Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hello everybody!!

Did you miss me??

Of course you did!!

for no one is fairer or more artificial than I!!


And not to forget, i have the thickest skin ever!!

i will NEVER admit to my wrongs ever!

As you all know, I am not the one responsible for flaming my friends on forums.
It was my sister who did it!!
After all, what are sisters for, if not to push the blame on?

-from my alter ego's blog-

Now on to other things!

As you may have noticed, we had a guest contributor, Boto Xing,
coming in to write an article here on Dawn Wayang
about the dangers of plastic surgery addiction!

Thank you Boto Xing for enlightening us!

My personal favourites are the "kallang wave" and the "dirty armpits" poster.
Thank you for reminding me to wax my armpits, Boto!

If you want to be a guest contributor too, all you have to do is to send
your article to!

Teehee! So exciting!


They even made a new Wayang-barbie set just for me!!!!

In case you all haven't noticed,

Im am not only the poster girl for plastic surgery addiction,
but also the spokeswoman for the Change-your-panties-Regurlarly movement!!

As you all already know, i LOVE my lacy white panties
and i wear the same pair almost everyday!

They also help me attract more rich old men!!

It is unhealthy and damaging to my personal income....

What an enlightening poster!!

Support my cause and buy Plastic Surgeon Wayang Barbie TODAY!!

**Available at all departmental stores in Geylang and Changi**

So girls , be sure to change your panties everyday,
and not be like me!

Until next time,

God Bless!! Teehee!


Anonymous said...

LOL...white lacy underwear.
aiyer...down to her panties also want to portray herself like she's so innocent. PUI!

Anonymous said...

LMAO! is she showing her bra in the sports shoe pic?

Anonymous said...

@swd - why not? teehee :P

Anonymous said...


Noel tell us how it looks like without the panties leh!! Dawn got brazillian or is hairy hairy?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Oh my! Is this how a young lady of proper upbringing behaves? How repulsive! Tsk tsk tsk...

Anonymous said...


just wondering aloud. (: shows her lack of dignity and shame.

her parents must be really disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Your entries are fantastic!!

Made my day!! Please keep them coming :)

Dawn's really a joke.

Anonymous said...

Mus b dat horny fat dog Noel take pic 4 her! He keep taking n beoing her panties dun tell her she sexpose take untill he sibei song after dat i think they go to fuck in the car!

Anonymous said...

So pretentious. Use sex to sell herself and still act so innocent! Spore is full of such Shu Nu. Women like that should all eat 'crap'.

Anonymous said...

Dawn is just being herself. Her fave mah everytime l see her clubbing is zao geng here and everywhere. It is the way she flirts with you. She flirts with anyone who is a guy. Act cute and innocent but let you peep at her boobs or zao geng for you to see. If you smooth maybe touch her all over. If you camwhore with her she even hug you tight tight or kiss you sia. I really enjoy clubbing with sluts like her.

Anonymous said...

aiyo? whats this about her sister...she didn't really scapegoat her sister did she?

Anonymous said...

Just another cockteasing slut. No wonder did not make it big. Only useful for dick sucking.

Anonymous said...

Her sister very poorthing lor D=

Anonymous said...

Her big mouth has the capacity for objects larger than a spoon, great for deep throat just pull her hair for easy thrusting. Best is 3p with her, one fuck her mouth other fuck her up her ass. She is headed for the USA her pussy is loose for black cock. Only huge dicks can fill her now. Although any damage can be repaired easily at the surgeon's table.

New Haven said...

singapore paris hilton

Anonymous said...

she fled the country. no more limelight on her. winner = wendy. peasant or no, they r certainly not royalties or nobles. they r mental.

she is not singapore paris hilton - she is not a chain-of-hotels heiress. she is just...a failure...a a nutshell, she is just a singapore blogsphere loser.

but still, feel sorry for her. she may very well be in depression right now. (I'm not that mean to wish her dead nor depressed, but can't help it but feel that she had it coming by sending a lawyer letter to wendy - esp when wendy had already remove her entry)

so you guys are right, what goes around, comes around. karma will find you. you can run but you cannot hide.

DY will be forever ruined - unless she come back with a new face and a new identity - else, she will never make it in the media industry.

Cosmetic surgery needs high maintenance - just look at micheal jackson's nose and face - melting like a wax candle. and she will need A LOT OF MONEY to maintain - she better strike toto or 4D.

Anonymous said...

it's kind of sad lol even though i really really really dislike her personality. how did she get herself into such shit when her sole purpose is to look beautiful? loads of krn/jap stars did plastic surgery. the difference between DY and the stars is that the stars dont flame other ppl on forums, and that they do not plagiarise.

how are dy's parents/relatives/sister feeling right now? ashamed? disgraceful?

oh. dy should have known that such things will happen.

