Sunday, October 5, 2008

A shocking revelation!!


*Comment of the day*

Have I no more real friends left!!
Hmph! How can you expose such things about me!!
I shall find out who you are, and spread that you have a fake nose like me!
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is not difficult to identify those fierce defensive comments made by dawn as well. In her drunken stupor (dawn is a good drinker and this is one of the rare occasions that she got drunk), dawn admitted to me that she can't go home to rest because she have to delete all those mean comments about her and setting up various accounts to write defensive comments to help herself. When it was proven to be fruitless with all those efforts made to defend herself, meaning she got exposed from those multiple accounts, she seek the help from her boss. That person who helped her is someone who writes well but is extremely sarcastic and light-eared. But that person got exposed for helping dawn and hence he is washing his hands off this matter. It is also not a difficult task to touch her all over in clubs when she just had champagne and wine and will cajole men into buying drinks for her. She also feels that drinking champagne and wine makes her look like a high class rich girl. All her photos reflected her close proximity with different men because she doesn’t mind being touched by them as long as she had some wine and they looked decent and rich enough. She will always forged ignorance when strangers gave her a disgusted glance but in reality, she can't take it lying down and will lost her head completely and start b|tching about those people who gave her that kind of glance, calling them fugly and jealous jerks and bitches. I am very close to her but i find her b|tchy, attention-seeking and promiscuous. Many times, she will ditch us and went off with another man in a flashy car because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity that she could fish up a rich man who don’t mind her distorted face. She have showed evidence that she is single because she admits that she wanted to marry into a wealthy family and has not stopped looking for one who could satisfy her demands. She once stated in her blog that she has other better things to do rather than being a mad forumer but actually, she has been spending lots of time goggling information about herself and creating bogus names to defend herself. When she said that she doesn’t care what people wrote about her, it was actually a reversed statement. She is very bothered and sore with the exposure of her multiple forum nicks and the mean things which people wrote about her online. Dawn also like to post up unflattering pictures of her friends, with herself nicely photoshopped. She will reapply her foundation repeatedly whenever she needs to take a picture with anybody, which is why it shows that she has an overpowdered face, arms and back. The reason why i decided to step in and divulge this as her friend because she has been going around hinting to people that xiaxue is the jealous chao ah lian with a fake nose who set up those parody sites about her. I felt this is an unjustified act done to xiaxue and i hope that xiaxue will clarify on her blog that all these are not done by her because dawn was the one who circulated these rumours about xiaxue. I just find it very contradicting of dawn to say such things about xiaxue when she herself is always using the insinuation approach to convince people that she was nice and innocent one and xiaxue is the evil one. One last thing, she has also mentioned her preference for wearing white clothings because it leaves very little to imagination for those men to want to sleep with her. The exposure of her white undergarments is also a deliberate act because she wants to get those men all hot and bothered about her. For your information, this is not any insider news or anything that was created to harm dawn’s reputation because anyone who is close to dawn or her friends will know all these about her. You will also see why dawn doesn’t have many real friends because all have chosen to be honest and open about her loathsomeness.

October 6, 2008 6:33 AM


New in The Wayang Times!

Dong's dirty linen revealed!

Oh noo!!

Who are these horrible horrible people??

Spreading such untrue rumours about me?

Must be that evil shortie Xiaxue! Only she hates me because she is JEALOUS!

Im such an angel *sigh*

I even have a fan club in facebook!
Its called

*In love with Dawn*

Thats me! Teehee!!

The description goes like this:

♥Can't stop.... Fall in love with .. Our Angel!!♥ She is Dawn! She is so beautiful So approachable None so adourable A Dream Girl comes from Heaven!!

Never mind that my fans can't spell and have the IQ of negative quotient!
They love ME ME ME!!


They even wrote a poem DELICATED to me!

Delicate to our BELOVE DAWN:
You are such a mad sexy cool girl

How does someone turn into you girl

How do you explain
What you do

What you say

How you be

How you play
How you love

How your constantly the same

How you give Never hate
And you dont ever change

Be consistantly that way

Your a mad sexy cool girl,
and I love you the same

We Love you Dawn,
Be strong and always support!!

