Sunday, November 16, 2008

teehee everybody!!

did you miss me??

As you all know, my alter ego's blog can no longer be accessed by clicking on

this is because I am secretly setting up a better, nicer site in preparation of my
smashing comeback into the entertainment scene the moment I get back from new york!!

here its is!!

I am dawn yang - sweet, cool, sassy, sexy...


whats inside my ultra secret blog?
More self praise and lies of course!!

Dawn Yang burst onto the internet scene in 2005, when she was crowned Singapore’s Hottest Blogger” by netizens, followed up with a frontpage feature story in the New Paper. Subsequently her blog (where she went by the catchy alias Clapbangkiss) gained widespread popularity not only locally but in the region as well. Dawn’s unique & stylish blogging style, whimsical yet down-to-earth musings about daily life, her worldwide travels, exciting events, touching introspections on love, and captivating collections of photos, has since earned her a huge following of fans.

Today, Dawn is one of the most well-known “celebrity” bloggers in Singapore. Her blog amasses a readership of up to 20 000 daily, with readers hailing from all corners of the globe, including the United States, Australia and Hong Kong. As such, Dawn receives a constant stream of advertisers and endorsements. Besides having been a “Mandarin Cool” campaign spokesperson, Dawn writes weekly as the longest running Star Blogger for The Straits Times web portal STOMP, with several of her articles being printed in the newspapers. She has also been featured in countless other papers, as well as publications like 8Days, Her World, Cleo and FHM to name a few.

In an extraordinary first-ever feat for an online personality, Dawn was voted “Babe of the Year” by New Paper readers in their annual Flame Awards, edging out other well-known models and actresses. She constantly makes it to the top rankings of FHM and Maxim’s annual list of hottest women in the world. Dawn very nearly became a radio DJ with hit station 98.7fm, but withdrew from the job due to certain timing conflicts. She had a short stint in Taiwan, where she appeared in numerous variety tv programmes, game shows and honed her acting/presenting skills. Dawn was originally set to finish her double business and communications degree at the University of Southern California, then deferred her studies to further her interests in the media line. She has since transferred to New York University and looks forward to completing her final year there sometime soon. In the meanwhile besides primarily blogging, Dawn Yang also does modelling, hosting, acting, and is exploring other online projects.

Other things that you might be interested to know…
Religion Christian. Attends New Creation Church.

Schools Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, Raffles Junior College, Singapore Management University, Marymount College (scholarship), New York University

Family Members Father , Mother , younger sister

Interests Music. Travelling the world. Adventures. Reading. Films. Food & dining. Poetry. Charities. Racing & go-karting. Photography. Design. Fashion. Carefree dancing. Card games, boardgames, mahjong. Theme parks. Theme parties. Mysteries, conspiracies & the paranormal. Nostalgia. Gorgeous beaches. Twinkling big city lights. Warm golden sunsets. Dewy morning air. Cooking. Sweet & simple love.

Favorite Colour White

Favorite Season Fall

Favorite Food All Asian types, anything with spicy sambal, burgers, pasta, pizza. Absolutely loves desserts, cakes & pastries.

Favorite Music Jazz, bossanova, pop, rock, electro, R&B, soul.

Favorite Sports netball, swimming, tennis, ice-skating, F1

Favorite Movies fight club | eternal sunshine of the spotless mind | romeo & juliet| Amelie | my best friend’s wedding | pulp fiction | the godfather | scarface | kill bill | forest gump| taxi | great expectations | virgin suicides | snatch | memento | zoolander | vanilla sky | love me if you dare | infernal affairs | run lola run| tempting heart | my sassy girl | life is beautiful | scent of a woman | blow | meet joe black | lost in translation | goodbye lenin | serendepity | closer | in the mood for love | pi | oldboy | sympathy for lady vengenance | il mare | city of god | thank you for smoking | Across the Universe| 300 | Priceless|


As her alter ego I too, have decided to revamp my new look and face the world with my lies!!

Will my new banner help me attract more dirty old rich men?



Anonymous said...

Her nose looks so gross and fake in all 4 pictures!

Anonymous said...

the profile is full of lies!!!