Anonymous said...

ya lor. no wrong in getting plastic surgery.. but then again, this is Singapore.. most people here are conservative :)

Anonymous said...

She's in the latest COVER of 8 days. disgusting.. Look at how innocent she makes herself out to be in the interview. nauseating.

Anonymous said...

You bastards.......i use Vagisil to keep fresh!!

Anonymous said...

of course we miss you,
everyday we open ur blog to see if there's any update, and finally...

keep it coming, k?

we'll always love ya!!
tee hee..

Anonymous said...

Shame on Dawn Yang!! Disgusting mannerisms and revolting personality!

Anonymous said...

let her zao geng if she like it so much.

Anonymous said...

plastic cheebye not nice to see

Anonymous said...

dy blame her meimei
it is very sad ....

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that she is wearing the same white skirt, same white panties, and same white cardigan in both occasions?

After being caught for the 1st time, she put up the second photo....

So now we know it is a deliberate effort.

What a slut. She might as well turn her blog into a porn site, can earn more money.

Anonymous said...

What is about DY scapegoating the sister? is it real?? cos i know her sister, but not really close to her and havent seebn her sistr for awhile, not sure where she is even though in same uni....

Please DW, put a post regarding DY and her sister, the scapegoat part

Anonymous said...

DY is always wearing white, for some reason.

Anonymous said...

virgin mah.

Anonymous said...

always wearing white?sounds familiar?
sounds like nira =)
dam u copycat ,she never failed to make things more awkward and repulsive.

Anonymous said...

Dawn is on the cover of 8days... puke~

Anonymous said...

Dawn wins every poll!!

Anonymous said...

Of course she wins every poll! The men there think with their kukus, just like me!! Of cos they only respect the girls who can spread the widest! they dont care about brains at all!

,I OngBingBong wants to bong bong bonk Dongie on my Donk!!!

Anonymous said...

what the hell? why is that blog so pro-Dawn?? Damn bias.

I can understand why people vote her to be prettier(even though her face is melting alr) because she had plastic surgery..BUT

How could they vote that plastic to be..

1) More honest and open
2) A better blogger
3) Funnier

than Xiaxue?

So retarded. tsk tsk.

Anonymous said...

i bet she owns the blog (DY) :D

Anonymous said...

wtf, whose chest am i clapping on?

i definitely have no wish to clap on the wayang's chest.

Anonymous said...

Check this out people!! DY is on


Anonymous said...

we already know that leh. and we no need to check that website lah. look at her blog already know is awful-plastic-surgery already. ok. to be precise - look at her stomp video to know her plastic surgery has melted or something. her face looked like it was freshly baked from oven - melted with colors at that.

Anonymous said...

can i ask you all a question?

does plastic surgery requires high maintenance? (such as replacing old implants with new implants and stuff?)

Anonymous said...

wow. and the peek-a-boo white lacy panty is not sexy leh. It was GROSS okay?! why post something like that on her website to begin with?! she mad or what?!

no wonder her kotex advertorial introduced her fav white lacy panty which i think its stupid. Ppl paid her money to talk abt kotex, she went on about her panty. panty vs kotex - of course panty wins hands down lah!!!!! who will want to look at kotex when her fav panty was up for all to see?! she mad or what?! or she think kotex paid her too little?! or that panty company also paid her to advertise their panty? (but i don't see the company of that panty - so it was unlikely the case)

But anyway - bottomline is - she fled and no lawsuit. she is a joke and nothing more. period.

if she wants to do a comeback, she better goes for another major cosmetic surgery to change her face and then claimed that she is purely ang mo lah - and maybe say something like her family adopted her or whatever crap she can think of.

idiotic lor.
ppl have not finished popcorn and she fled?! at least have the courtesy to finish the drama first mah! like that stuck half way, how to enjoy the rest of my popcorn?!

sibei dulan lah!

Anonymous said...

aiyo. that what gutterpost must be set up by DY's gang lah. why bother to visit? they like to think DY is the best (despite looking like stupid donkeys), just let them lor.

they can even vote her to be the world's most purest virgin leh. (like we care what those retards think lor)

better yet, vote her to be the most diluted eurasian in the world lah.

but i think hor, better vote her to be the best blogger who sent lawyer letter and then fled the country, and indirectly making the majority of singaporeans laugh - that makes her the most funniest blogger mah. aiyo, easy logic leh, also cannot understand meh?

what DY barbie crap. you guys are insulting barbie k?! wait they sue u ah (for tarnishing the image of barbie - but then hor, they not so boliao like some who fled the country lah)

Anonymous said...

