Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oh no!!! i got found out!!

Oh no!!
Ive been too busy partying that i forgot to cover up my tracks!

I thought that it would be impossible to dig up my past....
but ive been proven wrong.... AGAIN!!

This time people discovered the awful secret that although i spread my legs for some producers i didnt even make it big!! How embarrassing!!

The moment i finished reading the forums (Which took quite awhile because im slow and dumb)
I immediately changed all my email addresses!!
aren't i smart??

but .... oh nooo!!
They took screenshots!!
Now the whole world will know my secret!!


Im sure that you guys remember this post i wrote in stomps' starblog!


In that post i was so sick that TWINS had a cleaner image than i did,
So i leaked to everyone that they had threesomes with old men!!
How i know? Because i have contacts in the entertainment industry!

They all want to bed me but they cant!!
I alone am pure and clean
and sooooo not hypocritical!!


Well at least thats what people believed about me!
(especially my fans!)
until someone googled my personal email address
and found my old handle in a forum!!
oh the horrors about to be revealed!!!



Oh nooo!!!
But even with the staggering amount of evidence i shall feign innocence!!!
(But meanwhile i will change all my email addresses!)



I still think they cant tell that its me!
after all... They cant prove that i was in shanghai!!
Starzpeople??? Whats that??



It just so happens that an Eurasian girl called Dawn who happens to be the same age as i am happens to be at the same place at the same time!


until next time....


May Zhee said...

You know what I find really laughable about all this? That Xanga accused you of impersonating Dawn.

As if she is anything worth impersonating.

It's like Xiaxue once said, "If a can of abalone claims to be some barnacles one day, that is called SPOOFING.

NOT impersonation, simply because you are not good enough, geddit?"

(Am using the above in reference to your alter ego.)

Impersonation. Yeah. Right.

Dawn Wayang said...


i know!! what is the world coming too?
oh well my alter ego probably spreads her legs for the xanga boss, so blogger should be a better choice. teehee!

EmmZen said...

I was wondering how I was going to leave a comment with my blog link when it goes online, but here you are. Still a coward hiding behind anonymity.

That being said, I disagree with the impersonation statement (although xanga might have said that because of your tags??? Sorry but i didn't check them).On the other hand you are a malicious cowards so I do agree with the malicious comment.

Btw, FYI, this is also against blogger's terms of use too. You really should read up.

May Zhee said...

Emmzem is right! Someone should give you free hosting then no one will be able to shut you down and Dawn Wayang fans won't be in distress all the time! =(

Btw Emmzen you do know that Dawn has once banned Dawn Wayang from entering her site right? And that she deletes negative comments even when I put my identity there? I have nothing against that act, but at least have the courtesy to not say everyone against her are cowards hiding behind anonymity because some of us just didn't have the chance to come out of anonymity, thanks to your Dawn.

TwinkleBalls said...

consider using the adult content thing(function)? so this blog will not die!

[If Yes is selected, viewers of your blog will see a warning message and will be asked to confirm that they want to proceed to your blog.]

So at least u dun have to switch here and there. your readers are *rolls eyes* WARNED. Lolz

Dawn Wayang said...


look who's talking!!
aren't you anonymous too??

why dont YOU show your face then?

Anonymous said...

Emmzem, your blogger account was just created and you have no blogs. No that doesn't make you anonymous at all. *roll eyes*


Anonymous said...

OMG Xiaxue has received the LAWYER LETTER from the plastic girl

Anonymous said...

how come I can't enter xiaxue's site?

EmmZen said...

@dawn wayang
Like I said, give me till Monday. I have a lot to say, and not just about you. You're not the only bully around in this situation. BTW, FYI my name IS Emmanuel. I doubt yours is Dawn.

Would you like to email me to arrange for a private meeting between the two of us (so I can tell it to your face in person that you're a bully and a coward)?

@(one of the) anonymous
Duh. DW knows what I wrote on his/her xanga blog- that I don't blog or read blogs normally. I'm starting one for a singular purpose.

