Monday, August 18, 2008

OH hi everyone. I am not Dawn Wayang. I am a guest contributor.

My name is Boto Xing, and I am a writer for famous magazine, The Plastic Times!!

Thank you Dawn Wayang for allowing me to write here.

Lately it has been found that more and more tweens are doing plastic surgery! That is terrible!!

Because The Plastic Times is a socially-responsible and good type of magazine, we have decided to design a series of Anti-plastic posters to deter tweens from being addicted to scalpels, drips and jabs.

These posters are inspired by this famous Anti-smoking poster:

Note. Our posters are extremely graphic and scary. Proceed with caution.






Thank you. Please help us by stating which poster you like the best and think is the most effective!!

Yours plasticly,

Boto Xing.

p.s: The pictures are not doctored in any way except adding of text files. The subject is already hideously deformed.


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yvone said...

haiyo, i cringe so hard when i saw these pictures! great work done! keep it up! :)

Anonymous said...

i like poster 9, the tagline was a smack in the face and really funny.

Anonymous said...

i like the one about the unshaven armpits haha

anonynony said...

Amazing stuff! I never knew her nose slants to her left.

Anonymous said...

Recently she seems fatter than normal, that's why the triple chins... And the videos on Stomp make her look fat too.. Probably because she thinks she can just go for quick treatments like vaserlipo instead of normal girls' style - dieting and exercising.

Oops, she does exercise, I forgot. On the bed with the other partner!

Anonymous said...

wow that must have been a lot of work. I can't fathom your greatness and witness. All the posters are great but I like the one with the kallang wave/living thing in the forehead and the second last one best. Please please please keep up the good work!!! We as a nation, as a social class, as the elite LOVE IT!!!

Satan's Prodigy said...

For a minute I thought your wittiness had returned DW... until I realised it was others that did the work. All you did was regurgitate (again).

I think you may need to tell this to Wendy. Dawn hasn't done any cosmetic surgery recently. Wendy on the other hand has and according to it, it is going for more. Hmmz... is it just me, or is it trying to copy Dawn. What a sell-out after all her previous rants against cosmetic surgery...

I would call her (Wendy) personally to warn it, BUT I really don't fancy talking to a short and stumpy miss-piggy-lookalike dwarf (calling it a hobbit is too good).

Maybe DW could be kind enough to warn it of the hazards by calling it at 90067... ah wait, you don't need the number, you're a team including Mike's dwarf and its sheep-friends.

Personally I would rather be "plastic outside" like Dawn Y than plastic inside (soon to be plastic inside and out) like Wendy.

@ anon @ 10:06AM
You a bit contradictory aren't you. You say you can't fathom DW's greatness and witness, yet you call yourself an elite... yeah probably elite at being a retard and fool. Please stop as you're just embarrassing me along with all the other intelligent peasants!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHHA, love the armpits one and the wow so attractive one.

couldnt stop laughing!! (:
you made my day

Anonymous said...


swd said...

to "satan's prodigy" or, should i say, one of that nobody's minions?

while it may be true (that it could be a guest contributor), i think dw is mostly kidding (and might be acting). boto xing = botoxing. or do you need your eyes checked?

i don't think that wendy has ever said she was against plastic surgery. she said she was for it but people should know when to stop. copy dawn? oh yes, like dy is the ONLY person in the entire world to do surgery. unless wendy goes for chin and forehead implants and cutting her eyelids, sit the fuck down, okay? ty, darling.

swd said...

oops. unless should be until.

SingaporeanLondoner said...

Eureka! So that's why she always tilts her head in her photos like a deformed doll, to compensate for her crooked nose!

I'd vote for the Stomp video overall which is the real shocker, but the poster with the bulging forehead implant wins hands down! In fact, I can almost see it in all it's shiny glory all the way here in the UK haa...

Keep up the great work!

jess said...

wow...really a lot of work put into these posters..

but well done!

Anonymous said...

Good jobs guys whoever you are doing all this!
I like the one saying ''ur fugly past will haunt u forever;;
SOOOOOO true =)

Anonymous said...

Who's Satan's Prodigy? Haha, could it be DY herself? Probably not, DY is a godly child at heart! She'll nv associate herself with ahem... Satan? So if you wanna stand up for her, maybe you need to change ur nick to God's Prodigy instead. Bless you, mate.

Anyway, regarding "Dawn hasn't done any cosmetic surgery recently." I think you're not following. Nobody is talking her RECENT jobs, they are refering to her PREVIOUS jobs over the past decade. Hahahaha. DECADE. The difference between XX and DY is, XX admits to her jobs.

Goodness, get your facts right.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

another high for dawn wayang!

Anonymous said...

they're brilliant!!!! absolutely. you should make one with the boob surgery scar too, like the pic from wendy's site.
you should say something like 'these pictures have not been doctored' in case people think you're making these crazy-but-true pictures up.

thanks for this post, and keep up the great work!!

Anonymous said...

This is so funny!! But seriously, the original quit smoking poster on top really freaked me out.. i find it super scary....can put stickgal's one instead?

Anonymous said...

The lesson is...

Don't lie.

Anonymous said...

Honestly i needs to worship you DW, you are totally awesome. And omg, her face is really scary to the max. I dare not get close to her if I can ever see her in real person. I might get a heart attack.

Anonymous said...

wonderful!! bravo..the poster are shocking and so real.. nightmare inducing- I know the pics are all original and unphotoshopped except for the words on top as i've seen the originals before.

I wonder what other procedure Dawn will go for next? She must be best buddies with many surgeons and aesthetic doctors by now.

Anonymous said...

aiya, SATAN'S PRODIGY, why don u STFP? stop ur blo0dy elitist comments or whatsoever. nobody welcomes u here.
u don even belong here and so i cant understand why are you here commenting in dawnwAyang.

Reader said...

maybe satan's prodigy is dawn yang herself?? she is always fighting for herself and putting others down...

Anonymous said...

cant rule out the possibility. oooh. good christian girls won't do anything like this, no?

fl. said...

are those actual original photos taken off her blog? or are they photoshopped?

if they're 100% original, then her ps is seriously way more obvious then i thought :/

Satan's Prodigy said...

Oh wow, another bunch of mostly moronic sheep posting on DW's comments. For fuck's sake, come up with something more plausible than me being DY.

Even if it was wrong, at least DW made a much more educated guess than what the bunch of you can. Of course they did reveal that they are liars in the process.

Elite??? Hardly. Like the group collectively calling themselves DW, I'm a peasant BUT unlike the bunch of them I have no pretense of belonging to the elite group.

As for being not welcome here, its a public blog. I don't give a flying-fuck if any of you don't welcome me.

Ahh.. and now for the ever present swd. You sound like you have some semblance intelligence. Unfortunately your ignorance shows.

I do know that there was no guest poster. However I also did read the statement that these pics were not done by the regular bunch. Of course it is likely that they are lying again.

And when I refer to the village idiot ranting about cosmetic surgery, I was referring to statements in another blog she created under another pseudonym. I wouldn't expect you to know that since you're probably not in the know (from what you've said thus far).

As for the "jobs" Dawn Y has done. I doubt any of you actually know what she has actually done. Lets just say the village idiot is planning to do those exact same things... no more, no less.
Well if it would do it if it can afford them that is. She was recently ranting about three to four weeks ago about how expensive the $1500 procedure was (not on a blog of course).

Satan's Prodigy said...

One line should read "some semblance of intelligence" not semblance intelligence.

Passerby said...

I think the reason why people are bashing Dawn Yang is because they disapprove of her hypocrisy. That, and she does not seem to be mending her ways.

If all those comments posted by Dawn Wayang are true, i.e. Dawn has undergone extensive surgeries and has denied them and in the process of that, she has denied and looked down on her own heritage, she has plagiarized other people's writing so that she may sound intelligent, and on top of that she has also undertaken different identities online to speak up for herself and put others down definitely shows what kind of person she is. I don't see any justification for such acts, nor how Xiaxue and her friends' "equally-hypocritical-personalities" can neutralise Dawn's.

I think the reason why Dawn would go to such an extend of making herself seem perfect is because like many others, she yearns to be among the most beautiful, the most intelligent (or intelligent sounding in her case) and to be among the "elites" and the rich of the societies. She yearns for what she believes a "perfect" life should be like. Besides, isn't this kind of lifestyle Singapore's society seems to be condoning our people to yearn for? Sadly, despite Dawn and the others' overseas exposure, they don't seem to have widened their horizon. Such perspectives of life are still deeply instilled in their minds.

I don't care for what Dawn Yang has done or what kind of person she really is. But this "personality" she embodies (on the Internet at least) is the epitome of a person's materialistic, egoistic, vain and shallow desires.

However. I think it is indeed rather uncivilised of her bashers to talk about her in such a sexually degrading way, i.e. her sleeping with men for money etc. She is a girl afterall, I don't find it justified that the others kept emphasizing on unproven rumours about Dawn Yang sleeping around with rich men. These are afterall just speculations.

@ passerby said...

Probably correct speculations.... :D

remember summerdoll?? Haha!

Anonymous said...

Calvin Cheung expose deep deep liao how ar?

Anonymous said...

wohoo. nice posters, way to go.

Anyway plasticgurl is going off soon, with her tail between her legs. Good riddance, who knows she might even bump into her doppelganger Michael Jackson!