Seee!!! There are silly little girls who want to be like me!!
And im going to show them how to!!

How does someone turn into you girl ( with plastic surgery of course)
How do you explain What you do ( zhao geng in all your pics!)
What you say
( teehee!)

How you be
How you play ( party all day!)
How you love ( Its easy if he has money)
How your constantly
the same
How you give ( Spread ! Teehee!)
Never hate ( By secretly backstabbing with many nicks)
And you dont ever change
( Destroy and photoshop all old photos)

Be consistantly that way
( frequent trips to Woffles Wu)

Your a mad sexy cool girl,
and I love you the same

There you have it, little preteen fans!
Me Love you long time!
But you must not be prettier than me, or else i will flame you in cozycot!
Love ya'll!

On to Fan Art!!


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Anonymous said...

Yaeh!!! Xiaxue is Dawn Yang #1 Fan. Watch This video:

Anonymous said...

sensational! wat if dy commits suicide?

Anonymous said...

of course she wont, she's in denial, remember? Everyone is always wrong except for her. Haha stupid bitch, she should wake up and repent.

Anonymous said...

omg, juicy!

Anonymous said...

Bah humbug. Already shown that Brooklyn cannot get her story right and has no proof of anything.

Anonymous said...

WTF u r really slut lol

Anonymous said...

This is seriously fucked up. It's vicious and malicious. Not funny one bit.

Anonymous said...

Loving this. More!

I'm seriously sick of her "innocent, angelic" image too.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

cheebai so loose mus fuck kar cheng!

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of either (Can't stand "pink" girls), but at least XX admits to using help- a lot of help (Photoshop, makeup, plastic surgery) to achieve her looks, compared to DY who pretends that she is completely natural and so pure and innocent. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

bah bimbo's too dumb to realize anything let alone commit suicide. denial denial denial.

i'm wondering why this isn't getting as much as attention as edison chen scandal lol!!!

and everytime we comment, we clap her on the chest? eew.......

lucy said...

dawn wayang u rock!!

you never fail to brighten my day :) maybe i'll make a fan site delicated to you too.

Kristy said...

The "newsreport" was quite mean leh.... but i like e fan pics, ESP E LAST ONE, hahahahahahahhaha!!!

Anonymous said...

Cool... keep it up! :) It's always good to be entertained by juicy news for a week start. :D

Anonymous said...

who is brook lee?

Anonymous said...

love it!

Anonymous said...

brook lee = brooklyn

POWS said...

hey guys,

this isnt really relevant to dy or dw but i just saw something and needed to rant out leh...before, i had a sneaking suspicion that xiaxue was the creater of and i can't say the following is EVIDENCE exactly, but it sure strengthens my hypothesis based on feel alone

- when ppl accused xx to be dawnwayang, she declared on her blog that she swore on the lives of her unborn baby that she wasnt (or something to that extent)

-later when ppl accused her of being behind she merely stated 'where is the EVIDENCE? pls dun accuse if have no evidence' or something to that effect. now if she really isnt behind theliesofdawn, why wouldn't she declare her solemn oath like the did for dawnwayang?

-at first theliesofdawn was created as a one-off entry only, then the author added another post that new gossip was coming. no new juice has been leaked since then. i wonder if it is possibly as a scare tactic to dawn, and a hint that if she goes ahead with the law suit she has more info to leak or something. and since the law suit isnt progressing, new juice isnt leaked either.

- at the end of the most recent post on theliesofdawn, there's the sentence 'watch this space'. now i dunno if a lot ppl writes this, but thats the first time ive personally seen that line. this is the second time

taken from

apparantly it is an entry of xiaxue impersonating xialanxue. down the bottom, the words 'watch this space'.

this is a bit far fetched but while i was reading theliesofdawn i felt the author was writing in deliberately awkward phrases punctuated by commas e.g. 'Juicy gossip is best served cold, they say'. and i get the nit feeling that they're trying to cover up their usual style of writing to make it more...anonymous.

now i dunno if this is mere coincidence or not and i dunno if it really was xx impersonating xlx, but if it is, it all seems to click :)

views, anyone?