I came to know of the "war" through someone I've know very well who was implicated in XX's post. Wait till my first post is up and more shall be revealed.

@may zhee
I'm sorry if you thought I was referring to you as well. The only person I'm targeting here (in this blog) is DW.

This is bullying. No ifs or buts.

Anyone who condones what DW is doing is sending a message out that there is nothing wrong with bullying and harassment. There are other ways.

I don't know how DY runs her blog, and it's irrelevant to me (I've only read the posts relating to this "war" between DY and XX). All I've seen is bullying on the part of XX, DW, and cookie*cookie (I'm not on the CC forums so I don't know if there are any bullies there).

XX started off with a malicious attack then went on to bullying. All DW has done is bully. Cookie*cookie (off the stomp forums) has done some bullying on his/her part against XX.

On my part, I feel that regardless of how anyone feels about DY or XX, neither them nor anyone else deserves to be bullied, so I've decided to take a stand against my former brothers and sisters (yes I used to be a bully, and I still like to bully, but I've stopped as I've seen the effects of my "work"- and it's scary).

Oh and its Emmanuel.

Dawn Wayang said...

hi emmanure. oh there. you said it yourself.quoted from yourself""that I don't blog or read blogs normally.""
You have no idea why we are against her, do you? well go read up, study the cause and effects. no one is bullying anyone without a reason, you stupid cunt! teehee!!

im not deleting any of your posts so that the rest of the readers can see how dumb you are!

Anonymous said...

I dun think dawn wy is bullying.. Dawn wy has merely stated the evidence of hideous things that DY does which she have obviously STUPIDLY left behind.

And shouldn't dy be sued for insulting the twins? Wat evidence does she have that twins did a threesome????

EmmZen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
EmmZen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
EmmZen said...

Does it make a difference on why you're bullying??? Does this mean that it is fine that cookie*cookie off the stomp forums (the last I looked) is trying to bully XX??? Are you saying that the bully that caused the girl in the US to commit suicide did nothing wrong??? Does this also mean that since I don't like what you're doing, I can try and bully you???

You did read my reply to May that there is NO reason to for bullying right? What makes you think that reading up will change anything? (actually I started and finished reading DY's thread on the stomp forums- but skipped about 100 pages in the middle).

Can you actually reply intelligently, rather than state that someone is dumb for stating the fact that you're a bully and that bullying should not be condoned??? I reckon that the only really dumb person here is the person that believes that bullying is fine.

Go against her for all I care, but don't do it through bullying.

Oh I also figured that since you're prolly too chicken to email me for a meet up, I took the first step and emailed you.

Btw, I'm really wondering about this. What is the purpose of this blog other than to bash DY???

@anonymous who replied to me
Well DW has admitted that he/she is bullying (and is trying to justify it). and here is the definition of bully FYI:

bul·ly 1 (bl)
n. pl. bul·lies
1. A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing

Btw, what evidence is there??? Most of what I've read are partial quotes which can mean anything if the context is not there, and people making wild accusations without any real basis. Not to mention how can anybody know for sure that that it was DY that said those things and not someone like DW in the hopes of trying to bash DY??? How would I even know that the so called "evidence" photo's were not photo-shopped??

What I read on stomp could be true, but what I see are people twisting things to suit what they think is going on (and this does not only apply to DY). For example, in this case, someone asked in the stomp forums where DY has ever denied having cosmetic surgery, and nobody could tell him or her where.

Oh and as for the twins thing you mentioned. How would you know if she does or does not have evidence regarding what she said. Perhaps DY does have evidence, and thats why they haven't sued her.

EmmZen said...

@ DW
In case you're wondering why I have two deleted posts. It was only to make it easier to read.

Anonymous said...

I am not a blogger - just a passerby. I think this blog is very creative and the person who created this blog is a very meticulous, intelligent, IT-savvy and smart.

However, I cannot deny that this is bullying. The creator of this blog hides behind anonymity to attack and insult another person. This shows a flaw in character in the creator of this blog.

