Sunday, July 27, 2008

Impersonating fans

Teehee everybody!'

All of you, or perhaps most of you would have somehow gotten wind of my latest scandal by now,
regarding plagiarism!

Not only am i fake through and through,
But even my opinions are not my own!

And im such a good liar too!

I thought i could get away with it,
Because no one reads my blog except horny old men , and thats why i got away with it
for such a long time!

And I can always distract them by spreading my legs and baring my cleavage!

If you think i shouldnt be able to get away with it,
and that stealing is wrong,

sign this petition!


In an even later update,
im sure that you all know by now that i impersonate my own fans, because I dont have any real ones!
I even create multiple accounts to interacts with each other, so it looks real!

You can read about my lies and slamming

fan art! teehee!
I need to raise funds for my plastic surgery.. Ooops!
i mean lawsuit!

support me by purchasing this doll!! teehee!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The dong phone


Take a look at ALL my plagiarized entries

and stolen movie reviews


Oh the horror!!
People have discovered that I have been Plagiarizing!!
Stealing people's work and passing them off as my own!!

Oh no!!
That means i cant be blogger anymore!
But what to do? I have no opinions of my own....

What am i good for then?

I even plagiarize entire entries !!

Heres MINE!

and heres the poor unknown information source.

Even the advertorial reviews about Leole BB cream was plagiarized from!

how embarrassing!

They even compiled EVERYTHING ive plagiarised!

But there are some advertorials which come from my heart, Really!!


This phone is awesome for a hot blogger like me!
Especially when I need to be online 24/7 to delete offensive comments on my blog!

Now i can delete comments anywhere, anytime!!

And also to catch up on the latest gossip !
I also need to delete any evidence they point out on the forums,
because I never realise when i post them up in the first place!

so keep the advertorials coming!
i can still spread!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

IM a hypocrite!!! teehee!

Teehee! This is from the previous xanga site that got shut down!!

for my regular readers, you might want to wait a little while more...
all will be revealed!! teehee!!

*** DAWNWAYANG.COM is back again!!!****

Friendster is down, but it will be back up again in no time!


I think that girls who pose in men's magazines are total sluts!

All of them are, except me!!

OMG. the girl who wanted to look like britney is a total slut!
Shes sooooo insecure! Like.... who would go get plastic surgery just to
bare it all and be lusted after men to prove their worth?


Smell Like a Skank!!


50% artificial ethers, 30% hypocrisy ,
and 20% pussy juice for that extra zing!

Buy it NOW!!
smell like a skanque!





Against all odds when my computer crashed and all my old pictures were gone,
my Conversation with Edsion Chen about his preposition managed to survive!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

**Kotex Advertorial**

Hello everybody!
Since i am super lazy i shall just post up a few pictures of kotex packets,
and call it a day!

Now you all know that I have many lacy panties,
i wear them because Rich old men seem to love em,
and im still trying to figure out why.

p.s: The scar along my hairline is not from forehead lifts,
its just a very very thin hairband. teehee!


Teehee everybody!!

I am finally on the cover of straits times!
And is back!
And i will not rest until i become every man's fantasy!

And who says my face is stiff! I can do a multitude of facial expressions ok!!

I am also totally famous, and have a bloodline to totally be envious about!
Because i dug deeper into my ang moh roots, and found that im related to...


Don't believe me?

Take a look!


Saturday, July 19, 2008


Dawn Wayang Now has a friendster account!
Add me to keep up with the latest news and blog urls! in case the scheming slutwhore decides to close down this blog too!
Teehee!!! Even better if you are a rich old man!

add me at


Click the picture below!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Teehee!! just for you!!


To my beloved fans... heres something new..
just for you!!

Because i only have one hole, i cannot spread it for ALL of you!!

so this post is to show my gratitude!!

let me update you on the goings-on in my wonderful life as a superstar..... teehee!!!

As you all know....

You all better support xiaxue and donate to her if she needs the money!!


and some more fan art from some very special contributors!!


Hello everybody!!

Anonymous comments are allowed now!!

remember to link the new site up!

currently archiving... so be patient! i need time to club and have sex with rich old men too!

till next time..

clap me on the chest,
bang me in my groin,
and kiss my plastic ass!!!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oh no!!! i got found out!!

Oh no!!
Ive been too busy partying that i forgot to cover up my tracks!

I thought that it would be impossible to dig up my past....
but ive been proven wrong.... AGAIN!!

This time people discovered the awful secret that although i spread my legs for some producers i didnt even make it big!! How embarrassing!!

The moment i finished reading the forums (Which took quite awhile because im slow and dumb)
I immediately changed all my email addresses!!
aren't i smart??

but .... oh nooo!!
They took screenshots!!
Now the whole world will know my secret!!


Im sure that you guys remember this post i wrote in stomps' starblog!

In that post i was so sick that TWINS had a cleaner image than i did,
So i leaked to everyone that they had threesomes with old men!!
How i know? Because i have contacts in the entertainment industry!

They all want to bed me but they cant!!
I alone am pure and clean
and sooooo not hypocritical!!


Well at least thats what people believed about me!
(especially my fans!)
until someone googled my personal email address
and found my old handle in a forum!!
oh the horrors about to be revealed!!!



Oh nooo!!!
But even with the staggering amount of evidence i shall feign innocence!!!
(But meanwhile i will change all my email addresses!)



I still think they cant tell that its me!
after all... They cant prove that i was in shanghai!!
Starzpeople??? Whats that??



It just so happens that an Eurasian girl called Dawn who happens to be the same age as i am happens to be at the same place at the same time!


until next time....