BringerOf.. said...

'watch this space':
I would say that this is a very common phrase. Google it or something and you'll see.

Anybody with a good grasp of the English Language and are not prone to using fanciful words can write like that.It's actually very difficult to justify who the author of the blog is based on the writing style.

Anonymous said...

Therefore, theliesofdawn is by xialanxue.

Anonymous said...

proof... we want proof... no proof don't bark here fat dog.

Sarah said...


I won't be surprised if you are ;)

Anonymous said...

     |\        /|
     |  `ー──一 '   |
     \/   @    ヽ/
      /  ト。-ィ  ト。-ィ ヽ
     l   ` ̄(、_,) ̄´  l
     |    ,r=ニ=、   ;;;|
     ヽ;;,,    ⌒  ,,;;;:ノ
   /´⌒´ヽゝ ── 'ヽ⌒ヽ
  /   ィ   ,  ヽ  , )` `ヽ
 /    ノ^  ー   '` ー 'ヽ   ゙i
..ノ  ,,,ノ            Y´゙  )
(   < |             !  /
 ヽ_  \           ノ_/
   ヽ、__ ヽ.ー     @  ノ  ソ、
     〈J .〉  ヾ、.::;;;;;;::.ノ |ヽ-´
     /""     ;ミシミッ  .|
     レ    .イ、_つノ  .リ
    .,ゝ    ,ノ   |  ' ヽ ノ
   / ` レリ  i´   リ
   i    /    `、   i'
    〉  イ      〉  |
   /  ::|      (_ヽ \、
  (。mnノ       `ヽ、_nm

I am FATDOG! Hero to plastic!

Anonymous said...

So xialanxue is the one who do theliesofdawn? Good job in exposing the scheming whore.

Anonymous said...

fatdog spotted!

Anonymous said...

Eh you really enjoy getting rape here hor. Soon your anus will be looser then Dawn's cunt.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Shut up you useless fat of fail!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Stupid whiny fat faggot...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The fat dog still refuses to kill itself?

Anonymous said...

fug chiu leep leep si fei go!! _|_

Anonymous said...

xialanxue is the creator of theliesofdawn. Confirmed!

Anonymous said...

but hor who is xlx? fatdog got new task liao!!

Anonymous said...

Aiyeeer dis fatty damm copycat like Dawn lor. Use the name "Pows" to post when Wayang time article was written by "Pow Toh Kia".

Anonymous said...

Cannot expect too much such stupid low IQ dog!

Anonymous said...

It's not fat dog lah. it's Dawn Yang herself.

Anonymous said...

Same lah, both stupid and full of fail.

Anonymous said...

Applies to both, they should marry and die.

Anonymous said...

xialandxue likes to do sexpose blogs de maybe ish him!

Anonymous said...

Dawn Wayang, do a special on Kenny Sia & Dawn Yang!!

Anonymous said...

wtf you all man.
i personally think it is childish to attack pows with fatdog n etc etc.
its his/her opinion.
it only shows how fucked up anti-dawn are.
or is it you, xx?
wanna flood the comment space to hide the truth?

Anonymous said...

its not hard to tell from theliesofdawn, dawnwayangexposed n dawnwayang that its xx.
the writing style is so.. recognisable.
plus, dawnwayang can't possibly be written by anyone other than xx. i clearly remember that ms wayang aka xx said she is one of dy's fake friends, when showing the dy's screenshot of her friendster page.

"As you can see from the above, I am her friend... one of her 500 fake ones. And I assure you this is the real her"

you can find xiaxue in one of her list of friends.
who else in her list of friends had been sued n hates her this much??
no other than the evil shortie.
peace girl.. i think she's had enough.
n we want PROOF that shes been sleeping with men.
people are getting fake information from you, wheres the proof. we dont want no brooklyn.
i heard mike's been cheating on you. sorry.