Anonymous said...

satan's prodigy said... BLAH BLAH BLAH

LYS said...

what did he say? I thought he just farted loads that's all! TeeHee!

Satan's Prodigy said...

Anon on 20/8@6:32AM and Lys, I think you two should grow up. My six year old nephew can formulate better responses than those kindergarten replies.

Passerby, thats why I say the DW crew are malicious, deceitful liars.

They mix truths about her plagiarism, with extreme exaggerations of how much cosmetic surgery she has done, etc. Lets just say that recent email account in question was in recent active use, but not by Dawn Y (and the DW crew know it!)

Not to mention they use bully tactics like setting up multiple hate sites pretending they're independent observers, when they're just the same group, catering to the jealousy of one. Jealousy because it feels that Dawn Y is inferior to her (or maybe it just feels inferior), yet gets much more attention than her.

Please don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to neutralise the damage. I'm trying to destroy the things I despise.

Ironically, even with her cosmetic surgeries, I do genuinely like Dawn Y, as she has been more real as a person, than these so called all natural and mostly natural things who have nothing but malice, envy, and silicone in their hearts. Unfortunately Dawn Y's defence is nothing but a means to an end for me.

This perception of what Dawn Y is like is far from the truth as it has been warped by the lies of these things and their sheep. This is not the first time they have done this to others, and I feel very strongly that these things need to be put down like the dogs they are.

XWF said...

OMG!! there's so many disgusting implants in this Dawn Yang's face. Ewwwwww she looks like she's 15 years older than she actually is...grosss...melting face..

Dawn Wayang,thanks for showing us the devastating effects of plastic surgery addiction.

I have friends who worked in the same circles as Dawn and said she's very self conscious and is very insecure in front of naturally pretty girls. Now I know why. All that surgery and she's still ugly. SHe must be suffering from pathological jealousy. :)

Anonymous said...

This dog has to work OT tonight, poorthing.

Dawn will rewards you by letting you mouth fuck her.

jennah said...

i vote for the bulging forehead implant one. it's so scary it surpasses the smoking poster up top.

Anonymous said...

They mix truths about her plagiarism, with extreme exaggerations of how much cosmetic surgery she has done, etc. Lets just say that recent email account in question was in recent active use, but not by Dawn Y (and the DW crew know it!)

so who sabo Dawn suing her email? Say leh!

but she got plagiared right and got go do PS confirm? also why she so stupid one?

swd said...

to "satan's prodigy":

oh hey, thks, dude. didn't know i was famous. :D

ignorance? why, because i don't spend my time getting to know her? sorry, i'm busy.

good for you for knowing her but, really, her online persona is enough for most of us. i think i might vomit blood on her if i see her in real life. ever heard of first impressions? yeah, she ruined her 15 secs.

pls, stop trying to reason all hatred with jealousy. if you wanna use that then can i say that you're jealous because we can hate her without fearing any backlash and you can't? why else would you be wasting your time here, hmm?

hatred isn't so simple and doesn't come in only one form.

p.s. so if you're not dy then might you be ml or one of its merry men?

Satan's Prodigy said...

swd... you post fairly often. If not in the comments section, its in the little chat box. Maybe it's just coincidence on the timing.

No I'm not Dawn Y, or ML. Neither am I one of her merry men.

I'm not saying that everyone is jealous of her. In fact I think that most are just typical gossipy fools that jumped onto the "I Hate Dawn Yang" bandwagon just for kicks.

In your case, I think this is all just amusement for you to pass your time. Although you are biased against Dawn Y, I don't think you're for DW other than for entertainment. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on this.

I'm just saying that the chief of the village idiots is jealous that it has to work so hard while Dawn Y doesn't have to do much to remains famous (if you can call it that for either of them).

I know so for a fact that it has small person syndrome, and feels jealousy and anger easily. Not just towards Dawn Y mind you. Dawn is one of it's many victims! I remember this one time that it bashed another of our local celebrities. When it bumped into her one night and received a curt response regarding it's request of them taking a photo of them together, it was furious about it and went on with her usual angry rants, and accused this celebrity of being a bitch... I wonder why it got that response....

In my case its not jealousy. I said "This is not the first time they have done this to others, and I feel very strongly that these things need to be put down like the dogs they are". I'm just pissed off at them.

Btw,if you haven't figured it out by now, I don't just know Dawn Y. I know most of the main characters :) Dawn, the village idiot, etc. Even minor characters like Mr. R. That's why I said I prefer plastic outside than plastic inside.

All I can advise you is don't be so quick to judge someone unless you actually know the person.

Jennah, I regret to inform you that Dawn Y has always had that beluga whale bulge... have a good look at the photos of her SCGS days (think there's one "posterised" version). Less noticeable because of the hair and lighting, but it was there.

xwf, I'm probably wrong on this, but if you're inferring that Dawn Y is jealous of the village idiot, and thats why she's suing, you would be sorely mistaken. If you think Dawn Y is ugly, you really should see both her and the village idiot in real life. I definitely have to give it full marks for photoshopping skills!!!

anonymous on 20/8@8:44, I believe Dawn Y did admit to plagiarism. Why she was so stupid to do that, you have to ask her, although I got the impression that it was pure laziness.

Also, PS is so last year. Cosmetic surgery is the new term (as there are very few procedures that involve any plastic. Go ask the village idiot. It knows. I don't think it would take a rocket scientist to know that Dawn Y had some work done though, and I don't recall her every denying that she did.

As for the email address person... well... this one is a bigger idiot who thought blasting on CC would have helped Dawn Y that way. Who? I won't say because I want people to laugh at the village idiot and it's crew for their conspiracy theories when it is revealed (trust me when I say it HATES anyone who laughs at it).

Anon 20/8@8:20, dog??? Nooooo... I'm a cat. I LUV PUSSY!!!

Anonymous said...

Any regular being would plunge into depression with all this internet bashing & I would feel sorry for DY if she was. But she seems alright, like she's having a good time anyways from her blog. I wonder why she's so hated. Even my male friend compared her to a hot lady boy. Maybe DY should just step out and admit everything. She could win sympathy votes at the same time and would prolly make front page news again. Then think of all the cosmetic surgery endorsements she could get. Superb!

Anonymous said...

Ha. definitely exaggerated, isn't that an important aspect of humor?
But we have no proof that she denied plastic surgery. URLs, please before people release a long spiel?

I find rabid fans in general to be stupid, because they always have to insult someone else to make their obsession look better.

And Xiaxue hasn't killed anyone, hasn't stolen? I know she is quite on the selfish side, but I still like her. Even when I hated her, I didn't have to resort to calling her "it." When she's not doting on bashing other bloggers or Juicy Couture I do find someone very intelligent and wise. She admits that she had cosmetic surgery, she admits that she's a whore, and she admits that she' commercialised [Look closely enough and you can find it on her site]. I like her because of her honesty.

But evidently no one famous is devoid of idiot fans.

Anonymous said...

Hi Noel a.k.a. satan's prodigy,

You were trying to convince us to believe you were cookie cookie / sugarbean / holmes..... yesterday and today you are trying to lead us to believe you are girl x / qq....... Don't you have any better things to do than picking up sh*t from your masters as in DY and CC?

Your guesses are completely wrong... KK and wendy are not involved in these sites... if you wish to continue talking irrelevant rubbish, you can go ahead and embarrass yourself.

Anonymous said...


Dawn allow you to cum in her mouth anot? I heard she wun allow people to touch her nehneh pok cos scared will burst lor!!

swd said...

not just for entertainment but i like seeing people going down. call me a sadist if you will but someone like her doesn't deserve any respect.

why are you so convinced that she farts sunshine and daisies? what's so good about someone who basically denounces her heritage simply because it's not good for her? i feel very strongly about filial piety and to see her denying her obvious PUREBLOODED chinese roots... it's sad. what message is she sending the young ones? it's okay to disrespect your heritage as long as you go for plastic surgery to alter your looks and make you look unrelated? wtf.

you say you're not trying to reason people's hatred for jealousy but that's what you're doing. you're bashing dw for being jealous. and of what, i ask you? what success does dy have? no tv show, no blossoming career, no ten million dollar inheritance. nothing. your argument holds no water.

like i said, i don't wish to know dy. denouncing her heritage and bashing her friends are despicable acts.

Anonymous said...

Ya I know fat dog Noel love pussy, Dawn's plastic pussy.

This fat dog Noel got to fuck Dawn's plastic mouth and cheebye that why he come here.

When you lick her cheebye got sound of plastic rustling anot? Taste like plastic also right?

Never knew Dawn also let fat dog fuck her one!!!

Anonymous said...

I honestly sympathise DY. She did and spend so much to make herself "all so famous" and became a person whom people hate most. She's nothing but very thick skin.

Anonymous said...

Infamous DY

Xu said...

Dawn is such a loser, and one ugly dog at that. I see that she's becoming uglier with each passing year. So excited to see how she will turn out in a few year's time!

Anyway what does disliking loser Dawn have got to do with XX? Even if the twain did not meet I'd still think Dawn sucks for her plastic personality, plastic face, plastic friends

Candy said...

waa.. who is this satan prodigy ah? Write so long story like he is telling a story about his pitiful life! Poooor thing, trying to cover up Dawn's lies by creating more lies.