It is a pity because the blog creator has a lot of talent that when combined with time and other resources can bring potential financial gains to herself/ himself and bring benefits to society at large.

What can be created by attacking an individual who is leading a different life because of the different life choices that she made.

The problem with Singapore is that its society and education system have created a people who are unaccepting of different/ alternative lifestyles/ life choices.

I think Dawn should be a very insecure person to have to resort to surgery to feel better about herself. What is the purpose of further damage to her self-image? Have you got a clear objective? Is it to cause her to commit suicide because she cannot take the criticisms or to have her reverse her surgery or to have her fess up on her surgeries?

What is there to gain at the end of the day even if she did any of those?


Anonymous said...

HeY emmanuel, you\re a fucking coward.

How dare you associate that US girl who committed suicide with this whore who totally asked for it? Oh no... dawn totally did not ask for it by denying her own ethnicity, getting a shit load of cosmetic surgeries and having the nerve to sue xiaxue for stating the facts,being an attention whore, and quoting gods name while posing almost naked in mens magazines... oh wow... i really dont see a parallel here.

just fark off lah, why dont you show your face so all of us can spit at you to prove your point? Dw, dont listen to that fag. he is so not worth your time.

Anonymous said...

hieee DawnWayang!!! EUUUU rock!!! thanks for blogging!!!!! euuu have no idea how many fans euuu have!! WE LOVE EUUU! dont let others put euu down yea!^^

Anonymous said...

@ emmanuel.

bullying? this is NOTHING compared to what dawn yang has herself done. plastic surgery? that's fine and all; i'm not going to judge her on that. but lying about her heritage? how does that make her PARENTS feel, you tell me? if you were her parents, wouldn't you be upset that your own daughter won't acknowledge her true roots and so wants so badly to believe that she is dutch/jap/thai/alien?

and i echo what elias said about her posing in men's mags. she even criticised women who did then and then, lo and behold, she does it herself. hypocrites SUCK. i DESPISE people like that.

How would you know if she does or does not have evidence regarding what she said. Perhaps DY does have evidence, and thats why they haven't sued her.

duh, of course she did. summerdoll said that and i bet you fifty cents that she doesn't want to say out the evidence (please, she's so the type who would brag about something like that) because she KNOWS she'll get sued AND it will be more or less revealing herself as a slut who fucked for fame.

EmmZen said...

@ elias
Errm how dare I compare??? Lets see... fictitious account... cruel public messages stating that MM is a slut (or DY a whore in this case) with intentions to harass, and humiliate... I see a lot of parallels actually. Or in your opinion, does DY have to commit suicide for DW to be labeled a bully???

And she asked for it??? You must be pretty mentally handicapped to think anyone asks to be bullied. It's like saying someone asks to get involved in an accident that paralyzes them or that your mom needs to be hit by us bus for raising a foul mouth (or foul fingers to be exact).

Use what little brains you have buddy. The issue in contention here is not DY. Its what DW is doing.

Are you telling me that what DW is doing is right??? That you condone bullying???

I'm not here to defend DY, and she isn't a friend so I can't answer any of your suppositions on her family and her. Sorry about that.

Out of curiosity though, do you despise XX too since there are strong arguments linking her with being a hypocrite too???

If yes, here's a hypothetical. Do you personally think it would be alright if someone started an alter-ego blog like this for XX stating that she's a liar (I can prove it), hypocrite and a SPG (she does have a Caucasian BF)??? I could prolly go on about what to write but I don't want to give someone enough ammo to bully XX the way DY is being bullied. One immature DW (you should see the email reply to me) is bad enough. I don't need another cyber-bully/corward to have to work against.

Anonymous said...

WAYANG!! So hard to track you down.. It's not fair that you don't get sued by that girl after closing you down twice! Go help XX and make sure she wins if the case does go serious!

Why can't she just admit if it's true she's lying. If she still insists she's all natural, give evidence like you do or everyone else as a matter of fact!

