Sunday, August 10, 2008

im a godly child at heart! teehee!!


Once again I am going to stress that
I am NOT xiaxue.
That is akin to saying that I am God,
Or Mas selamat. Or Osama Bin Laden.

xiaxue is awesome.


HOW DARE you poor little losers make fun of me?!

I'll show you!!!



Free Image Hosting


My face through the years.
and what I will look like in the future.


Anonymous said...

Your 2009 look is super!

Anonymous said...

aiyoh. goodness. this is da bomb!

Anonymous said...

LOLS great post once again! <3

Anonymous said...

I can't stop laughing..xD

Anonymous said...

whooohoo! super funny! way to go! I'll be she''ll look just like that in the future.

Anonymous said...

ur posts are just awesome!!
do update more.
i love reading ur blog.

Anonymous said...

good job!

Anonymous said...

oh my mother~!

Anonymous said...

tee hee but she already looks like that :x

Anonymous said...

Xiaxue is denying that she is the author of this blog but we all know the truth. Shhhh..... XX ROCKS... we are going to keep this secret from the prying eyes of the others. We all know who the author of this blog is... hee hee hee.

Manzy said...

what makes u all think its XX herself? don think she that mean lor

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

OMG fucking hilarious ROFL

Anonymous said...

Its so bloody obvious she had plastic surgery!
What eurasian genes?? Kanasai larh!

Anonymous said...

dawn yang is the one impersonating all these cyber dawn-wanna-bes leaving the same comments over and over again.

Unmistakeable sentences :- dawn already looks very pretty, if at all she did PS, its only a nose job, cant the possibility be that her old photoes are photoshoped instead?? Croons** all the guys said dawn has a good figure! etc etc etc etc


n who's the brainy person who said that XX is the author of this blog? wat a stupid whackhead ......................

Anonymous said...

You are all losers. I repeat, LOSERS.

Anonymous said...

Don't be stupid to think it's Xiaxue.
Before xiaxue blog about Dawn Yang, this blog has already started - on Xanga. If this author is xiaxue, then why would she post them on her blog instead of here and got herself into trouble?

AttractiveSextasy said...

i do not think its xiaxue cause' im sure xx has her things to do and not to carry on flamings here lar. not xx not xx!
anyway 2009 rocks. HAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

yes xx rocks big time! Posting all this funny stuff and being able to get away with it is damn smart! hee hee. All hail XX!

Anonymous said...

i mean who will make it so obvious that she is the one posting n who created this blog.

and on xx entry on dy, she said she alrdy wanna blog it long ago on her public blog.

plus, if u ppl read xxvsdy, they sae its one of xx fren, whose photo and name always appear in xx blog, spread that xx is the one who created and write dawnwayang.


Anonymous said...

Wat happen to it has been removed!

Anonymous said...

I don't think XX is the author of this blog. However, I think she is the author of another Dawn-bashing blog. The Many Lies of Dawn (or something like that) one.

Anonymous said...

ANy idea where xxvsdy is? The site is removed....

Anonymous said...

yep the cowardly timid stella of australia hav been threatened by the ML ppl that they will check her IP login nn track her down.

so she went hiding... therefore closing xxvsdy too.

cotters hav sae that theliesofdawn and dawnwayang r all done by xx.

her gd fren vouches for it!

Dawn Wayang said...


teehee! Oh my!! so much speculation going on here! well just wait till sunday!
the truth will be revealed!!!!


*ps*: to the anonymous who called my readers losers, well look whose talking. someone actually took the time and effort to type in the anti-spam code numbers. wow. you totally have a life! teehee!

Anonymous said...

yea, hypocrite

Anonymous said...

i'm still pissed that xxvsdy is closed lor. wtf. next time if cannot take the heat, stay out of the kitchen in the first damn place.

knn ccb. even can make lame excuses for herself.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

the 2009 picture totally made me chua tio. Haha!!

Actually she was ok-looking, and was quite pretty after the eyes got bigger wad. wad for do other unneccessary stuff and changed her looks totally?