I know Dawn from high school and I can CONFIRM she had forehead implant done. (and loads of other foreign objects on her face).

jennah said...

jeez. satan's prodigy might as well write an essay and post it up on dawn's blog. then she won't have to plagarize another poor soul's post.

Satan's Prodigy's Nephew said...

@ Satan's Prodigy

lol lol lol lol rofl lol lol lol rofl lol lol lol ok thanks bye

Anonymous said...

all the pics are awesome... hard to pick, but i like the unshaven armpit the most... lol

keep up the good work!

satan's prodigy said...

Sigh... I thought I tried hard to hide my identity... How did you all manage to guess who I am?

It makes me so sad, I'm about to cry!! But shit... it feels so good. Yes... Because Dawn is under the desk sucking my cock. She loves fat Indian cock!!

Why else do you think I'd help her? Silly people!

Hey come back Dawn! I've not done yet....! Oh there she goes. She's sucking Calvin now. I find that when she comes back to mine it is kinda gay... But still! Such a busy girl Dawn is, I'm full of admiration for her.

satan's prodigy said...

You, I'm telling you people, you all have been MISUNDERSTANDING her. Misunderstanding... Sigh.

She is a really nice girl. easy to bed as well. From A - Z got guys she sleep with before... A already got 3! Allan, Alvin, Andrew... B... Bill... C... Calvin... D... Davanesh. Hiyo! It goes on. Only letter missing is Q... Difficult la.

Can't you see how nice she is? Pretty girls should spread more, and Dawn's doing it right.

Please learn from her, thanks.

swd said...


Anonymous said...

Good job Noel!! As satan's prodigy you have finally understood what you were supposed to do.

Being a naggy bitch is not for you. Do tell us more regarding Dawn's nasty plastic cunt.

When she sucks you off is it like fucking a vacuum cleaner?

Between fucking a fleshlight which I know you have 5 different types for your lonely days and fucking Dawn's plastic cunt which feels more silicon?

Do tell!!

Anonymous said...

Can't you tell? I think the satan prodigy writing the long drama stories in front is a different guy from this recent one above..

Anonymous said...


Satan's prodigy is finally telling us the shit we want to know!


Anonymous said...

yeah....tell us how dawn sucks ur cock~

Anonymous said...

I dun understand Y she fixes everything except her ugly teeth?

reader said...

why isn't dawn updating her blog?? i don't believe she hasn't seen thru all these hate sites, so why isn't she defending her rights? if she has any...

Anonymous said...

She act blur only lah! She go on cozy cot to set up so many bait accounts disturb disturb. She think people stupid like her meh cannot see?

Pls lor so fucking fake and disgusting.

783552 said...

Hmm, I seriously do not understand why satan's prodigy had such a biased opinion against xiaxue? I don't hate or like dy but I greatly disapprove of her lies, and no normal person is born with a forehead like that plus morphing features. I believe it's rather evident. maybe we might misunderstand about the sex part, but I think evidence for plagarising, plastic surgery and denial of ancestry is HUMUNGOUS.

It might be true we might not know her personally but that's how she project herself in the internet world. & some evidence are also in her blog too (old pictures, claim of heritage). If she's not kicking a big fuss, I don't see why you should. Rooting for an object of hate in a hate site is rather useless I believe.

Stop acting like you're her mum or something.

Satan's Prodigy said...

Anon 20/8@3:27P, they cannot show anything, as Dawn Y has never denied plastic surgery. Granted she hasn't said she has either but it doesn't take a bright person to realise she has. Besides it was this speculation that make her more well known than ever (thanks to the guy that originally posted her "before" pics), rather than being just one of the many pretty females on the blogosphere.

As for "it". Let's say that I have a personal vendetta against it. That hypocritical, lying, backstabbing, creature.

Anon 20/8@8:34P, I'm sorry, I'm not trying to make anyone think I am anyone else. I am letting you make assumptions about who I may be. I do not want my real identity to be known, yet I haven't lied about anything. Keep calling me Noel if you wish. It just shows I am doing something right in disguising my identity.

You can keep commenting that IT and Kay are not involved. I know for a fact that they are behind this, contributing under multiple usernames to CC's thread, xxvsdy, etc. in addition to others.

The best thing about CC's thread is that they even use genuine accounts of their "friends" to post.

Candy, were you blind or something in secondary school??? I don't know why it is more pronounced now, but she has always had that beluga whale lump! (I don't think anyone would be stupid to "enhance" it.)

Jennah, good point, except that she has a brilliant poem (with a double meaning) posted now. I just hope it's not plagiarised...

To my impersonator. Although a little distasteful, it is good! You need to contact IT to show it how a parody site should be done.

anon 22/8@4:44A, I would like to quote you something from MacBeth, Act 5 Scene 5 that I find very apt about how Dawn Y feels about anonymous posters. "It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing."

783552, I do not hate IT. I detest, loath and am disgusted by IT. This is personal. Even though I genuinely like Dawn Y, she is but a means to an end for me in this case.

To the remainder that talked to/talked about/implied about me (except SWD), are you fucking retards with nary a thought of you own? Maybe you should go lick IT's asshole. You'll probably like the taste of its shit.

swd, how are you? Good I hope. I was pretty close on you I guess. Maybe you could help me understand why everyone is Calvin, Dawn or Noel. I don't get it.

Let's get one thing straight. I am saying that only one out of the sum of individual posting both in comments and blogs is jealous. DW as a collective whole is NOT jealous. Most are just malicious sheep. Only IT is jealous. That is not even a guess.

Why is IT jealous?? Let's use what has and will happen. After all of IT's "hard work", it was classified as an ah-lian in a small section of the last issue of 8 Days. Dawn Y on the other hand, with all the sliming she has been getting, is slated to be on the cover of 8 Day's next week as a young celebrity! It is times like these I wish I was still a friend of IT, because I would love to see the look on her face when she finds out/sees the cover.

Since you DO NOT know Dawn Y, I think you're being a little too quick to judge.

I don't see anywhere that Dawn Y has bashed her friends. As I've said, the email account in question has been active, but in use by someone else for the past few years.

And contrary to denying her heritage, I feel Dawn Y has accepted every aspect of her heritage. She did not say she is half thai and half dutch like IT and her sheep have been postulating. She has said she has Thai and Dutch blood (and attributed it to her grandparents- or was it great-grandparents?).

However since you are the definitive authority on ethnicity, perhaps you could tell me what Noel is first. I only found out recently that he is only 1/4 Indian, contrary to what the retards are saying.

Oh and on a final note, I find it really humorous that IT is being called IT because it's make-up and looks are akin to the clown in the movie it. Ugly and heavily made up :)

Anonymous said...

>>> It is a tale. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.

Then why you come here complain lah? Boliao!

Anonymous said...

Ok boys and girls, what can we tell from Satan's Prodigy comments?

Dawn is such a great liar that this dog believes her words blindly without checking out for himself. If DW are malicious sheep of Xiaxue, this one is just Dawn's retarded barking dog. Who is stupider now? To believe a lying scum then the obvious evidence?

Just because Dawn claims those accounts were used by a 'friend', he believes. Just because Dawn claims her forehead has always had a pronounced lump with a life of it's own, he believes. I need not point out the rest.

Why not go after that 'friend' who used Dawn's personal email to bash others? This dog does not know why Dawn's "friend" would bash others to defend her or why her forehead moves. Why not ask her? His favorite reasoning for Dawn is that he does not why but he does not go find out for himself. This dog instead comes here needlessly.

Notice he avoids the plagiarism issue? He just pretends to guess that Dawn did it out of laziness and brushes it off like it was nothing and keeps going on about pointless issues such as Xiaxue being "jealous" of Dawn.

This dog now says he has a "personal vendetta" against Xiaxue. Therefore he is not much better then xiaxue.

Even if xiaxue is jealous of Dawn, it has nothing to do with the fact that Dawn is a ugly plastic liar and that her dog is stupid.

Anonymous said...

ya rite. shes (IN)FAMOUS ? shes on


u go DW~!!! i heart u !!!

Anonymous said...

lolz, since satan's prodigy cant STFU, n since this is PUBLIC, we can SAY whatever we want right?

whatever fcuk u say now doesn't make any $hit difference.

quote "I don't see anywhere that Dawn Y has bashed her friends. As I've said, the email account in question has been active, but in use by someone else for the past few years." >>> isn't that stupid.


even megastars like Madonna are subject to criticisms. :)

i don't see whats e big fcuk about us critising

Anonymous said...

PLEASE! The only person who is feeling INFERIOR is DAWN YANG herself.
That's why she went for numerous surgeries including that fucked up LOUHAN HEAD IMPLANT.

Yes, DawnKey, your forehead implant is HIDEOUS!

Anonymous said...

Ok ok Noel you are not indian but you are still an UGLY FAT FUCK!!


Dawn told you she loves your 1/4 indian short fat cock har????

Candy said...

Yes, I hereby confirm that Dawn Yang did NOT have that hedious lump on her forehead in high school. I know it as I went to school with her. The one who is blind and dumb is the retarded dog Satan Prodigy.

yvone said...

actually i think Candy doesn't haven a reason to lie about dawnYang. and whatever that dawnYang and the gang said, are getting more unbelievable.

pls lah, the bulge is so obvious, and even the people at AWFUL PLASTIC SURGERY had suggested that she had some (major) work done.

i certainly don't think most of the netizens here are out to tarnish her reputation , that is to say if she has any good one now.