Anonymous said...

lmao you are amazing at finding out dawn's trashy past. i hope you keep the blog up =)

Anonymous said...

condone bullying? no. but i think what DW is doing is telling us the truth since DY won't let the truth be revealed. the truth hurts, yes, and it's unfortunate that DY would rather let the truth be exposed this way instead of telling it herself. in other words, orh bi queck.

if you (or "someone" lol) would want to start an alter-ego blog for xx then go ahead lor. i won't care. i'm very neutral abt xx and i don't even agree with what she says sometimes but why do i read her? because she's ENTERTAINING. something DY isn't.

btw, calling xx an spg is ridiculously stereotypical. considering that she has had local ex-boyfriends before (read her archives) and doesn't speak with a pretend foreign accent. about being provocatively dressed? please. 90% of sg girls dress the same way. xx doesn't prowl clubs to meet ang mohs; her friends (that she posts abt) are mostly chinese. she's had indian friends too. so that point is invalid. you want spg? go look up miss izzy.

having an ang moh boyfriend doesn't mean she's an spg. you people need to open your bloody minds.

Anonymous said...

No offence but i support you but the pictures are edited...

SkaterzBoo said...

I don't see anyting wrong with this blog. In fact I find it very entertaining and the only place we can find true facts bout dat Fake DY.and Hell yes I know bout blogger like DY.

They fake their way through as if they were born to do it. Denying this, denying dat, faking to be nice to everyone,But at the same time is actually very sly behind the curtains. Please lah if she is dat nice gal who is a pious church gal, she would leave everything in the hands of God and not in the hands of her lawyer wat!


So who is bullying who now? XX of DY? Isn't it very obvious dat DY took advantage the situation to get more money?

Spreading her legs are Not giving her enough money I guess.

Immanure...you may wanna shove your mouth with manure first before replying brainlessly again? Maybe manure can give you a bit more intelligence...??

Anonymous said...

@ SkaterzBoo

i agree with you. :D DY called for a truce but she was the one who brought out the lawsuit.


Anonymous said...


and i also heard from a very reliable source that its not looque and dawn's manager who wants to xx, in fact they told her to drop the lawsuit. Its the scheming poisonous slut herself who wants to sue XX. so who's the bigger bully?

know your facts before saying anything, emmanure.

Anonymous said...

yes yes yes. I also heard that too from a reliable source that Dawn Y is the one who wants to sue XX. She's a bit**. I think the company wants to save their reputation and not mingle on this kind of problem to create bigger problems.

Anonymous said...

EmmZen is honestly very brainless. So much to defend yourself. Then please don't read this blog.

Is the fact, that *itch got alot of things to talk about. She's a hypocrite and an evil witch in disguise.

SkaterzBoo said...

Btw eh, I don't really read up on diz faker DY till diz war began between XX and her. Where can I find the article dat she claims she'sa dutch thai? Pelease she is obviously a Cina. She's not paisey meh to make such a claim?

Why must she deny her own ethnics in the first place anyway?

I'm a malay and I AM DAMN PROUD TO BE ONE.


Anonymous said...

@ skaterzboo

you could try trudging through DY's archives. :/ DW had it in the Xanga site but, as you know, it's been shut down by that hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

@nybluedog: i agree wholeheartedly with what you said. yes, dawn may be blowing things terribly out of proportion with her lawsuit, faking about her plastic surgery, or whatever.

but who are we to put ourselves on a pedestal and judge her? much less in such a cruel fashion, and anonymously. my question is: what exactly are we hoping to achieve from this?

also, about this blog owner having talent, being very methodical and incredibly resourceful - i agree too, and props to that. i will not deny that i find this blog very juicy and interesting. but being juicy doesn't mean that it is right, and being interesting doesn't mean that it is moral. please blog writer, i sincerely hope you utilize your talent in a greater way. :)

n.b: i am in no way a supporter of dawn yang. just a neutral observer with my two cents worth.

- C

EmmZen said...

Sorry I've been MIA. An emergency cropped up and I had no time to follow-up on anything till today. I've emailed DW to explain the delay.