Anonymous said...

numberone aka fat dog spotted!!

scorpz said...

all ur sources are not reliable at all =.=

Anonymous said...

that is really mean...if that's true, that sucks.

Anonymous said...

Yet another retard- every hate site dedicated to plastic monster is done by Xiaxue. Please, LOADS of people hate Dawn Yang. If only your peasized brain and even more minuscule sized balls can come to terms with this.

Asking for proof? Talk to the people in the entertainment industry if they know, stupid. They dont need proof, because they have reliable sources. You in the meantime keep harping on xiaxue, so poor thing, ran out of idea, right?

Anonymous said...

anoy at 3.38am. don't be smart alec, please.

Anonymous said...

whether true or not, this is entertaining. it is not inconceivable that Dawn is in this kinda shit. after the plastic, nothing is surprising anymore.

lun said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

It is not difficult to identify those fierce defensive comments made by dawn as well. In her drunken stupor (dawn is a good drinker and this is one of the rare occasions that she got drunk), dawn admitted to me that she can't go home to rest because she have to delete all those mean comments about her and setting up various accounts to write defensive comments to help herself. When it was proven to be fruitless with all those efforts made to defend herself, meaning she got exposed from those multiple accounts, she seek the help from her boss. That person who helped her is someone who writes well but is extremely sarcastic and light-eared. But that person got exposed for helping dawn and hence he is washing his hands off this matter. It is also not a difficult task to touch her all over in clubs when she just had champagne and wine and will cajole men into buying drinks for her. She also feels that drinking champagne and wine makes her look like a high class rich girl. All her photos reflected her close proximity with different men because she doesn’t mind being touched by them as long as she had some wine and they looked decent and rich enough. She will always forged ignorance when strangers gave her a disgusted glance but in reality, she can't take it lying down and will lost her head completely and start b|tching about those people who gave her that kind of glance, calling them fugly and jealous jerks and bitches. I am very close to her but i find her b|tchy, attention-seeking and promiscuous. Many times, she will ditch us and went off with another man in a flashy car because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity that she could fish up a rich man who don’t mind her distorted face. She have showed evidence that she is single because she admits that she wanted to marry into a wealthy family and has not stopped looking for one who could satisfy her demands. She once stated in her blog that she has other better things to do rather than being a mad forumer but actually, she has been spending lots of time goggling information about herself and creating bogus names to defend herself. When she said that she doesn’t care what people wrote about her, it was actually a reversed statement. She is very bothered and sore with the exposure of her multiple forum nicks and the mean things which people wrote about her online. Dawn also like to post up unflattering pictures of her friends, with herself nicely photoshopped. She will reapply her foundation repeatedly whenever she needs to take a picture with anybody, which is why it shows that she has an overpowdered face, arms and back. The reason why i decided to step in and divulge this as her friend because she has been going around hinting to people that xiaxue is the jealous chao ah lian with a fake nose who set up those parody sites about her. I felt this is an unjustified act done to xiaxue and i hope that xiaxue will clarify on her blog that all these are not done by her because dawn was the one who circulated these rumours about xiaxue. I just find it very contradicting of dawn to say such things about xiaxue when she herself is always using the insinuation approach to convince people that she was nice and innocent one and xiaxue is the evil one. One last thing, she has also mentioned her preference for wearing white clothings because it leaves very little to imagination for those men to want to sleep with her. The exposure of her white undergarments is also a deliberate act because she wants to get those men all hot and bothered about her. For your information, this is not any insider news or anything that was created to harm dawn’s reputation because anyone who is close to dawn or her friends will know all these about her. You will also see why dawn doesn’t have many real friends because all have chosen to be honest and open about her loathsomeness.

lun said...

people do not need a reason to dislike someone. its just like how i dont like cynthiaKoh, fionaXie etc etc.