Anonymous said...

Chey appear on 8 Days with 2 other ppl! Very big deal meh? Fiona Xie Felica China all appeared dunno how many times on cover hor! Dunno how many hours must photoshop DY's face till can make it!!!

783552 said...

email account active but someone else was using it? Who else then.

Anonymous said...

To 783552: Dawn blamed her sister Claire was using her acocunt. What an ANIMAL to cry and beg her management company to continue to support by her while pushing all the blames on her OWN sister!!!

Anonymous said...

She didn't blame her FRIENDS that used her account. She blamed HER SISTER!!!!!! SHE SISTER!!!! WHAT AN ANIMAL!!!

Dawnie said...

maybe it's the mother, or father or family dog who logged onto her computer while she was away. Ya hor.

I bet it was actually her sister/mother/father who plagiarised and sent her stomp entries previously and she didnt know as she was always out clubbing and drunk and by the time she got back it was too late to retract the plagiarised stomp entries. Ya- i think so. It's soooo not her fault. It's everyone else's fault. Even the plastic surgeons operated on her face many times without her knowing. That is why she doesn't know till today that her face has lots of silicone in it. She's really telling the truth!!

Anonymous said...

Wah lau Noel wut happen!? How cum bcum lor sor again!!!! Just cos she help u 2 loose ur virginity does not mean dat u mus cum here to scold ppl every day!! More sex stories leh! Dun tell me u only fuck Dawn 1 time only lor.

swd said...

i'm laughing so hard, my stomach hurts. the other anonymous people have said the bulk of what i wanted to say. great job, guys, and thanks. =)

I don't see anywhere that Dawn Y has bashed her friends. As I've said, the email account in question has been active, but in use by someone else for the past few years.

And contrary to denying her heritage, I feel Dawn Y has accepted every aspect of her heritage. She did not say she is half thai and half dutch like IT and her sheep have been postulating. She has said she has Thai and Dutch blood (and attributed it to her grandparents- or was it great-grandparents?).

for the first para, all i can say is: lame excuses. yes, push all the blame to someone else, why won't you. nevermind that they found evidence that the email belonged to dy herself and cc accounts require activation via email. also implying that dy is stupid enough to leave her email windows open so anyone can access to it [because no one would know the password]. hey dy! your dog is making you look bad lei! faster punish him!

abt her heritage: if dy had said that she was a mixture of dutch, thai, jap and chinese, i wouldn't mind. but she never said it. and isn't her supposed mixed blood diluted anyway? why would anyone go around boasting abt that? so thick-skinned? pls lah. stop using such lame defenses for her. face it. she's a lost cause and you're just a bull being dragged by the horns.

btw, since you mention "it" so much, who the fuck is that?

Anonymous said...

If I am Calvin Cheng, I make sure that bitch Dawn Yang repays me ten times and becomes my sex slave for life for all the bloody problems she cause me! I'll definitely make her service all my business partners and whore her out to recoup my loses.

Anonymous said...


Calvin Cheng is rich and connected, Dawn must be mad to betray him this way.

The excuse given is that she was lazy. As her boss, I'll be totally pissed at her for taking me for a ride. All she had to was show up at events and write a weekly column, how difficult is that?

The biggest victims here are Calvin Cheng and her manager. Calvin Cheng backs her because he trusts her during the time she was attacked by xiaxue only to find out that Dawn had always been playing him for a fool. Dawn obviously has no respect for him or her job.

Calvin Cheng and her manager names are smeared due to Dawn Yang's trickery and selfishness. Calvin Cheng and her manager must be really angry and utterly disappointed in her.

swd said...

can someone fill me in as to who calvin cheng is? is he even relevant?

a summary plz from an unbiased source.

tatiana said...

Please, saying that someone else is using her account or computer or whatsoever is SO yesterday. If it was years ago, why there's no action to prevent that? Does that indicate that it's okay for anyone else to use your account and bash people under your knowledge yet there's no action to stop and prevent it from happening, might as well not ruining names? It's like having your postpaid number stolen, but you did nothing. Why would you then?

Anonymous said...

Mr Calvin Cheng is Dawn Yang's boss.

Anonymous said...

KNN own sister also kena from her!! but we no need shocked cos she boss also see no up of cos own sister can sell out lah! She is no hope liao!! Condemn deep deep!!

Anonymous said...

LOL I can't believe that a professional agency like Looque has to resort to trolling on forums and blogs to clean up the mess of a certain plastic donkey!

Anonymous said...


Says much about the "professionalism" of Looque's PR department doesn't it?

What a laugh!

Anonymous said...

To Dawnie

Hhahahahah u're dam funny! & I agree with u totally!:)

banana said...

the luohan fish got the most impact!!!

gyh`} said...

I swear if satan's prodigy actually replies this..
1. He has no life.
2. He has a life and is being paid by Dawn to pose as some White Knight here to save the plastic whore.
3. He has no life and is a poor little friend of Dawn who has no idea she is probably back-stabbing him too :D
4. He is gay/homosexual. Porn sites have failed to capture his attention like a true male species.
5. He is actually a she! Which would explain why he, oops, she would keep coming back to this thread with a 24/7 black mood. (PMS)

& anyway no self-respecting being would waste so much time here to copy and paste all the comments and reply.
It's just too stupid and time consuming.

Anonymous said...

Dawn blamed her sister Claire was using her acocunt.

maybe it's the mother, or father or family dog who logged onto her computer while she was away. Ya hor.

I bet it was actually her sister/mother/father who plagiarised and sent her stomp entries previously and she didnt know as she was always out clubbing and drunk and by the time she got back it was too late to retract the plagiarised stomp entries. Ya- i think so. It's soooo not her fault. It's everyone else's fault. Even the plastic surgeons operated on her face many times without her knowing. That is why she doesn't know till today that her face has lots of silicone in it. She's really telling the truth!!


Anonymous said...

You can compare Satan's Prodigy's writing style here with Noel's on flowerpod (his nickname is Elfenstar)

Satan's Prodigy said...

Anon 22/8@10:46, I said that is Dawn's viewpoint. Not mine.

Anon 22/8@11:22, you are obviously too stupid to read. I said I knew Dawn Y when she was at SCGS. Go look at the "posters" again. You can see a bit of the lump in her SCGS picture.

Go after the person who used the account??? She gave full control of it to the person. Don't go after she gets bashed for "saying the comments", reveal who it is and she gets bashed for "bashing someone close to her". Use what little brains you have. She did not reveal it because she was protecting the person.

Whats there to say about Dawn plagiarising anyway? She did do it. No speculation there, so why do I need to say anything since it is true?

The difference between IT and I is that IT has no cause for a vendetta. I do. And I use the truth, while IT uses deceit.

Once again you show your stupidity. I already said why IT is jealous, and it has nothing to do with looks.

Anon 22/8@11:47, go find out the difference between criticisms and judgments before you come argue you stupid twit.

Candy, did you associate yourself with her when she was in school? I did. Yes I have known her since pre-surgery days. Even now, the lump is not very obvious in real life. It is the lighting causes it to be seen in photographs. Once again go have a look at her SCGS pic. You can spot it if you look well enough.

Yvone, she does. The sheep need someone to say she didn't have it to stop other from realising the truth. Don't forget, nobody here is saying she did not go for surgery. I am only using the lump as an example of a half lie.

If the comparison isn't of two pictures at similar angles with similar lighting and with Dawn Y's hair in the same positions, it would be very hard for anyone to come up with an accurate analysis on a forehead implant.

anon on 23/8@2:08, yeah I agree it is no big deal on its own. However this is in comparison to IT.

Dawn Y was on the papers for sending a lawyers letter to IT, and for plagiarism. She has been slimed on the internet via a malicious smear campaign, and has posted very few posts on her blog in recent times.Yet she gets onto the cover of 8 Days and is called a young celebrity.

IT on the other hand with all her "hard work" has nothing to show for other than being called an ah-lian in a tiny section of the same magazine.

783552, Dawn did tell me she revealed the identity of the poster to Calvin. I'm sorry but I cannot confirm of deny the rest of what you said. I promised both Dawn Y and the poster that I would not reveal the identity of the poster.

Dawnie, you're a real retard aren't you??? I didn't say someone else used her computer. Are you unable to comprehend that there is more than one way for someone else to use your email accounts (e.g. if you gave them full control over it???)

anon 23/8@11:53, Dawn didn't sell out anyone. She told revealed who it was in confidence to her agency and some of her close friends, and asked what she could do without implicating the poster. If someone else says it out, then it is that person who is responsible, not Dawn.

anons 23/8@1:20 and 11:53, well well... if you want to slam Dawn Y's agency, feel free to. It was because of anonymous posters smearing their name that brought xxvsdy down.

I have said that I am neither Calvin, nor Noel. I have known Dawn longer than Calvin has. I know IT and her associates. The ranting of IT about the celebrity who refused to take a photo with it and chided it, as well as IT complaining about the $1500 for a procedure as being too expensive a few weeks ago, not to mention IT telling people (IT thought were close to it), that it set up the d***o dawn site, is unlikely to be known to either of them.

Since IT gets information from this blog, I would advise it really needs to think hard about whom i am.