As I said it was a hypothetical about the an alter-ego blog for XX as well as the SPG bit.

Rest assured if I find out about such a blog, I'll be just as vocal about it as I am about DW's.

I do know what an SPG is. What I'm inferring is that someone could easily say just that, just like people are saying that DY slept with Mr R from pics of them in public???

Sorry, but I have to disagree with you that there are justified reasons for bullying. Two wrongs (this is assuming that everything said about DY is true) do not make a right.

Btw, if you had read the emails XX posted. DY wanted to settle the matter amicably with just the post taken down and with a sincere apology highlighting what was wrong. Of course XX would not apologise properly, but DY decided to just be nice and forget it (as per her blog). It was XX that decided to launch the next round of attacks so DY retracted her truce offering. What else could DY do other than to seek proper legal action then??

The fact that you find nothing wrong with this site and are contributing to the attack shows that not only do you not understand the concept of bullying, but also that you are a bully as much as DW, Stella, etc are.

Do you know DY personally to be able to call her plastic??? What money are you talking about??? Ad money??? I doubt XX and DY would be paid on a per click basis, so this additional traffic would mean nothing to them. Or are you talking about damages if she wins the lawsuit?? How do you know if she's only going to ask for enough to just cover the legal fees or not???

I would also suggest you not assume that others spread their legs as easily as you might.

Also considering how you're writing, I doubt you can call anyone else a b|tch at this point in time.

Oh and god helps those who help themselves.

One last thing. I suggest you read before you type as DY did NOT say she's dutch/thai. The FHM article said her GRANDPARENTS had dutch/thai blood (I discovered this thanks to Stella's blog).

@ anonymous (the two that heard about DY wanting to sue)
You're both not wrong. However considering XX did not want to apologise, I can't see any other action that DY could have taken.

@ anonymous (the juvenile one that tried to insult me).
Actually me calling DW a bully is perfectly justified. This behaviour is classified as bullying. Go read some psych journals if you want to find out more.

EmmZen said...

As I promised DW first dibs on reading what I wanted to say I decided to hold-off for 24hrs before I said my point in my first blog post.If you want, feel free to read it at http://emmsthoughtmill.blogspot.com/

Belle said...

emmzen spent so much precious time replying and counter comment one by one. salute! but its dumb la..at the end of the day you just wanna promote your blog. sian

Anonymous said...

The reason EmmZen is being such a hero upholding DY's so called innocense..is because..like every others.

" He has spread DY's dutch legs. "

wtf la you.EmmZen.
You may not like it here at DW.com, don't come in then!

i think like what Belle say is true. Farkin Spammer!

EmmZen said...

@ Belle
You're partially right about the blog promotion thing, BUT if I hadn't come across this site, I would not have started a blog of my own.

My rational is that this is not the only case of bullying, and if this site gets taken down (again) I will have to start my anti-bullying campaign all over again (again)...

I'm not trying to uphold DY's innocence. I'm just trying to do the right thing (i.e. stop bullying).

Anonymous said...

Dawn Wayang's site is NOT cyber bullying (even if TOSses argue). It's an anti-site for a blogebrity. If and when Dawn decides that she no longer wants to be an Internet celebrity, the negative attention will stop. And everything here is posted as a response to things she has done as part of her public persona (her saintly image, her physical appearance, etc.).

I've seen real cyber-bullying in action. It's way more vicious than this. If you think this is bad, check out some of the communities on Livejournal. Check out Encyclopedia Dramatica. Check out some of the antics people on 4chan's /b/ board can get into.

I've seen home addresses posted into public and (false) death threats sent for some laughs and intimidation. Saying that Dawn Wayang's site is anything close to these cases is a total mockery and insult to the gravity of cyber bullying.

I'm sorry Emm, but I feel strongly about cyber bullying and that is why I object to you. Making the comparison between a blogebrity's anti-site and the kind of stalking and harassment that cyber bullying involves belittles the victims of cyber bullying.

Anonymous said...

How come no one realized that Dawn Yang has offended some serious gangsters from HK with her posts in asianfanatics?

