Thursday, December 11, 2008

haute couture

Hello everybody!

Did you miss me? Not only was I celebrating my birthday,

I was also busy being at the forefront of New Yorks haute couture fashion scene!!

firstly, my birthday speech. I appreciate and love all the important people in my life,

especially those who helped mould and shape me, you have made me what I am today.

Of course I am talking about not only my parents, but my plastic surgeons, for they have

moulded and shaped me the most.


I am also very angry at some jealous mad forummers who said that my bay-bay dress was ugly.
*rolls eyes* * tilts head* and *flips hair*.

How dare you mock my immaculate taste in fashion?
Excuse me? Its an original BAY-BAY dress, and i did not get it from ebay at $40! Its a lie! You all are just jealous! Spreading wicked rumours about a godly woman? Shame on you all!!

poor Elphaba... I feel you :/

As i was saying..... sigh, it is such hard work being at the forefront of new yorks fashion trends!!

And after all my surgeries, i managed to appear on the front cover of Rogue magazine!

teehee! the Godly will always prevail!!

clap -banging and kissing my way to the top fashion magazines,

xoxo, dawn wayang.