1) You may be right. I've been wondering if I'm turning out like the rest of the retards (minus the sheep tendencies). Thats why I am re-considering. This has been a drag on my weekend.
2) I wish.
3) I doubt so. However if true, it would not be as bad as what IT has done.
4) I have often wondered about that, unfortunately, the last time I saw any pornography with male genitals in it, I couldn't get it up.
5) I have said I am a guy. Ever heard of male PMS??? The proper term is IMS.
6) (this is for your "and") I do not copy and paste and reply. I just reply to some.

Anonymous said...

Hor hor so we know liao!!! Dawn really sold her own sister out!!! See Satan's Prodigy said Dawn told her agency and close friends is her sister who log in pretending to be her.

Who cares who say out? The person who say must must be damm digusted by her dat's why he say out! The main thing is Dawn blame other people and worst is blame her own sister!!!!


Satan's Prodigy said...

How was your weekend swd?

Regarding the excuse comment, blaming it on someone is is an excuse to those who don't know the truth (i.e. ignorant people who assume). Reality to those who do know.
It is quite simple. She didn't do it. It was someone else. Of course feel free to furnish some proof that Dawn did not give her email account's user id and password to someone else.
Some trustingness may be attributed to Dawn Y for giving her account details to someone she trusts, BUT stupidity can only be attributed to the people who assume that they were stolen.

Did you even read what Dawn said about her heritage or are you just blindly following what the sheep are saying? Dawn did not even say that her great-grandparents (or one of them if you know her family too) were dutch-thai. She said that this particular grandparent had dutch and thai blood. There was no denying of her chinese heritage at all. Once again stupidity in assuming that Dawn Y was dening her heritage is all I see in your comments. "I have dutch and thai blood" and "I am dutch-thai" are two very different statements.

Btw, you haven't answered my question yet. What race is Noel then??? I couldn't even guess and he had to tell me. But then you are the definitive authority on races, afterall you claimed that Dawn Y is pure chinese based on her looks so you must know what mixture Noel is.

There was also this incident where this person with even more diluted ancestory (than Dawn Y) married this "white" guy and gave birth to a "black" child. Can you imagine her shock as even she did not even know she had african ancestory. Maybe you could explain how dilution makes it any less true that dutch and thai genes are carried in Dawn's DNA.

As for IT. You make a pretense of being smart, go re-read the thread. Others know who I'm talking about.

Anon 24/8@2:19, here we go again. Another fucking moron who keeps assuming. I did not say who it was. And who the fuck said the poster was pretending to be Dawn Y??? Did your mom drop you on the head when you were little or something???

Anonymous said...



tatiana said...

I think trying too hard just won't do. You're just fighting fire with fire. That's not very wise.

Anonymous said...

Noel, is it because of this assignment of trolling this blog that you are not feeling sexy anymore? We love naughty Noel more!!

Relax and tell us more about your many sexual escapades with Dawn especially the ménage a trois with Calvin!!

Don't leave out any kinky details!!

Satan's Prodigy said...

anon 24/8@1:32, I had a quick re-read of what he said, and I don't think he has said enough for me to be even able to conclude that we have similar writing styles.

Maybe the courteous bits, but thats about it. Even then it looks like he's being genuine while I'm being sarcastic.

If you do read the comments on ML's blog, you would also realise that there are many people there who write like me. I figure its the writings of an intellectual.

You sheep can't seem to write well, and its quite obvious from the comments in ML's blog who the intelligent ones are (even if they're bickering amongst themselves).

As a matter of fact, if you go to any forum which comprises of intellectuals, you'll realise that many of us write in a similar fashion. There's this BB that I read frequently to increase my knowledge base, and a large majority of the people there write like me. Does it mean I'm everyone of them??

The thing about stupid people is that they lack the capability to argue with points. They assume, call names without justification, and come up with ridiculous theories which they postulate as fact. When they realise that even when using these tactics they cannot win, they start pointing fingers and lambaste innocent parties like Bill, Calvin, Daryl, Noel, etc. not realising that the facts don't change.

anon 24/8@2:58,
Still a moron I see. Has it even occurred to you that Dawn might have been asking her friends, family and agency if there was a way to protect the poster while still vindicating herself?

It's still better than IT who tried to drag down its other two "friends" by asking the internet community why she was the only person being scolded for setting up the blinkymummy hate site when it was the three of them together!

Satan's Prodigy said...

anon 24/8@3:43, I can't speak for Noel. BUT you're cheeky! Why be so serious all the time right? So here goes!

Well, I've been feeling very... very.. sexy since you came along..........

All the pictures of IT on it's blog have been the reason I couldn't seem to get it up the last few months!

But oh... your sexy voice... I would love to have you and Fiona with me in bed.

I so want to tell you what exactly I would do my honeysuckle, but I don't think this blog has an adult advisory as yet... Maybe if we met up somewhere tonight I could show you instead!

Ok ok. that was a little morbid.

I'm wondering if you people are more curious about who Noel is than about Dawn Y. He seems to be brought up more often than anyone else, and all I seem to see is fat, indian and manager as compared to the other info about all the innocents being accused of being me or ML.

Here's some gossip about him. I have no way of being able to verify its authenticity as I have not seen it myself, but Mr R. whom I'm sure all of you all are familiar with, told me a few weeks ago that he has a photo of Noel and three girls. Two of those three you will be familiar with, one was Kay, the other Xue Sha!

Tatiana, I have to agree that it isn't wise, but it is quite tough seeing a friend bashed by MY enemy, and not want to take IT down even more than before.

There isn't much more to say though so I'll have to figure out another way.

Anonymous said...





swd said...

my weekend was very satisfying, thank you.

honestly, i don't give a fuck what noel's heritage is. he's not relevant. so don't bring him up unless you're him and require some ego-stroking. here, let me patronise you a little, darling.

yes, baby, i'm sure dawn's lil sister had so much hatred and jealousy of her sister that she had to use her sister's PERSONAL email address to smear mud all over her sister's nonexistent reputation.

happy, sweetheart?

where did i claim that she was pure chinese? her family photos say it all. explain then how her parents and sister look so damn chinese and she looks like an alien. not to mention her grandparents and cousins and other relatives. come find me when you find an answer, mmk?

till then, pls refrain from citing "insider sources" and enlighten yourself. if you think that lying about your heritage isn't wrong, think about your own morals.

swd said...

i forgot to add:

baby, baby, you're grasping at straws. give up now because you're making yourself look even worse.

according to you, her "lump" can be spotted in different lighting. nevermind that candy has seen dy irl and most definitely in all kinds of lighting possible. not sure about night vision though.

Anonymous said...

Fat fuck Noel admitted he impotent wor! Last few months CMI cos fat that's why!! If he can get his dick hard no one will fuck him. Only a slut like Dawn Yang will fuck a fat dog like Noel.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Dawn yang does have a heart but it's made of plastic hence she see no wrong in blaming her own sister. She's already capable of so many acts of deception tha it comes as no surprise that she has sunk to another level of pathetic.

Does anyone really believe that she wants to shield the person whom she claimed to have used her email to write those malicious forum posts? The only person she wants to protect is herself. It does not matter who takes the blame as long it not herself.

Likewise I pity her sister and her agency who have to clean up her embarrassing mess.

Anonymous said...

she think she can hide in NYU for a year and come back to be "BORN AGAIN". PTUI!

Anonymous said...

Hi Noel a.k.a. Satan's Prodigy:

First of all, we all know you are ex-police. Your scare tactics and dirty tricks don't work here. we are not criminals or druggies. Didn't your private facebook profile tell all your DEAR friends that you have been very busy at work laterly (as in monitoring the internet forums 24/7)?

Thanks for announcing to us that Dawnie is going to appear on 8 days cover. You have helped us so much in revealing more truth about Dawnie.

Do you know how fu*k up you are?

Firstly, you have revealed to us Calvin Cheng has everything to do with Dawnie, yourself and Melissalam by mentioning Jon Lee and Mike's names.

Secondly, your have publicly acknowledged our suspicion that Dawn has put the blame on her sister.

Lastly since you have announced Dawnie will be on 8 days cover. Can please explain if this is pure coincident?

missychrissie posted on 8/8 threwing a challenge to ML:
"men's mags tend to be on the trashy side and they are for men to wank to. nothing to be proud of. you STFU and get back to me when Dawn is featured on the cover of Harper's Bazaar or Vogue or Elle or Style ok? never mind, that's impossible for DY. lets aim for 8 days and i weekly cover first?"

ML immediately took up her challenge with grace:
"Wow. Is that a challenge? Ok I'll take you on...time to pull some strings, give daddy a call. I'm off for the weekend ... see u peasants next week!"

And then missy posted this on 11/8:
"There is a possibility 8 Days might feature her. it is afterall a gossipy magazine which covers celebrities and pop culture. They always have themes for their issues and they're chock full of lame puns. who knows, they might do a bloggers issue and feature her. i can definitely see it happening."

Who else knows about the 8 days cover before 8/8 besides Calvin, Noel, Dawnie? Can you please enlighten us? Please don't tell us Dawnie's little sister is still writing on the forum again. she is innocent, leave her alone, leave her out of this mess.

Please tell us more.

Anonymous said...

how to 'BORN AGAIN' with agency like that? but again, who else want to sign her, so better stick to the looooooooooooooooo.... loser.