Does she wanna end up like Carina Lau or what?

Anonymous said...

@ emmie baby

if dy's great grandparents had mixed blood, it's still diluted and dy is simply hao lian-ing. truth be told, if we could trace our ancestors way to the very first person who created our family tree, we ourselves would have dutch, thai, jap, alien blood also. but do you see anyone boasting abt it like dy does? NO.

I do know what an SPG is. What I'm inferring is that someone could easily say just that, just like people are saying that DY slept with Mr R from pics of them in public???

um, hello, i think you fell and smacked your little head on the pavement. dy went out with mr r WHILE claiming that she and him are just friends. ya, staying in the same room and (possibly) sleeping in the same bed + posing quite intimately = just friends. and the sun is blue.

xx and mike are in a COMMITTED relationship. they both stay together and have been together for a long time now. GOT DIFFERENCE OKAY.

furthermore, mr r is not an angmoh so i don't know how their men can be similar or be compared.

Btw, if you had read the emails XX posted. DY wanted to settle the matter amicably with just the post taken down and with a sincere apology highlighting what was wrong. Of course XX would not apologise properly, but DY decided to just be nice and forget it (as per her blog). It was XX that decided to launch the next round of attacks so DY retracted her truce offering. What else could DY do other than to seek proper legal action then??

my darling, you only apologise WHEN YOU HAVE DONE SOMETHING WRONG. does xx think she did anything wrong? no. furthermore, WHY should she apologise when she was TELLING THE TRUTH?

the lawsuit only shows that dy is a coward who wants to save her own ass but made her own self look worse because now a lot of her lies are being exposed.

also, she was stupid enough to file a lawsuit because of that when xx was all for wanting to put the matter behind her. dy is STUPID for filing the lawsuit because now, the shit has hit the fan. ORH BI QUECK I SAY.

dy wants to get butthurt over comments that claim that she had plastic surgery? COME OUT AND ADMIT LAH THEN NO ONE WOULD SAY ANYTHING ELSE.

p.s. how the hell did you think the fhm article find out that she had mixed blood? BECAUSE SHE TOLD THEM LAH, STUPID, OF COURSE THEY WOULD POST THAT.

p.p.s. since you had an "emergency" to deal with, i suggest you catch up on the latest xx/dy news. your beloved idol plagarised from a lot of people. INCLUDING OUR PM. doesn't fart rainbows and sunshine anymore now, does she? _|_

Anonymous said...

show pic la . datuksri@gmail.com

EmmZen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
EmmZen said...

@ Karcy
Check out the the working definition of bullying and you'll realise that dressing it up as an "anti site" doesn't make it any less of a case of bullying. Likewise, just because the act is less/not intimidating, it doesn't make it less of a bullying as intimidation is only one method of bullying.

it makes no difference on what DY's personality is as it's irrelevant to my argument.

As for the inference bit... if I didn't already know that XX was in a committed relationship, or that she and Mike have been together for some time, doesn't that mean that I can assume that she's a SPG? Afterall you made the assumption that DY is/was in a non-platonic relationship with Royston based on photos in which IMHO looked like he was trying to get fresh with her (in contrast with you thinking it looked intimate).

Btw what truth was XX telling??? That DY has breast implants?? I haven't seen anything on that except for that one photo. I wish XX luck on that one point because even if its true, unless she can bring the actual surgeon with the case-notes to court, she's already lost on that.

Have a re-read of what XX posted on what DY wanted in the contents of the apology. She is not asking for a blanket apology. She is only asking for XX to apologise for certain statements.

I'm sure someone will say or has already said that others have said it already, so why XX. Legally speaking, reproduction of defamatory materials is still defamation. I don't know if you know this but if a journalist makes a defamatory statement, both the publisher and the printing company can also be sued for defamation. I can only assume that only XX has received lawyers letters because of her high readership.

I don't think DY is going to be stupid on what she might sue for (It's not suing as yet). Considering her counsel, I think I can safely assume that she's going to pick carefully what to sue for. Mind you, the onus is not on DY to prove it, but for XX to prove the statements that DY picks as defamatory are true.

