Sunday, August 31, 2008




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Oh !! And.....
even though im no longer in singapore,

On to the wallpapers!!!

As you all know,
no princess is complete without diva-style
wallpapers of herself!!


her royal majesty!!






Xiaxue is going to sydney TomorWOW too!!!

Teehee!! look out for more parodies coming your way soon

on our brand new youtube channel,


Your one and only source of entertainment for everything Wayang.


**coming soon**

Wallpapers for your desktop!!

Help spread the word!! Be a good christian today!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hello everybody!!

Did you miss me??

Of course you did!!

for no one is fairer or more artificial than I!!


And not to forget, i have the thickest skin ever!!

i will NEVER admit to my wrongs ever!

As you all know, I am not the one responsible for flaming my friends on forums.
It was my sister who did it!!
After all, what are sisters for, if not to push the blame on?

-from my alter ego's blog-

Now on to other things!

As you may have noticed, we had a guest contributor, Boto Xing,
coming in to write an article here on Dawn Wayang
about the dangers of plastic surgery addiction!

Thank you Boto Xing for enlightening us!

My personal favourites are the "kallang wave" and the "dirty armpits" poster.
Thank you for reminding me to wax my armpits, Boto!

If you want to be a guest contributor too, all you have to do is to send
your article to!

Teehee! So exciting!


They even made a new Wayang-barbie set just for me!!!!

In case you all haven't noticed,

Im am not only the poster girl for plastic surgery addiction,
but also the spokeswoman for the Change-your-panties-Regurlarly movement!!

As you all already know, i LOVE my lacy white panties
and i wear the same pair almost everyday!

They also help me attract more rich old men!!

It is unhealthy and damaging to my personal income....

What an enlightening poster!!

Support my cause and buy Plastic Surgeon Wayang Barbie TODAY!!

**Available at all departmental stores in Geylang and Changi**

So girls , be sure to change your panties everyday,
and not be like me!

Until next time,

God Bless!! Teehee!

Monday, August 18, 2008

OH hi everyone. I am not Dawn Wayang. I am a guest contributor.

My name is Boto Xing, and I am a writer for famous magazine, The Plastic Times!!

Thank you Dawn Wayang for allowing me to write here.

Lately it has been found that more and more tweens are doing plastic surgery! That is terrible!!

Because The Plastic Times is a socially-responsible and good type of magazine, we have decided to design a series of Anti-plastic posters to deter tweens from being addicted to scalpels, drips and jabs.

These posters are inspired by this famous Anti-smoking poster:

Note. Our posters are extremely graphic and scary. Proceed with caution.






Thank you. Please help us by stating which poster you like the best and think is the most effective!!

Yours plasticly,

Boto Xing.

p.s: The pictures are not doctored in any way except adding of text files. The subject is already hideously deformed.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

True friends are for betraying!


I forgot to add the reason why xxvsdy has been shut down is
because the author of the site received physical and verbal threats from none other than my alter ego's avid supporter and friend MelissaLam from Cozycot.

who is Melissalam?

Keep guessing... we're almost there!

Dont copy me!!

Teehee everybody!

its seems that my fans are still convinced im a sweet innocent girl who
would NEVER speak ill of anyone!

Least of all my friends!

But then again, what are friends for if not for defending myself?

Grace and Candice had plastic surgery too!

Nira is a tranny!

Fiona xie is loose!

Arissa Is FAT!

Angelababy is FAKE!

Xuesha and nira are bimbotic ahlians!

Everyone who looks like me is a C grade imitation!

Every female who is prettier than me had plastic surgery / and or is loose!


Oh and i almost forgot.....

Teehee! i can flame them on forums all i want and they will never know how two faced i really am!


As you all already know, Deliriouschic is one of my secret nicknames in Cozycot!

You want proof?

Well, here it is! credits to

When the summerdoll scandal broke out awhile ago with the damning evidence linking to my friendster profile, i knew i had to change my email address
to my other one.

But silly me! Ive been found out yet again!

(click to enlarge)

Originally Posted by lambilicious
Im sorry but nira is definately 11100000000032523325230205035 times better looking than dawn yang.

And isn't it obvious that XOXODOLL is dawn yang herself? I'm suspecting ernernhui too, but not too sure. Actually, I think it's quite obvious dawn uses many aliases to defend herself and put others down. People, OPEN YOUR EYES.

Dawn replies:
you think we are DY? she has haters, she has supporters, she has neutral obective parties so deal with it girl!
And nira really looks bad to me irl, that's my opinion and many of my friends opinions so take it or leave it. She is photogenic, but not pretty at all in person. ernernhui82's description is completely accurate. I dare say anyone who's seen both dawn and nira real life will confirm say dawn's million times better.


these are only some of the many insults to my 'friends'!
go to to see the entire collection of insults!!

*next post will include fan art made by ex-dy fans*


Sunday, August 10, 2008

im a godly child at heart! teehee!!


Once again I am going to stress that
I am NOT xiaxue.
That is akin to saying that I am God,
Or Mas selamat. Or Osama Bin Laden.

xiaxue is awesome.


HOW DARE you poor little losers make fun of me?!

I'll show you!!!



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My face through the years.
and what I will look like in the future.