Anonymous said...

Hey Satan's Prodigy, this is for you:

Anonymous said...

he has a photo of Noel and three girls. Two of those three you will be familiar with, one was Kay, the other Xue Sh


Dawn let him fuck so many times share share leh

Anonymous said...

LMAO!! Buibui Noel screwed up! sexpose sexpose!! He last time police how cum so buibui? izit he buibui let the thief run away dat's why cannot be police liao. So buibui but get to piak piak DY her nene nv explode mus b she is on top of him piaking.

Anonymous said...

to satan's prodigy:

Why? You seems very persistent in defending DY. You are either someone close to her, believing her till the very end. Or DY herself. No stranger would go to this length to defense DY when all of the bad things about her has been revealed this much.

You even bothered to reply all the Annonymous comments specifically by writing the time and date of the post.

yvone said...

all these debates are ridiculously taxing for all those people surrounding dawnie.

if she did not screwed up, there is no need for explanation at all.

she just leave all the shit for her co to clear... n that's why her manager's services is needed here. i am not mocking at u, but it is clearly a dog's life. nobody likes to clear the shit for someone else..

i am like most people here, i cannot see any logic behind her giving of passwords for her personal email and supposedly anonymous forums account.

if it is for a good cause, like promoting a good image, i can understand why.

but why bash people and spreading untrue speculations? i am not asking for an explanation.. only she n God will know that

besides, only she herself will know the JUICY,dark secrets. i don't think she will touch on the unspeakable topic with anyone.

yvone said...

all these debates are ridiculously taxing for all those people surrounding dawnie.

if she did not screwed up, there is no need for explanation at all.

she just leave all the shit for her co to clear... n that's why her manager's services is needed here. i am not mocking at u, but it is clearly a dog's life. nobody likes to clear the shit for someone else..

i am like most people here, i cannot see any logic behind her giving of passwords for her personal email and supposedly anonymous forums account.

if it is for a good cause, like promoting a good image, i can understand why.

but why bash people and spreading untrue speculations? i am not asking for an explanation.. only she n God will know that

besides, only she herself will know the JUICY,dark secrets. i don't think she will touch on the unspeakable topic with anyone.

Satan's Prodigy said...

swd my dear, did you not say "i feel very strongly about filial piety and to see her denying her obvious PUREBLOODED chinese roots... it's sad"?

Are you more deluded than I am that you could think you can deny making the claim that Dawn Y is pure chinese by asking me "where did i claim that she was pure chinese?"?

anon 24/8@3:20, you might be right on the born again thing. She doesn't need to. ML did get it right in her latest post by saying that the group of people that actually matter still love her. It is very clear that nobody cares what you Peasants think.

anon 24/8@4:19, you are another moron.

What does Noel's facebook profile have anything to do with me??? What does his past work (if it's even true) have anything to do with me?

How does revealing the names of the boyfriends of the two main Peasants tie me to Calvin, Dawn Y, ML, or Noel? I believe I was just trying to show that I know these two Peasants. How else would I know about IT being snided by the other celebrity, and about her wanting the $1500 procedure? How about the fact that IT told me PERSONALLY that it set up the d**bo-dawn site? You really should ask IT who it told.

Your writing is typical of tunnel-visioned and unintelligent people who only use some of the facts to try and prove something when more facts they cannot explain are right in-front for all to see.

Coincidence that I know all this?? I wouldn't call it that since more people on Dawn Y's side than just the few you mentioned, know about your so called links between me and them.

Trying to link innocent parties to me on the other hand, is nothing but conjecture on your part. I already said I know both sides, and I used to associate with IT and her sheep. Try linking EVERYTHING I've said to Calvin, Dawn Y, Noel and even ML, and you'll find they don't know everything I do.

Anyway, where did I say that the person was Dawn Y's sister? Someone else here said that. I intentionally left it open to interpretation, with the purpose of showing that your feeble minds cannot comprehend anything else except what you THINK is true.

Who else would know about this shoot you ask. How about the staff at 8 Days? Maybe even the other four celebrities on the cover with Dawn Y? Don't forget Dawn Y's friends! Don't you even think that it would be more than just a remote possibility that Dawn would tell everyone around her about the shoot? This is especially true considering it was a re-affirmation that she is still loved, as compared to the picture painted by IT & Co.?

anon 24/8@8:43, can you sheep please make up your minds on who you think I am. This is getting very stale and boring already. At least my honeysuckle was cheeky and cute!

anon 25/8@8:31, you're pretty close to it. I am relatively close to her, but only recently though I've known her for a very long time. I wouldn't say that I'm one of her inner-circle though.

As for answering some of the anonymous comments, its more of a strategic move to show the stupidity in their statements, and just for a bit of fun in the case of one of them.

yvone said...

ay. i entered the same comment twice, can the blog owner remove the duplicate post? *sorry about that*

Satan's Prodigy said...

One last thing I feel I need to say. Call it respect for their restraint if you want to.

Ironically, ALL the people you sheep and Peasants accuse of being ML or I, are probably the ONLY ones who are clearly with Dawn, yet are NOT saying anything.

Anonymous said...

>>>. It is very clear that nobody cares what you Peasants think.

ROFL but still you come back to troll everyday. Really don't care meh Noel?

Anonymous said...

Dunno if he is Noel anot but he is sure is a dog. We should pity him.

Anonymous said...

Pity all who are link to dy. Pity her family(her sister most now), pity her boss, pity her friends, pity her manager. Pity this dog who comes here daily because he is suay he got this assignment.

Anonymous said...

You even bothered to reply all the Annonymous comments specifically by writing the time and date of the post.

Oh but it's his job. He keeps repeating that he and Dawn doesn't care but we see him coming here practically everyday to remind us least it slips our mind or something.

As long we get a show to watch it's okay that he comes everyday. He is very hardworking in keeping us entertain. Let us applaud him!

Satan's Prodigy said...

anon 25/8@9:05, another illiterate or stupid person. I already said "Please don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to neutralise the damage. I'm trying to destroy the things I despise."

Let me be frank. This is not for those like you, the moron sheep. This is for IT and it's Peasant sheep as only they can verify the truth in what I'm saying.

All I'm doing is holding Dawn Y and those associated with her as a shield while I poke at IT.

anon 25/8@9:52, don't expect me here for much longer. I'm almost done with phase one. All I'm waiting for is someone to ask the right question or say the right thing for me to finish up for now.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance!

Anonymous said...

You can finish up with a handjob. Just because Dawn not around to service your cock at the moment does not mean you cannot DIY what! So lazy that why so fucking fat!

swd said...

oh honey, taking my "question" seriously, are you?

i said right after my "question" that her family photos say it all. i.e. the family photos back up my claim.

Anonymous said...

If you have anything to say, just say it. Why do you have to wait to be directed? You are indeed a dog, unable to do anything without instruction.

Anonymous said...

I see, you are attempting to destroy someone by trolling in the comment section of this blog. By golly, you are dangerous!

Anonymous said...

The fat fuck is hungry for more mockery. He shall receive.

Anonymous said...

The end of phrase one? The end of phrase ten more likely! Come on now, we know of your team's multiple failures in cleaning up Dawn's mess. Pretty obvious that this one ain't much of a victory. Back to the drawing board, you.

Anonymous said...

Noel must be masochist he really enjoy getting wack by everyone here. I like it cos I am sadist!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Poor fat dog... T_T

Anonymous said...

i wan 2 pity him but i cunt i also sadist leh!


he enjoy veri much wen Dawn sit on his face drip her cunt juice into his fat mouth while he get anal fuck by his boss!!

Anonymous said...

To Satan's Prodigy,

My following post isn't to attack Dawn Yang. I'm just curious about your judgement of Dawn. Since you said that you DO know Dawn personally and in a nutshell, you are basically claiming that Dawn is of a good character in all your posts. I have never met this girl. But from this Internet drama and the way she writes her blog, I came to my personal conclusion that Dawn is probably not a person of a nice character. Basically, I don't get what makes you claim that Dawn Yang is in fact someone of a good character. The following points I have noticed about her online persona seems to differ from your good opinion of her:

1) Using different accounts to put down her friends on forums and then putting the blame on someone else. And this "someone else" is supposedly her sister as claimed by the others on this comment section. Looking at how hard you are trying to defend Dawn, I would assume that she DID put the blame on her own sister since you are not standing up to rebuke that very point. Why many people wouldn't buy that explanation by Dawn? Firstly, it is just a few clicks away for her sister to create her OWN Email and Cozycot accounts. Besides, she probably already has several email accounts of her own (like what many teenage netizens have). So why is there a need to use her sister's? And she not only used one of her sister's email account, she used two (or was it more?). This whole "my sister was the one who is using those email accounts" tale just does not make sense. And IF this tale was indeed spun to redeem her image, then it apparently shows how selfish Dawn actually is.

2) If she really has as good a personality as you claimed that she has, I don't understand why she would purposely put pictures of herself with peeking panties and bras on her own blog. Dawn seems to enjoy portraying the image of an innocent young girl playing the "now you see it, now you don't" tactic to flirt with male readers. Is that your idea of a "nice, good girl", Satan prodigy? It makes me wonder if Dawn also does this in real life?