To all those haters, look at yourselves. Even if Dawn Yang has done all those horrible things, are you guys any better? There are so many more horrible things going around the world today that you can direct your anger to, and you choose to express hate over this issue that bears no substantial consequences.

Talk about shallowness. Good thing I'm only here once and I'm never coming back to see such ugliness, life is short and time should be better spent on more important social issues.

Anonymous said...

Yes time should be better spent on more important.. wait... what are you doing here in the first place?

Shut up lah Dawn. Time to go change your panties.

Anonymous said...

the prob is that she doesn't like to change panties lah. her fav is white lacy one leh. but if u asked her to change her face that's another matter....

Anonymous said...

fall orientation has already begun at NYU... yet dawnie is still in singapore. wah your alter ego so lazy, defer summer, defer fall... please write a post explaining why, dear dawnwanyang!

Anonymous said...

I love Dawn so much

Anonymous said...

wah. so touch. satan's prodigy loves dawn so much. ok. done. you can go now.


Anonymous said...

any idea she modified the nyu letter?? hahaha...

i'm sure those fucking old mens r attracted by the panty smell. the more times she wear them the more "vintage" they r..

Anonymous said...

did you see her latest post? e picture where she lift her legs up.. and the last photo where you can see her bra?

Anonymous said...

EH CALLING ALL READERS HERE. there is this reader in ML's blog, (his nick is something "Lord...dunnoe what" - forget alrdy) that said he had the ip add of dunnoe what blog lah and he also had the ip add of all the visitors esp those who clicked from XX's link. and his msg is 'EVIL SHALL BE PUNISHED'.

ok. now my question is - so he gonna sue all the readers as well as the creators - then there must be a law passed to say NO ONE CAN COMMENT UNLESS YOU EARN HOW MUCH AND HOW MUCH OR YOU ARE SUPPORTER OF DY AND NOT XX.

then like now hor, in singapore, we already cannot eat chew gum leh, now cannot choose to read whatever blogs we like issit?!

or they must be a law said we ALL MUST support DY and must wear white lacy panties and expose for all to see issit?! (but i like red panties leh. i dont like white lacy panties!!!!! red more chio can?!)

so like that, they have the right to call us PEASANTS, VILLAGES, RETARDS AND THE LIKES - and we cannot voice our unhappiness?! we must quietly accept all these offensive name callings and still pay taxes?! (in this case, i can safely said that they name calling all XX's supporters or non-supporters of DY as PEASANTS, VILLAGES AND RETARDS but hor, those who support DY or ML, they are the elites lor - very intelligent hor. what school they attended I not very interested to know - their education must be very the good ah since they can come up with such logics and their chim english)

And what about those who used SHARED COMPUTERS?! Not many families can afford many computers in each home ok?! so what happened if friends of siblings came over and used the SHARED COMPUTERS and leave remarks - like that also our faults ah?! Then must we do a chart to keep track of who used computer at what time and sign out or not?!

So got IP add then what? find each one of us and sue us even if we are not the ones leaving the comments (like if friends come over and leave comments but cannot remember which friends cos we had MANY FRIENDS ok?!)

They mad or what?!
dont leave message, then dont leave lah! this is my last message ok?! (but if another member in the family or friends of another member in the family used this SHARED COMPUTER - not my blardy problem hor!!!!!!!)

p/s: we dont use chart to indicate who and who use the shared computer and sign out - cos this is not a SCHOOL. for f**k sake, can grow up or not? so much money, yet milk powder not good enough to make brain grow and THINK meh? (eh. i did not name any particular person here hor. it is a question only, see the "?" -> this question mark = question = not name calling = not defamation = i am only questioning the intelligence of those who drink very expensive milk poweder - but of course, the prices of milk powder - expensive or not - is subjective to individuals lah)


Remember, Singapore does not have any village (unless you are talking about bugis village) or farms, Singapore has been urbanized! Calling all HDB RESIDENTS as peasants and villages is akin to defamation as well.


Anonymous said...

better not clap dy's chest. after

pau char!

Anonymous said...

Oops. Her sister also did nose job?

Anonymous said...

Hey wayang, LOL, could you please change the avatar in wayangcentral to your picture instead?Wait people think it's wendy's job leh.

Anonymous said...

let them think its wendy's job laa. who cares?

if it's wendy's, then i must say - she is damn hilarious lor. funny and entertaining (but at other expense lah).

it's too addictive. this blog is almost akin to santa claus on prozac and getting laid! it makes anyone (DY and gang not included) who come here to read - LAUGH AND LAUGH AND LAUGH.