Thursday, July 24, 2008

The dong phone


Take a look at ALL my plagiarized entries

and stolen movie reviews


Oh the horror!!
People have discovered that I have been Plagiarizing!!
Stealing people's work and passing them off as my own!!

Oh no!!
That means i cant be blogger anymore!
But what to do? I have no opinions of my own....

What am i good for then?

I even plagiarize entire entries !!

Heres MINE!

and heres the poor unknown information source.

Even the advertorial reviews about Leole BB cream was plagiarized from!

how embarrassing!

They even compiled EVERYTHING ive plagiarised!

But there are some advertorials which come from my heart, Really!!


This phone is awesome for a hot blogger like me!
Especially when I need to be online 24/7 to delete offensive comments on my blog!

Now i can delete comments anywhere, anytime!!

And also to catch up on the latest gossip !
I also need to delete any evidence they point out on the forums,
because I never realise when i post them up in the first place!

so keep the advertorials coming!
i can still spread!


Anonymous said...

LOL guess what~
she deleted the article she copied

guess she doesn't want a lawsuit too eh

Anonymous said...

okk maybe she didn't delete the article but she definitely deleted my comment pointing out the plagiarism! lol

Anonymous said...

lol! keep up the posts! you rock!

phew, had me worried that you were gone for good

:D :D

Anonymous said...

she copied a lot more than that! even in her starblog. How stupid and bimbotic is this plastic woman.

swd said...


SHERENA(: said...

Shes totally plastic lah. D: fake!

MistressKC (from CC) said...

Her name is not Dawn Yang, it's 'DAWN DENY'....

Anonymous said...

guys maybe the other blog copied from dawn? it can be the other way round.. further more its done on the same date

Anonymous said...

how could other blog copied from her? *ROFL*

anyways, she admitted it during her interview with 98.7 FM..."i didn't know I should cite the sources, thought it's a personal blog afterall"


swd said...

... ROFLMAO. as if miss plastic has enough brain cells to rub together to make such long and thoughtful posts.

swd said...

p.s. non-believing anon,

the original post. i assume that the blog linked was the poster's but with added pics?

Anonymous said...

apparently, she wrote this on her stomp blog and only posted it in june-just something i read somewhere?
isit true?

swd said...

are you referring to her post in stomp abt the 'what if the internet got shut down?'

if so, yes. the original poster wrote it in JANUARY '08 and miss plastic "wrote" it in june.


B.H. said...

I think Malaysian bloggers are catching up too with their own scandal. Albeit with less attractive and even more hypocritical, self righteous people. The sad part is they probably planned this sad publicity stunt.

Google "unspeakable secret" for more info.


cheebs said...

I wanna bang her! because she's delicious! who cares if she's not original? I think with my cock!

Anonymous said...

Dawn Yang has been caught plagiarizing PM Lee's National Day rally speech.

Evidence link:
Dawn's screenshot:

Evidence link:
PM Lee's screenshot:

Anonymous said...

Aiyah you got your information wrong

and there's a lot more in that flickr photostream

Anonymous said...

Plastic face/body, compulsive liar, extreme mental and emotional issues, no apparent conscience or sense of originality. What's not to love?

canuckie said...

"I didn't know I should cite the sources." *gives a round of applause* This coming from someone who supposedly went to NYU. Wow. Just, wow. Dawn Yang continues to impress.

Anonymous said...

have any of you hear her interview with Rozz over 98.7fm


- regarding her increasing unpopularity
"i think the media is propbably blowing it up a little too big..."

_ regarding plagiarising
"all along stomp has encourages us to use it as our personal blog... so i thought I didn't need to cite our sources..."

- regarding trying to do charity in a lawsuit.
"my aim is not to make her bankrupt as she (xiaxue) said.... all proceeds will go to charity."

- for trying to salvage her image as a "nice" girl
"I've always treated her like a friend..... I do hope that one day we can reconcile.."
[is she retard? you want to patch up with someone and sue them??? Just to teach XX civilisation?? haha XX don't need it.]

Anonymous said...

i have new pictures of dawn yang that you might want to post on your blog.. how do i email it to you??

sm said...

oh god. someone PLEASE banned her from internet man. did she totally removed her comments button from her blog? i guess it's becos NO ONE has a good word for her. poor plastic girl.

swd said...