3) On top of that, she claims how she dislikes prostitudes on her stomp video. Perhaps people just don't seem to understand that the virtue of chastity is really about having self respect. Besides, a rational person would pity and not despise girls who are forced into prostitution due to circumstances. On another hand, no one is forcing Dawn to post those revealing photos of herself online for tens of thousands of people worldwide to see.

4) I don't frequent her blog but I've read a screenshot of an extract from her blog which talks about her arguing with her teacher for an error in his marking. I remember her adding that "she would have topped the class again" if it weren't for the teacher's mistake. It the unnecessary and awkward context by which she added that sentence in her blog entry that gives me the impression that she takes is trying to take an opportunity to show off in a subtle way. In other words, she makes sure people get the point that she is smart, but also TRIES to make sure that people don't see it as her boasting. It makes me wonder if many of her other entries are like that too? Is this your example of a nice girl?

5) The defensive entries of her blog consist of her clumping all similar accusations into one and then focusing on ONE of many accusations which is perhaps falsely made against her to defend all her other wrongdoings. Oh and she does not ignore the other accusations which were probably correctly made by her anti-fans. She conveniently puts them together with the accusation that was falsely made, and tries to pass it off as if all the other accusations were false. This is a very hypocritical way of dealing with matter. Any decerning reader would be able to tell what kind of character the writer has. Oh and when people talk about her being a "mad forumer", people aren't referring to ML. They are referring to the many cosycot accounts which she made some time ago. Like I've said above, she conveniently lumped all similar accusations and defend herself based on the one which was probably untrue (i.e. her being ML).

6) It does not matter whether she has Eurasian genes or not. What matters is that her "diluted Eurasian blood" DID NOT contribute to how she looks now. Cosmetic surgery did. But it seems that she is trying to mislead people by allowing the media to claim that her Eurasian genes contributed to her current looks. Did she also make this claim herself? I only remember that a newspaper or a magazine did. People kept bringing up the topic of her "genetic heritage" is because they know that her current looks does not stam from her alleged genes, but rather her surgeries.

Summing up the above points and together with the many other obvious points the others have brought up against her (such as her bashing her friends and praising herself on forums with another identity, denying her heritage, pushing the blame to her own family members even etc), I don't see how you, a real life friend of Dawn, would see her as someone of a good character. I could give her the benefit of doubt that in real life, she is an entirely different person, and for some reasons, she happened to show a bad side a character which she does not possess on the Internet. If that even makes sense at all.

I am sorry that I have to bring up such negative aspects of Dawn's character in this post. I do not hate Dawn Yang. I am completely neutral about her although I do have the impression that she is not someone of a nice character. (There are many people who aren't nice too but I don't dislike them. It is just human's nature.) But I am really curious as to how such a big misjudgement of a character can occur if Dawn is indeed a nice person, like you have claimed her to be.

Oh and not every anti-Dawn are "poor peasants" like you claim. I believe many of her rich RJC and SCGS friends have made negative comments on the Internet about her too, considering that a few of them even posted up her past photographs.

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck is this idiot and why does he keep going on about stuff nobody cares about? No one here gives a shit about his plans to destroy xx.

Wanna know what we care about? The next update by DW!

DW I love the your blog!

Anonymous said...

Basically this guy is lost. It appears that he does not realised that this is the location for the destruction of Dawn. Since his hate for xiaxue is personal, he does not have to include Dawn in his grand scheme. Just bloody destroy xiaxue directly!

Google should be used to find the correct dwelling of his prey.

Anonymous said...

^ikr? It must be his first week on the internet, go easy on him. Being kind, I volunteer aid to the n00b.

Here -

Anonymous said...

This one's stupid you have give it the correct location.

There you go,


Anonymous said...

Why brother addressing the dog? It is after all, a lowly representative of his revolting master. Let it bark all it wants. Once it tires, it will go away.

Anonymous said...

He says he's here to disturb xx let him lah we got show to watch and we can keep on disturbing him also. It's very funnie to see his desperation!

Anonymous said...

You can't tell us what to do. You go ahead and destroy XX, no one here is stopping you. Likewise we'll taunt you and DY because we want to. Nana nana boo boo!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Noel kena jialatt orbeegoot!!

Anonymous said...

+1 4 Noel epic fail!!

orleng tao said...

Dun cruelty 2 animal leh!! report to SPCA den u all noe!!

Anonymous said...

dis person gt simi connection wif dy n xx y he tok cock so much?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

He's here cos he fucked up the other times in emails & forum. He fucked up here too. Before you go tell us where you're heading next so that we can watch your failure again!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

U all OT!! The posters r veri nice n funny hope can see more next time! ^_^

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

him say want destroy xx but he NATO!

Anonymous said...

He say go destroy xx cos xx wanna destroy dy. Popcorn time!

Anonymous said...

Fark both of them lah! This guy is damm guniang n boliao! Not paiseh to join in girl fight!

Anonymous said...

Ya destroy each other stupid plastic bimbos !!

Anonymous said...

lau even go a charbor forum fight n gt pwn! if dey cum edmw will die in 1hr!! plus wanton mee

Anonymous said...

Put them in the oven let both melt

Anonymous said...

huh still not yet over..?

swd said...

to ALL anon posters in this comments:

you guys are amazing lah! so hilarious. you guys make reading dw so entertaining. (:

to anon August 25, 2008 2:37 PM:

hey now... you're making too much sense! later noe- sorry, "satan's prodigy"'s head explode, how? aiyoh.

Anonymous said...

Quote from Satan's Prodigy:

"Ironically, ALL the people you sheep and Peasants accuse of being ML or I, are probably the ONLY ones who are clearly with Dawn, yet are NOT saying anything."

Because it's your job to pick up her sh*t. You are just a salary man, not some Lords or Princesses. You are paid NOT to say anything!!!

Anonymous said...

The more he writes, the more he convinces us that:


Anonymous said...

Hi Satan's Prodigy a.k.a. Noel:

Didn't your Dawnie tell you that She is still plagiarising her blog? The poem on her lastest entry:

"We watch the season pull up its own stakes
And catch the last weekend of the last week
Before the gold and the glimmer have been replaced,
Another sun soaked season fades away

You have stolen my heart

Invitation only, grand farewells
Crash the best one, of the best ones
Clear liquor and cloudy eyed, too early to say goodnight"

Didn't she tell you that she copied it from the song "Dashboard Confessional".

She forgot to cite her source again!! Go, go, go pick up her sh*t!!

Anonymous said...

Noel wrote this in XX's comment page:

Hello W... oh wait Xia Xue. Its me Dawn's manager. If you had read through the emails correctly you should know exactly how you should have apologised. I did tell Ashley "no snide remarks or comments". However I guess you know what Dawn will say when she reads your blog later... afterall you did just state that you have an impending lawsuit. *sigh* and I thought you were woman enough to step-up to the plate, admit you were wrong and apologise. Dissapointing my dear... dissapointing...
noel | 07.02.08 - 2:25 am | #


He can't even disappointing!!!! He writes exactly the same as Satan's Prodigy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Opps... I was trying to say 'He can't even spell disappointing!!!' I swear it's not a typo since he did it twice. That answers why they signed Dawnie up!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

The stupid fucking fat dog nv cum in today he crying ijit!!?? Orbi goot!!!!

Anonymous said...

The fat dog is busy getting sodomized by his boss.

Satan's Prodigy said...

This is going to be my last post. I have realised that once I'm done with this post, everything else I can say will simply be repeating what I've said before with no new information.

Anon 25/8@2:37, thank you for writing intelligently. I wish you had commented earlier so that I would have had time to answer your questions properly.

Perhaps you might want to ask those questions again on melissalam's blog as she is another of Dawn's friends, and she is closer too.

I do not always agree with the norms in Singaporean society, and thus I disagree with quite a few of your opinions. However I do feel very strongly that you are entitled to them. I am glad that you are forming your own opinions of her blog persona mostly from what she has written (rather than mostly on conjecture), and I do concede that some of your points on her blog persona are valid.

The one thing you need to know about Dawn is that she does not care about anonymous posters, and thus does not reply or comment. However, if you went up to her in person, introduced yourself and asked her frankly, she would tell you the honest truth about herself.

In light of all the malicious attacks recently, some of us her friends feel that since Dawn is keeping quiet, her agency should step-up and defend her instead of keeping quiet as they have done (no offence to the two of you if you happen to read this). As such many of us feel that we have no choice but to step-up ourselves, and some have. I'm more selfish as I have my own personal agenda against something I consider to be a malicious, vile, backstabber.

In its simplest form, all I can say in defense of my friendship with her is that I consider Dawn to be a good person because she has been a true friend. She may not be whiter than white, and purer than pure, but neither are the rest of us.

In regards to the "peasant" comment, I'm not too sure if you have been following the bits on melissalam, however when I used it, I used it as a description for a mindset (that melissa framed). I have no reason to use peasant as a derogatory social term as I am a peasant myself.

Anonymous who posted on August 24, 2008 8:43 PM on the link to , I owe you a huge apology for attacking you! I am so sorry!

Everything clicked when I woke up this afternoon.

For those of you who do not read the other comment threads, you wouldn't know I revealed DW's lie on ML threatening "Stella" as the reason the xxvsdy site closed down.

Basically Noel told us that the site went down after Calvin realised one of IT's friends had contacted him, thus revealing the true identity of "Stella".

