Monday, October 27, 2008

more multiple accounts and i am secretly racist! teehee!




Being as white as Michael Jackson has been my lifelong quest.
It is very important to me because not only does it make you look virginal and pure,but being fairer than everybody means that
you are higher class than them!


Racist? me? I don't think so! Teehee! How can an innocent Christian girl like me be secretly racist?


-Snippets from Starblog-

This happened to still be in my bag. Apparently I'm a dirty girl who does not clean out her bags properly lol ;)

I do not clean out between my legs either!!

teehee! But that is not all that's in my bag!!



What nickname would be suitable for a classy girl like me?
hmmm.... *tilts head* Teehee!!
I know!!

And the first thing I shall write about is how xiaxue is trying to look like me!
hmph! How dare she!

But Oh no!! How could I be so stupid!
my IP address shows that im in NYC!! []

they found out ive been sneaking around in DWY's Cbox and forums too !!

What should I do now? Im running out of ideas for nicknames!
I shall pretend to speak like an ah lian! Because they would never expect such a classy princess like me to have such a lousy command of english!! Teehee!!

Looks like the people at GG are not as bimbotic as I thought!
Now I can't post as Fendi in gossipgalore anymore!!

But wait! I have MORE accounts.. this time... in...

It is only for high class good christian girls like me!

Now all i need is a name befitting of my status....



I need more nosejobs!!
In fact, I went to NYC not to study, but to get a better nose!
People have been telling me that my nose has gone out of shape and slanted to one side!
And i MUST fix it!
Sigh... being perfect is such hard work...


Before interning at NYU, I have to double check if there are any good plastic surgrons nearby in case of emergencies!! teehee!

Because One nose job is not nearly enough!!

And of course... No princess is complete without going to etiquette school!! Where they will teach me to sit with my legs closed! teehee!

Of course, because the people at The Purse Forum believe that I am a sweet, kind hearted princess, I absolutely MUST create ANOTHER account just for bashing!

what? only one post?

There's more of course!!


No one will check and see that that blogger account is empty!

Sound familiar?
These are the same things I said using deliriouschic and xoxodoll!!

you can see them HERE


Everyone who is prettier than me must be FAKE and PLASTIC too!!
Xiaxue looks good in pictures because she photoshops it to look like ME ME ME!!
Who cares if im a phoney, and that these girls can't copy me because i am a fake myself ?

I am the best, and most beautiful of them all!!


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Anonymous said...

Not only did u make mistake about PROVE but also class demised??? did u mean to say class dismissed?

Anonymous said...

oh my bad..sorry actually my english very shallow one le...can use demised hor..but i heard u used to suck at english oso, but why do u love making fun of ppl's english on ur blog ar?

lun said...

nothing else to say so pick on people's language. yawn.

yes i agree dy is not for the weak-minded. with a face like that, dy may scare the shit out of them!

Anonymous said...

Calvin Cheng is back to deleting comments!

Calvin Cheng know no one respects a motherfucking sleezy dickwad like him. Like Dawn Yang, he cannot handle the truth!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Calvin Cheng wonders what does it take.

Takes to what lah fucker? Look better? Ask Dawn if it's plastic surgery questions!

Anonymous said...

Calvin Cheng has found the moral of the story.


Anonymous said...

Check out Princess Calvin's head size!

Anonymous said...

how mani ang moh kuku she kum in ny?

Anonymous said...

Pathetic Calvin Cheng and Dawn Yang got stomp on. Both of you stupid bugs will never even get the chance to experience the joy of victory, ever.

Anonymous said...

wth shes so fucking disgusting to bash angelabb. bet shes just jealous that angelabb is so much HOTTER and more SUCCESSFUL than she tries to be.

H said...

Someone should just tell her that faking it won't erase the truth at all.

Btw continue the good work wayang (:

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

To anonymus @November 1, 2008 4:32 AM.