To be frank, I'm kind of glad that DY might be going the sue route for two reasons. Firstly because IMHO XX is malicious and vindictive.

Secondly and more importantly because DY did not go the police route . This is because if she won, XX would have a criminal record, and could go to jail. (Yes in good old sunny Singapore defamation is a criminal offence (Sec 499 Cap 224), and in the precedents that I know off, there is a jail term.)

P.S. Yes I read about it. If the "transcript" on what she said on 98.7 about it is true, then I'm glad she was woman enough to admit it, BUT I don't think she should have trivialised the matter.

Anonymous said...

Why would XX have a criminal record?
By definition, a criminal offence is when you commit a crime against the state. In this case, it's Dawn Yang V.S. XiaXue, not the State V.S. XiaXue.
It's a civil lawsuit, not criminal.
Civil lawsuit shouldn't leave any criminal record on the defendant.
Correct me if I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

@ manure

As for the inference bit... if I didn't already know that XX was in a committed relationship, or that she and Mike have been together for some time, doesn't that mean that I can assume that she's a SPG? Afterall you made the assumption that DY is/was in a non-platonic relationship with Royston based on photos in which IMHO looked like he was trying to get fresh with her (in contrast with you thinking it looked intimate).

wow, i think you're acting dense on purpose. mr r was trying to get fresh with her? if i were dy and didn't want him to do that, i would've moved away QUICKLY before the person took the pic. but do you know what i think? I THINK DY PURPOSELY LET US THINK THAT SHE AND MR R WERE INTIMATE SO THAT SHE CAN FLAUNT THE FACT THAT SHE HAS A BOYTOY WHO CAN PAY FOR HER GREEDY WANTS AND THEN ACT INNOCENT WHEN CONFRONTED (AS USUAL). and as much as people like you would like to think that all he wants is a chaste kiss in return, most of us believe that she spread her legs for him.

secondly, you said that you understood what an spg is. so why are you still accusing xx of being one? i have gone through some of xx's archives and she has mentioned bits on how she and mike met. and it did not even happened in singapore.

dude, dy was "woman enough to admit it"? did you dig your ears? SHE BLAMED AS MANY PEOPLE AS SHE COULD ABOUT WHY SHE PLAGARISED. oh, so honest! my ass.

i'm extremely amused that you think that xx's comments about dy's looks are defamatory. did you bother going to cozycat's thread about dy? even with xx keeping quiet, others have pulled out inconsistencies in dy's looks INCLUDING a pic with fellow "blogger" agri, where dy maliciously photoshopped her breast to look bigger but in the process mutilated agri's arm. if anything, THAT is malicious intent. so insecure that she had to resort to that?

Anonymous said...

Speak about being hypocrites, there is a hypocrite in every single person be it conscious or not. it's less compulsive than lying though. and what DY did is beyond comparison of the two. I love reading both DY and XX blogs and DW makes it so much better for the irony on DY. I still dont get how DW is bullying DY because after all, she is famous and every single so-called celebrity needs one or two reality checks every now and then. not to mention juicy gossip and exposes!

EmmZen said...

@ missy_addie

If DY had gone the police route it would have been a case of criminal defamation which is an offence against the state. So if XX lost she would end up with a criminal record.

Firstly, I am NOT calling XX a SPG. I am saying that someone who looks at her, and sees her with a caucasian, but does not know anything about the relationship might assume that she is a SPG.

Like you said, you had to go through her archives to find out. What if I wasn't in a related social circle to XX to know the status of their relationship. So would it be fine for me to assume that she's a SPG if that was the case? Isn't that like how you are assuming that DY slept with Royston even though only they will know if they did or did not sleep together???

Secondly, DY is saying that SOME of the comments were defamatory. She's not saying that all are. For example, can XX prove that she slept with Royston? What about proving that DY did had a boob job? Can XX prove that she copied Arissa? (One again, go read XX's post on what DY is asking for in the apology).