i dont care if sources are reliable, and i dont need proof to believe dawnkey is sluttish enough to do all this. i dont even need to know her to pass judgement like this. just like edc scandal. SO. confirm what lj sources? people believe the pictures are so-and-so-celebrity what.

anyway, i hate dy then that means im im xx hor~ is that all u can say?

n u dont have to divert attention away by spreading rumours that xx bf is cheating on her etc. im sure she is way smarter than dy to realise that. better ask ur dy to complete her COURSE at NYU 1st..she said that in 8days but then in blog she said DEGREE in a year waiting to see her convocation in a years time ok...teehee.. *whistle* what the fish...

i believe the asian entertainment industry believes in keeping any sex scandal under wraps...somemore with drugs involved. so i dont suppose the people involved would be so stupid to announce to the whole world that they took drug, rights? or else wait to be prosecuted huh.. COMMON SENSE.

lun said...

aiya. clarify or not doesnt matter. there would be people who choose to believe xx is the person behind dw etc.. but the issue here is not with xx, but rather is about the dear princess dumb's fantastic tales.

so if dy is reaalllllllly pissed, and is 100% confident that this dw site is hers, so sue xx la. what are u waiting for...?

i must salute dw for posting this 'shocking' news...though i believe its nothing new. anyways. i believe its enough cause for defamation huh..

Anonymous said...

wow...nice to hear some insider tell all. Proves that this DY person is really chao char bor type. So she's looking our for a rich man eh? Of course, spent so much on her face she thinks she deserves more. Too bad it's all plastic and man made though, see which stupid rich man would want a fake thing when they can get a real 100% natural beauty inside and out anytime.

Anonymous said...

The "insider" is just creating false rumors.When kenna gangraped in ML's blog she ran away.

Lun when you believe in rumors and pass them off as the truth,and judge others without knowing them, all you're showing is how badly educated you are as well as how badly your parents brought you up. Doesn't matter if if about DY, XX, Edison, or anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i did not say that i was an insider, i am dawn's close friend and i have no idea what is ML's blog and gang bang. It doesn't take a highly educated person to know dawn's true colours, you just have to know her personally. I don't need to tell lies that would be exposed immediately because it is not an insider news. It is just common knowledge that dawn is what i've described and all those around her would agree with me. It is all posted up and shown in her own blog that dawn is capable of hurling words such as fugly jerks and several intimate poses with men in her pictures. Don't tell me you are dawn herself because i saw her online in facebook not too long ago and she would be surfing this webpage at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Woof! Woof! Plastic sohai is barking like a mad dog again. Woof! Woof!

lun said...

to the anon at October 6, 2008 7:56 AM.
well... theres no smoke without fire.

generally, people do form perceptions of anything that they see.

just like why u think i should be badly educated etc etc.

but..not that i bother.. u got ur views and i got mine.


Anonymous said...

Would echo the view of some people in confessing that I am a fan of neither Xiaxue and Dawn Yang, but Xiaxue's outward congeniality makes her that bit more bearable...barely. Dawn Yang? Pui~.

lun said...

im not xx fan either. im just kpo.

anyway, dawn... yawn.

shes writes boring stuff.

enough of senseless one-liners. lol

Anonymous said...

exactly! Perception is the magic word. The eyes see what they want to see, the ears hear what they want to hear.

Without knowing either XX or DY, nobody is in a position to bash them. If someone does know them, then prove who you are first because anybody can post that they know DY or XX and talk shit about them.

Anonymous said...

Can we skip the XX thing? This is about Dawn! DAWN! We want to hear NO xiaxue whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe my eyes have a genetic predisposition to wanting to see Dawn Yang in suggestive poses with countless men. Sorry, we are merely social observers who judge their actions according to social conventions. Ultimately, they have absolute control over their actions. If and when they transgress social norms, do not be afraid to be bashed, especially since they have chosen to be in the limelight. Perception? Knowing them? Pui~. I do not need to know Dawn personally to infer from her social outings that she is suffers from moral laxities. Pui~. Do not attempt to defend monsters lest you become a monster yourself. Get it? Pui~.