He never revealed who it was, and I mistakenly assumed that the contact was via the phone.

However that screenshot does reveal that "Stella" really was Kay Kay because xxvsdy went down shortly after she was contacted.

You morons can go on and say that I am Noel, Calvin, Dawn, etc or that ML is Bill, Calvin, Daryl, Dawn, or Noel if you wish. There aren't even proper justifications on why you think its true. Just baseless statements.

If you want to use my writing style as a gauge, you really should read the comments for the different posts in There are at least a dozen different people who write the same way. You morons might as well say I am all of them, and that I am bickering with myself while I'm at it! At least it would be better as their style is more similar to mine than Noels.

Oh and it doesn't matter if you slave sheep don't believe any of what I say. I'm sure Rebecca Tan and her friends (if they read this) can confirm that she snubbed IT, and did it by saying she won't take a photo with IT as IT would probably just use it to bash her. I'm also sure that Kenny (Sia) knows what I said about the d**bo-dawn site is true. IT did boast about it telling him about it starting the site to me shortly after. You know it too Kay. Likewise Kay, you know that IT complained to us about the $1500 she would need for veneers recently. Feel free to explain how any of Dawn Y's people would know all that.

IT, I know you're reading and posting. After all your bullying, Dawn Y has still gone to NYU while you're stuck with almost no qualifications. She managed to be on the cover of 8 Day's while you got called an ah-lian in a small corner. Similarly, she still is one of Stomps star bloggers while you still can't get anything except for in-house jobs. She still has her supporters and ALL her friends, and while you still have supporters, you lost me.

swd, I'm not going to attack your contradiction. However, since you're the authority on ascertaining someones race through a photograph, try explaining the content of these two sites: and

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Anonymous Vitory!!!

You can't win Noel you're just a dog.

Anonymous said...

A dog like you cannot fight anonymous.

Anonymous is everyone
Anonymous is everywhere.
Anonymous cannot be out-numbered
Anonymous is your family and friends.
Anonymous is not your friend.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is in control at all times.
Anonymous has no identity.
Anonymous cannot be betrayed.
Anonymous does not forgive.
Anonymous does not forget.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Fat dog tries and tries so hard but fails so bad!


Anonymous said...


Another anon victory to add to the list.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Noel, you got sodomised by the internet!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous knows who you are.
Do you know anonymous?


Anonymous said...

Pyromaniacs lusting after the flames that consume humanity.
Right or wrong? No. We destroy for destruction's sake.
Strauss warned that this accommodating culture would become stagnant.
He feared that materialism would leave philosophy barren.
This apathy toward transcendent truth would breed nihilism.
Welcome to nihilism made manifest in Western Civilization.
Strauss described nihilism as strong or weak.
Strong were the Nazis, who worshipped might and power to destroy.
Weak are the hollow McMansions, strip malls, and emo kids.
Little did he realize weak nihilism would fester in the tubes.
Strong nihilism has emerged in resentment of a superfluous society.
Tycho's dickwad corollary would go beyond net flaming.
To fear us is to fear everything. To not fear us is suicide.
Anonymous has achieved a persona.
Anthropologists would call it a “death cult.”
We have subjugated our individuality for our thirst for hatred.
Anonymous moves as a force of nature. Our thirst grows.
You will never know when we are watching. We have shattered lives.
We are always close to you. We are in each stranger's face.
We are the itch that humanity will scratch into an infected, pus filled open sore.
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect us.
We are coming.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous does because Anonymous can. It is neither the inherent dark side of every man, nor is it the glorious white knight of the will of the people. Anonymous does because they can. And they feel like it.

And you Noel do not matter.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is like an amoeba:

Simple, yet omnipresent-yet unnoticed.

Willing to learn, merge, mutate, exeunt its failures, and survive.

it is the very simplistic essence of life: random, undecyphered code; hypocritical and a paradox in itself.

Anonymous can be a disease, or the squalor that gives us the right to live on this Earth.

Anonymous is a Puzzle that cannot be solved.

In order to defeat anonymous, it is required that you suffer greater than Stalin, and outsmart everyone while withholding your true name.

You would have to be mightier than God himself, and Satan combined.

You would have to undo so many things, and create so many devices.

In other words....Only anonymous can defeat anonymous. and even then, you would be anonymous, thus making anonymous a paradox.

We do not need the internet to thrive, We have existed for over 9000 years, and our concept will exist as long as people can use a vehicle to transmit their thoughts without those being traced back to them.

Anonymous is Immortal.

You, are not.

Anonymous said...

Identity. One of our most precious possessions. You believe we all have one, but you are sadly mistaken.

Identity belongs only to those who are important. Those who have earned it by struggle and blood. Those who matter. You, my friend, do not.

Identity is a fragile and weak thing. It can be stolen or replaced. Even forgotten. Identity is a pointless thing for people like us. So why not let go of it and become Anonymous?

We are all anonymous in some sense. The person on the bus. A customer in line. A stranger in another country. Being anonymous protects us in some way, making us feel safe at night and keeping us sane. How, you may ask. Simple. Being anonymous is to be part of the world, the ones like you who do not matter and do not stand out. It makes us feel like we belong.

Anonymous is one and yet is many. The many combine to make one, the Legion. It is you, it is me, it is everything and anything. Anonymous lives to some day take over everything. No one shall learn the identity of Anonymous, for in finding identity, we lose our anonymous selves.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is the source of 91% of all internet truth and justice. Anonymous is void of human restraints, such as pity and mercy. Those who perform reckless actions or oppose Anonymous will be eliminated. Failure is not tolerated. Enemies of Anonymous are those who are not Anonymous. Enemies are to be dealt with swiftly and with great justice.

Anonymous said...

Here to sacrifice, infernal hate device, Satan's go-between, kneel and die before the Internet Hate Machine!

Anonymous said...

Tank treads crushing over piles of broken bones
Siege engine revving and coming to atone
Poisonous black smoke billows from it's eyes
Unholy war machine can't be compromised
Fueled by the corpses feted fleshed
Never turning back forward to the death
It's only mission is killing everything
It's the Internet Hate Machine

So inhuman you don't speak it's name
It's artillery sets the world aflame
Mechanical demon rolling 'cross the sand
Blood stained thing scorching black the holy land
Skin made of iron heart made of steel
Lubricated by the blood beneath it's wheels
Reclaiming the world for it's king
It's the Internet Hate Machine

Here to sacrifice
Infernal hate device
Satan's go between
Knee and die before the
Internet Hate Machine

Anonymous said...

Satan's prodigy said "Anonymous who posted on August 24, 2008 8:43 PM on the link to , I owe you a huge apology for attacking you! I am so sorry!"

AHAHAHAHAHA!! I am the anon who posted the screenshots. You are apologizing to me!! WAWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Satan's Prodigy has apolozed to ME!!!! HAHAHAHHAA!!! NOEL said sorry to ME!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You are so stupid to take the bait!!! You have again confirmed to us that Calvin Cheng is INDEED the Vintage ML. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Calvin Cheng was hunting his prey~~~ He thought she was KAY KAY!!! (it rhymes...hehehe)

Calvin Cheng was hunting his prey~~~ He thought she was KAY KAY!!! (it rhymes...hehehe)

Calvin Cheng was hunting his prey~~~ He thought she was KAY KAY!!! (it rhymes...hehehe)

Calvin Cheng was hunting his prey~~~ He thought she was KAY KAY!!! (it rhymes...hehehe)

Calvin Cheng was hunting his prey~~~ He thought she was KAY KAY!!! (it rhymes...hehehe)

Calvin Cheng was hunting his prey~~~ He thought she was KAY KAY!!! (it rhymes...hehehe)

Anonymous said...

I would to finish with a tribute for Mr Noel Davenash! We received great entertainment at his expense. It's a pity that is over. Cheers to your stupidity!

Hip hip hurrah!

You will be greatly missed. Do take care of your sore behind! Thank you Mr Davenash! Anonymous appreciates!

Nil admirari!

Anonymous said...

Latest!! Noel is sacked by Looque! He scr*wed up big time and he got sacked!!

R.A said...




R.A said...




Anonymous said...

whatever. r.a? should get a life. so weird of u to post comment about this. if u don like, then good bye. don come here lah~

nobody is forcing to see anyway

but wait, dw supporters will welcome u if u wish to come here ok?

Anonymous said...

CCB. I posted the link to help satan's prodigy. He apologized to me!

Anonymous said...

Oh it's that right r.a? What can you do about it except whine?


You're as useless as that fat dog Noel! Now STFU & GTFO!!

swd said...

pity that you have decided to run away with your tail between your legs because i have this to say to you:

comparing a black baby born to two white parents IS NOT the same as dy's completely chinese parents having her.

her white skin is fake; made out of too white foundation and powder. her features were enhanced, not real at all. in short, your defense is weak. her situation is not the same as that black baby since that is the matter of skin colour.

we are talking about features, darling, please hurry up and follow.

Anonymous said...

R.a: YOU BLIND? Jacking up the contrast to see her scars is not called DOCTORING.

Try jacking up the contrast, and you will see the zit clear as day. I tried and it works!

Boohoo... Poor dawnie looks awful in normal lighting and can only take photos when they flash is over bright!! So sad!! Maybe she should have done all those plastic!

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