Anonymous said...

how did you manage to dig this news up?! her new website is not even loaded yet! you are awesome! My guess is - you are one of her closest friend.....

Anonymous said...

dawn wayang your own-made dawn yang's new header is crazy la. hahahaha. dawn yang's ridiculous but must admit she looks better after the surgery. look fake but... she can still attract more old rich guys out there so wat? hahaha.

your blog is crazy. i'm waiting for your new posts. you made my day DW!

Anonymous said...

is she really 47kg? she's probably a 50. man, this girl lies alot!

Anonymous said...

she and her agency are all liars

Anonymous said...

wei. dont call them liars. storytellers can? the loo makes all model agencies look bad. all words twisted. You cannot say the words are wrong cos they are not but twisted in a way it misleads readers. But then again, its all about copywriting and storytelling.

To conclude: words are very vague and ambigious but it gives a positive outlook and mislead those who read it. One cannot fault them for lying cos they are not, they just mislead. A usual trick in the PR world.

To predict: Recession is here for sure. How much can loo earn anyway when DY not doing much project now? DY may as well seek life in corporate world than in media entertainment where storytelling is a must.

To conclude: If thats the new website, then it does look better than her old one.

To ask: If she changes to the new outlook, would you, DW change the outlook of your website?

To all: Not everyone has the courage to undergo major overhaul on face to look the way one wants. Looks can only be contributed to genes - not god's gift. To be frank, if I have the courage, I'd go for some too despite having the moolah to do so - but then again, not seeking fame hence its needless. We all want to look good, that's not wrong. Of course, I don't mean lying - lying is wrong. but then who has not lied in life? Not that it is recommended but it is necessary to lie in life, one way or another.

Verdict: DY looks good after surgery. DY looks even better after photoshop magic. This is the truth despite her character.

Anonymous said...

Calvin Cheng sure misled people into thinking he was a woman. He looks ugly no matter what.

Anonymous said...

She removed her!

Anonymous said...

And she definitely did not credit Henry Behn for that Halloween poem she posted.

Anonymous said...

change the header! the new one very chio. :D

Anonymous said...

Wayang. I think Dawn has changed her mind. she is keeping the She has updated it. why is she not moving to her new swanky site?????????

Anonymous said...

she has a new banner on she has updated today!!

Anonymous said...

Dawn Wayang, i'm aftaid the photos on your new banner are not ugly enough.


Can put uglier ones?

Anonymous said...


(sorry typo)

Anonymous said...

Pre-surgery Dawn is fugly. After surgery Dawn is passable. After photoshop and surgery Dawn is able to come out from the cave. Is she able to photoshop her face in real life? Can she photoshop her left cheek in real life?

Anonymous said...

real life Dawn is lumpy looking and looks like Ah Gua, caked in makeup, wearing falsies 24/7.

Someone should do a writeup introduction to counter the fake, self praising introduction to her site

Anonymous said...

omg ew, i cant believe i have common interest with dawn. gross gross

dawn wayang said...

teehee! not to worry!!

all these 'interests' are not really my own!! I just copied them off celebs and whatever is in trend at the moment!!
I also change my face in order to stay in trend!!


Anonymous said...

LOL.. Dawn Wayang U crack me up!
How is it you can be funny and mean at the same time??
I love u~!!

lun said...

boohoo. is under maintenance! where is the swanky new site hur hur?

i only recall seeing her appearing on only ONE lame variety show in Taiwan, and to think she is that thick skinned to proclaim that she had done what sh!t numerous programs. FYI she merely joined a group of ahLians in that dumb game show lor.

come on la, in Singapore she already cant make it to any tv shows, and she think she can make it in Taiwan when her mandarin is atrocious?

i personally find that show like 'Deal or No Deal' features quite alot crappy girls, and since she cant even appear there, then she must be even worse off than those girls right.

Anonymous said...

thought dawn has a younger brother too?

Anonymous said...

she does lol.?

Anonymous said...

no la...dung only has a younger sister. be thankful that dung does not have a brother, or else there will be a male version of plastic dung that really looks like michael jackson!

Anonymous said...

i'm surprise you have not attack her halloween entry yet..

Anonymous said...