Dig my ears??? I read the "transcript" of the show on XXvsDY... who did she blame? All I see are excuses that trivialised something very serious, when she should have just said yes, I'm sorry and not made the excuses.

From to the "transcript" on XXvsDY: "i thought since its a personal blog i didn't think we need to cite our sources like we need to do in academic paper or if i was a straits times reporter writing for newspapers.. so.. ya.. i think.. i mean now that people have voiced.. ya..ya..mmm.." (As an added note, I agree wholeheartedly with XX's stance on plagiarism in her latest blog post.)

How is photo-shopping her breasts to look bigger malicious??? Does that mean that XX is malicious for photo-shopping her face all the time??? How does it hurt Agri that DY's breast "protrudes" past her arm more than they would have in real life??

If it was a so called "expose" then yes it may not be bullying, BUT trying to humiliate her by repeatedly calling her a whore, insinuating that she would "spread" for any man (and/or woman), etc. If that doesn't fit into the research definition of bullying, I don't know what does.

Anonymous said...

then that someone is extremely close-minded, sorry to say. =)

okay then, manure. WHAT IF dy slept with mr r? WHAT IF the reason why she denied being in a non-platonic relationship was because he got tired of her? he's "getting fresh" with other babes now. poor dy; must feel so sad that she was used and thrown away... like tissue.

xx has come clean on photoshopping and stated in her blog that she does photoshop but to the extent where she cleans up herself and the people around her. did dy do that? by mutilating agri's arm, does that show that she cleaned it up? no, she only loves herself and cleaned up only herself, not bothering about the people around her.

hey, could you possibly be dy herself? now with the sudden influx of dy's other nicks, all dy supporters are suspects, you know. and upon checking your blog, you only have one entry and it's about cyber bullying... suspicious.

or you could just be a troll. either way, it's bad. =)

EmmZen said...

Exactly! So I'm assuming likewise it would close-minded of someone to assume that DY slept with Royston by basing their judgment on pics which they feel were intimate (using their own perception of what intimacy is) rather than on what DY and Royston would consider intimate.

As for DY feeling sad. I highly doubt that IF she slept with him, since Royston makes it clear from the very beginning on the only thing he wants (and never gets according to xxvsdy- i would say it's seldom gets rather than never).

Malicious photoshopping?? Showing less of Agri's arm is hardly malicious. A perfect example of malicious photoshopping is that bully who "shopped" cum onto XX's pic and tried to pass it off as the real thing.

A perfect example of a malicious act is XX creating the hate blog for blinkymummy. Ironically this is one instance of where XX and DY are alike. XX made this act of bullying sound like a trivial one by saying that it was for fun (just like DY saying that she didn't know it was wrong to plagiarise on blogs).

The second instance of them being alike is XX asking why her other two friends that co-created the hate-blog were not getting any flak (similar to people saying that DY asks why other people who have done the same things as her are not "targetted"). And XX wonders why people compare them!

As for me being DY. I would love to be her just to make you happy. Sadly it isn't so. I don't have much proof other than my post apologising for being MIA happens to be during the time DY was spotted watching a movie (thanks again Stella). Not to mention I emailed DW around the same time telling her about my first blog post as I promised him/her first dibs at reading it.

With regards to the single blog post. It took me almost 2 weeks to research and write it and you expect something this soon??? I'm not as free as Stella or DW. Besides I wrote my piece on bullying and need to figure out whats next.

Also this can hardly be considered to be trolling since in order to be a troll, what I write has to be off topic, but isn't that what the comments section is for?? To post comments on what readers think??? So how can it be off topic???

Finally, name calling again??? Grow up already (unless you're still in pri or sec school).

*Disclaimer: This a a drunk-writing post. If anything does not make sense, I'll correct it tomorrow.

nancy ishibi said...

wow i want to see Dawn Yang's photos when she was teenager..>.<

Anonymous said...

Fuck, this EmmZen is a walking idiot. The bias towards DY is appalling. Stupid dick.