We are NOT pissed or agitated with DY. As a matter of fact, we are just despising her . Why? Because these are well publicised FACTs that DY:

1) had multiple plastic surgeries and repeatedly denied it all-LIAR!
2) created multiple forum accounts to defame others like Nira, XX, Fiona, Arissa etc whilst portraying an innocent & naive image on the surface -HYPOCRITE!
3) lied about her 'undergraduating @ NYU' (FYI she's just there for a minor summer internship)-LIAR LIAR
4) being cheap dirty whore who allows any guys to touch & fuck her as long as he is rich - NO SELF-RESPECT
5) lied about studying at USC when she was actually from Marymount College -LIAR LIAR LIAR
6) acts pitiful by claiming that she comes from a 'single-income family and doesn't even stay in a detached house' - PATHETIC
7) loves exposing her white lacey panties while clad in a short slutty skirt (just look at the many pictures!) - CHEAP
8) photoedits her photos to further 'enhance her plastic beauty' at the expense of her friend's looks (rmb the one with Agri's arms being made bone-thin?) - SELFISH
9) lastly, trying DESPERATELY HARD to be someone whom she isn't (both physically & in personality) and claiming she worships God - if she genuinely followed God's footsteps, she would accept what God gave her, admit to all her sins and most importantly, BE THE PERSON WHOM SHE'S MADE TO BE INSTEAD OF ATTEMPTING DISASTROUSLY AT REMODELLING HER LIFE.

Shouldn't someone just teach her what is appreciation of what God and your parents gave you?

Anonymous said...

pls lah. she is THAT ugly to be forgiven for her multiply surgeries k? not everyone can be born as ugly as her. therefore, she is the only one who is entilted to do a major overhaul of her face lah. u think u can be as ugly as her meh? wait long long also not possible lah. one must always remember it is NOT possible to be born as ugly as her k?

Anonymous said...

so leave her alone lah. she want to have many surgeries also like that. god already punish her lah. see her natural look u will know god sees into the future and let all these happen as a punishement to her k? god punishement will not end as long as she continues with her delusion lah.

i think the birth of dawn wayang is the most cruel punishement of all.

if i were her, most prolly would have committed suicide liao. she only ran away and hide. and even her merleesah also kena medusa virus and now only has less than wat 30 comments?! reduced to calling ppl jealous? ya lah, jealous of her stupid blog lah.

Anonymous said...

Calvin Cheng is jealous that anti plastic scored victory after victory!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone going for Juice party make sure you know that the owner is Princess Calvin big head Cheng!


Anonymous said...

We'll be going for your Juice party dickwad, thanks for the invites.

During the party we'll be sure tell everyone that the owner is the faggot Calvin Cheng aka Melissa Lam!

You can't delete my comment here asswipe!

Anonymous said...

all you guys say she's loose. as though you fcked her b4. All you sour grapies.

Anonymous said...

How you know we never fucked her before? From the looks of it, it is YOU who have not fucked her!

lun said...

what the. i am a lady. i certainly do not need to see her pussy or fcuk her. i just despise her.

PLS LOOK AT ARISSA. if u really need to compare. she DONT even have to wear anything sexy but yet shes still gorgeous!

i will not be bashful to say that i am jealous of A, simply bcos she IS really that beautiful and charismatic.

and wait, i dont hear rumours about A about her sluttish antics, do i? for a certain princess airhead dung, YESH. not from internet anonymous rumours but right from her OWN friends. pathetic :)

Anonymous said...

Haha Kenny sourgrapes cos he like dog for dy but nv get her to suck his lajiao! Other people like Dino, Allen, Bill, Han, just have to ask, she will spread leg.

Anonymous said...

Such a slu*. I doubt xiaxue wanna be you, like a fake human -_-
In love with plastic surgery, Pe*rvert or what.
Don't be a biatch, You're the most pretty of them all? Fake inside out. Don't lie to yourself pretty.
So what you're pretty, all of your body features are fake, Sigh.

Karen said...

gosh, i used to read her blog til some friend introduced me this site.. is her reputation that bad?? i'm from Malaysia and a lot of people make fun of her! everyone is waiting to see changes on her face.. u can't keep doing surgeries too, i can't imagine how is she going to look like after, say, in 10 years time! i feel sad for her..

Michelle M said...

plastic surgery is ok.. just don't get addicted to it! tsk tsk tsk

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