Anonymous said...

If dawn is a slut then so shall it be. The more you guys go on about dawn, the more exposure you are giving her. And men who haven't heard about her are now more interested in her. She's in their fantasies.

You guys are advertising her, for free!!!!

-anti dawn girl

Anonymous said...

But so fun to make fun of her knowing she is reading.

Anonymous said...

It true Dawn's friends dislike her. Hanging around her embarrasses them. Like how Grace dislike Dawn now.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious Brooklyn raped everyone in princess Calvin's blog.

Now he is carrying out his plan against slut. Princess Calvin knows, that is why he dares not make any movement.

Anonymous said...

         /:::;;;;;;;;`ゝ     Uhh uhhh take it in slut!                      
        ./;;;;;;;;;-_i´_ ヘ                 _,,,......_   
        .|iiiiiii人. ` `i〕                /´ ヾミシ`ヽ.   
       __/ ̄  i、 ノト'´                 iヘ_ へ. `!,-、_! Ahhh uuhhhhhh Dawn!!!!
      ./       ´ ̄ヽ                / トi_!二l ̄ ノ ヽ   
     / / /   /, ,' , ト、              //  ヽl∀)_ノ   `ヽ、   
    .l゙ ;;.l l   /, ' , ',ノ ;l             / |    :;, ̄        ヽ、
    .! ;;;l i  l ,' ' ,' ','./ イ             l  io,'  :;l´      、    i、
    │ _;;ヾヽ |, , ' , 'i″  ヽ            ヽ/ ̄´ `ヽ、 ;o', _;メ、    ヽ
     !  `,! l l; ;', ', ノ;;   ;;l            /      `゙'''''''" ;;;;;ン、_    !
     ヽ;;;;/  ! l  ./;;;;   ;;:! ,/  ̄ミヽ、  ( ( i っ       ;;;;;;;〈 /   ノ
      /゛ ./'´/   ヽ.、 ,,;;;ノ/リリヾ  ..:;ヽ   ,-一!;;:,,     _;;;;:::''''-ヽ/   /   
   巛  !  ;| (、 i_ ̄``ーヾ、ノゝリ:::::::::::::;ノ  i ,,,;;;;:;ヾξζ/、`、`/ ̄` ノ ≡≡   
.   巛  ト、_i!、`iメゝ' 、`、、ヾf) ヽ....::::/----┴―'´ ̄`ヽξ 、`、`i l_i_/ ̄ヽ、≡≡
     /;',';';,゛ヾ、、`、`、、`、`ヽフ vー             !ッ、__`、`、` 、`、 `ヽ
    ./,',',',', ',;',;./`-、` 、、_ ` ;;)ヽi  i_, ---―ヽ、   l ζ  `゙'''ー/゛ , , , ノ
     ト ,',', ','/    ̄ ア゛,' ', , , ノ   i  !     /  ハ   i、  ._ノ゙ ̄l ,' ', ,' ,'/
    ,i', ',' ',/      / ,' ,',' ,','ノ-―'  ノ    i_ノ一ヽ   l ̄ _,/´`i ', ' '/

dy loves to get gangbang by old men!

Anonymous said...

Dawn ar you everyday come in here get gangbang feel very song ijit?

Anonymous said...

Sure she feels great! I love a girl like dy who isn't shy about enjoying kinky shit like orgies.

Anonymous said...

isnt this post a bit too much?

- not a dy fan

Anonymous said...


- not a dy fan too

Anonymous said...

to anonymous at Oct 6, 2008 9:10pm,

i know you are not a dy fan, but you are DAWN YANG herself.

i can see you online on facebook now so fuck off.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Where did Dawn go, she busying fellating someone now?

amanda said...

i duno wat to say who to believe but i hate to read for my test and goes blank with thesis.. hence.. yay i get to read gossips again.. but there's lots of controversy.. personally, dawn wants attention just like any other gals.. and if ever we place ourselves in her shoes, i'm sure we'll definitely feel hurt and bruised by these comments rite..

anyway.. life is really complicated

ginger said...

amanda is dung!

