel's shift?

What a lousy job lah. Suppose to be managers of models but kena assign to trolling online for his butthurt boss.

Better resign lah!

Anonymous said...

melissalam is Calvin Cheng!!

Anonymous said...

Well at least the guesses that I am Noel or Calvin are a little better than guessing I am Dawn. Unfortunately, I'm afraid you sheep have to guess again... Maybe you'll get closer (probably not, but who knows).

Oh and try and be original for once and think of someone not on the "list", who has been associated very closely with some of DW in the past :)

Mary, of course I would attack your literary skills (or lack thereof). I did already state clearly in the earlier post why I would like to remain anonymous and hiding behind a proxy (at least for now).

I even stated very subtly why I'm using a proxy (think the ninja statement :) ). Yet somehow you managed to read it very differently.

See the kind of harassment the sheep are throwing at Calvin and Noel when they're innocent? Some of DW have known me extremely well, and knowing their kind, I would not only find that kind of harassment from the sheep, I would also soon find a similar smear site like this against me if they found out my identity. I think that should explain well enough for now why I'm remaining anonymous.

Something has touched a nerve, but no, not you or what you said. Far from it. Don't worry about DW though, the DY crew know exactly what I'm doing, as I'm simply fighting fire with fire (although I'm using a smaller one for now as I'm not lying).

Piggybacked on a friends IP??? You must be kidding. Go easy with the conspiracy theories lest you turn into another of the sheep. I'm doing this from my own home.

Also, don't get your knickers all wet over this, but no. I didn't make any assumptions on your disposition towards Dawn Y. You have not said anything anti-her as far as I know and thus I would have no cause to believe otherwise. Similarly, just because you don't like me, it doesn't mean you are anti-Dawn Y.


Anonymous said...

Mary, I'm so sorry. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me these days. Maybe I'm getting stupid from reading all this crap. I said "the DY crew know exactly what I'm doing" when it was supposed to be "DW crew".

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

satan's prodigy, may I have at least an initial to call you by (fake or not)? I feel like a retard writing that name.

Perhaps you do not understand what piggybacking is in that form. Most proxies generate an unusable IP number to mask your own but a few of the less then honest ones will take one of the last visited IPs to a site and mask yours with it. It doesn't matter if you're at home, an office or another country. Now I do not know if you used a dishonest one, that's why I phrased it "intentional or not" but it caused someone to post her IP and location. I worried that she would start to be harasses when she was just a silly busybody reading too much gossip.

On the other hand if the poster jumped to concludes as to who was visiting at that moment and it wasn't you trying to hide yourself then I'm sorry for attacking you. There is no way for me to know either way.

Although I don't see how you can hold the fact that I didn't read all of your comments against me. I haven't been reading most of the comments, there's too much name calling for my taste. I simply visit from time to time to see what's going on, if anything. As I said, I would never had even posted a comment if her IP hadn't been dragged into this. Thankfully it's all been dropped since this little debate between us broke out which is what I was hoping for in the first place.

No need to be so defensive, at least towards me. I don't dislike you, I don't even know you, I already mentioned multiple times why I was angry in the first place. Nothing I wrote in the 2nd comment was about jumping to concludes or even me making assumptions of what you thought. I simply was clarifying my thoughts which is a must online in order to avoid flame wars.

Although I still would like to know what information you have that makes these people liars. Care to share?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, I can't decide if S.A.Tan or SP would be better. I kinda prefer the former, but either will do.

I'm using an "honest proxy". It generates random IP addresses. I believe DW mentioned that it was from Indiana in the US. However it would be an invalid IP address if anyone checked properly.

I am glad you realise that many of the readers would harass anyone that disagrees with them. Considering that some of DW knew me quite well, I would like to prevent any such malicious attacks of the sort Dawn Y is having.

As for the information. I know the group behind DW personally and I know Dawn Y personally. I did mention that we are looking for proof as currently it is nothing but the words of a few against their word. Until then I want to caution people who read this blog about that.