Saturday, November 22, 2008

the hottest blogger has a new banner!

Teehee everybody!!

As my beloved fans can see,
I have once again replaced my banner!!

I have also taken down my old site

Because you have discovered the lies and self praise inside!

This time I have decided to make my own banner for my clapbangkiss site,
one more hideous and air-headed than ever before!

Of course, what you peasants think of my banner is very important,
which is why I lurk around in gossip galore reading every single thing you say about it!!

I will also try to use the most non - sequitur words so that it cannot be vandalized by my jealous detractors!!

Although I felt that does not describe my likes and hobbies at all!

therefore, as her alter ego, I felt that I should come up with a more accurate banner which describes me best!!


The world in my panties. Suck .Lick . Spread. Sleaze*


Anonymous said...

Gd Job DWY!


Anonymous said...

Loads better than hers!

Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! EH but i still think that the pictures she used for her real banner are still way sluttier!

please update more!

hana said...
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Anonymous said...

ROFL your catchphrase LOL

the world in my panties, suck lick spread sleaze wtf damn funny ok.

you're like a humorous gossip magazine editor LOL

Anonymous said...

u r a genuis!
i love the detail on ur banner adorned with panties n bra!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can you believe she "borrowed" from others once again?
Her latest star blog:
The line "If you "zig" when other people "zag," you can reap benefits that others miss and find profits that others overlook."
Basically all you need to do is find a line that seems well written and lo and behold, you can find it on google written by someone else.

Anonymous said...

well DW, must say that your banner is crazy: "the world in my panties: suck.lick.spread.sleaze" haha.

that's rude. heheh.
but the pics you put there are better than the original banner DY made. heheh...