@ b.h.

publicity stunt? why the hell would xx want to be in cahoots with dy? i don't know xx that well but i highly doubt that she'd do this kind of thing? for what? raise hits? she has MORE THAN DY WOULD EVER DREAM OF.

besides, we're talking about PLAGIRISIM now, which is a bigger issue than just the lawsuit.

crazy dude said...

haha I wanna bang her!! But once only, just wanna try how plastic feels like lol.

Anonymous said...

guess what? xiaxue wrote an update

about PLAGIARISM! haha

Anonymous said...

want to upload pics, use photobucket la :) so we all can enjoy *kwa kwa kwa*

Anonymous said...

she is not Dawn Yang.. she is Dawn YUCKS!

Anonymous said...

fucking plastic whore is disgusting and despicable. time for her to MELT!!!

Anonymous said..., just wonder if you can complain to some authority of this and shutdown her website on account of plagarism...that will be interesting

Anonymous said...

erm, i guess wayang did had his/her facts wrong about dy plagiarising "What Will Happen to Your Life If There Was No Internet?" entry.

The entry, altho was up in her blog post on the exact date as 'Renegade of Funk' on 11th june 2008, she alr had it posted in stomp blog on 30th april.

well, unless the dates of comments made by readers could be edited in the stomp blog, i don't see how has dy plagiarise 'Renegade of Funk'. It could have been the other way round, you see.

rika said...

anonymous - then how do u explain the rest of the plagiarized entries copied word for word on her blog?

Its like, who is more likely to rape a child? a convicted child molester or a teacher?

Either one could be guilty but who is more likely to do it?

like they say, one bitten twice shy.

lalalalala said...

shame to the max man...

Anonymous said...

To anon @ July 27, 4:08am

IMHO, I believe, like what you said, it could be the other way round, 'Renegade of Funk' could had plagiarised DY (who plagiarised somebody else, lol), but check this out -

DY's entry in storm: 30 Apr 08


Silverhand's (the supposed original writer) entry in Kitco: 20 Jan 08


Or alternatively, check this out:







dysux said...

i CANNOT believe she copied fight club

best movie ever

Anonymous said...

dawn yang is a joke.

Anonymous said...

writer said...

hi wayang! omg.... now got so many ppl with anti dawn's blogs! hahahhaa. u should enjoy reading too! SHE IS REALLY PSYCHO.

Anonymous said...

Yes yes go to!!

Pimp that blog, Dawn Wayang! It is very interesting and damn humiliating to Dawn.

Anonymous said...

this is so nice but we are not doing enough!!! lets keep this hatred going strong ok guys! down with this pretentious dutch/thai wanabe who deny her roots. this is utterly shameless.
Chinese is the way to go ok. stupid cheese pie dawn!

More Disgusted as Days go by.. said...

Omg, I can't believe STOMP allowed Dawn Yang to plagarize yet again! This time the one-time popular post from yutaki eons ago.. Have you no opinions of your own, dawn? Why be a blogger then?

Read Yutaki's Response:

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised shes stupid enough to take direct quotes from magazines as well-known as Time. From a person who probably cheated her way through NYU, (that is, if she did actually attend it) I'd expect better.

nutella said...

She's really pitiful thou. Waste so much time on reconstructing the face but not the brain. She look normal before the sugeries but now she just looks like a joke. She isn't even anywhere near a BIMBO. Bimbo is someone with a pretty face but no brains. But as we all know, without all that surgeries, she's just a plain jane. So easy to say her face isn't what she was meant to look like. She's like in limbo. Doesn't seem to belong anywhere, doesn't prove to have anything real, appears to be even more nuts as days goes by.

Everyone keeps assuming that her parents must be unlucky to have such an unfilial daughter who goes to the extend of denying her heritage but seriously, they brought this upon themselves. Who in the world ask them to shower her with all those filthy money for all those surgeries. I think if her parents were to be bankrupt on day and is force to live in a smaller house, dawn would officially have a reason to disown them. She's really proving to be a nutcase. The next britney spears I suppose.