Anonymous said...

for people who pity her, she doesn't deserve it. if she goes around spreading other people's ugly rumour, then why doesn't she deserve all these.

i have never seen someone like her, really immature thoughts.

there are proof that she's a slut in real life and that's her. no matter who says about her, what people say about her and why people say about her. That's because she's an absolute bi***.

apologise for my coarse language

Anonymous said...

Ken and Barbie Sex Tape???

Anonymous said...

She's secretly enjoying of this. But that's my opinion.

She's getting all this publicity & more & more men interested in her because of all these suggestive rumours vs facts flying in cyberspace.

You're doing her a favour by making her the sex symbol she's obviously trying very hard to be.

Stop advertising already & let her name fade away.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with men making her a slut symbol, she is one. Soon we'll be seeing her acting in a porn because that's what the men want, no? Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Her porn debut will be of 4p and creampie genre for sure!

Anonymous said...

We are helping her in her pursuit of fame and she ungratefully calls us jealous, stupid Dawn.

nameless said...

Why are u guys so worked up when I should be the one being worked up and start to curse and swear at her?!

[[BTW, i'm "nameless" over there at the cbox thingy.]]

Exposing Dawn in any media is as simple task to do so. I'm not siding on my fiance's side just because he is mine!!! [[read: MINE not DAWN's]]...

I smelt something fishy when suddenly, this lady (which happened to be Dawn - and I do not know her because I wasn't much exposed to this kinda stuffs and I really couldn't recognised it's her in reality), she was waving and went to us - to talk to my fiance n his friends. She didnt even say 'hi' to me and keep staring at me as if i'm a weirdo or so! Nevermind about that. So after that, she whispered something into my fiance's ear. WHICH WAS SO RUDE! Fine! My fiance's face changed. [[Later I found out she was saying that she bet she's better in bed the other night and not long later, he'll go back to her...]]

After hours of questionings - this few days, my fiance confessed that they did slept together. [[due to my fiance's status, i'm sorry i cant reveal much of his details and all. but I can say that my fiance's rich enough to own a penthouse @ ECP (which I'm staying at now) and a landed property... drove big car and he's in the entertainment industry...]]

And I've not been sleeping much since then. I know it took me quite a while to find out about this, but anyway, it's pretty scary to find out that your fiance slept with this lady who has several sex partners... Who undergo so many Plastic Surgery, someone who is spinning bad things about people... Sometimes, it's better not to know so much details whom your partner sleep with!

At least to say, I feel that I'm way better than her. I don't have to sleep in order to be shared in this status for who I am now. I don't have to undergo so many surgery in order to look like someone I am not. I'm just myself.

I know this comment is pretty 'dry'. I've not been sleeping well. So I shall comment it here again when i'm better. I hope that all girls, especially those whose hubby / bf are rich and in the entertainment industry, please find out the truth... Whether they slept or not, it's not that crucial, most importantly, know what's going on, go for a checkup and stuffs. Fortunately for me, I found out. Eh how and all? details later. Let me have some rest first. :))


Anonymous said...

Dear nameless

Please take care of your health and rest well.

Come back after you feel better.

Anonymous said...

platic so cheap must sexpose her more and drown her in pigcage!!

Anonymous said...

   n                n
 (ヨ )              ( E)
 / |    _、_     _、_    | ヽ
 \ \/( ,_ノ` )/( <_,` )ヽ/ / good job!!
   \(uu     /     uu)/
    |      ∧     /

More pls!

SHARLYN said...

Poor nameless..
My heart goes out to you.

Damn DY.. Such a biatcch to do such acts.
DY - DON'T YOU HAVE CONSCIENCE AT ALL?? What if it's ur bf betraying you??

Damn bloody asshole slut. You are such an sore disgusting pathetic greedy whore luh!

I feel SHAMELESS for your parent sia! I wonder how does your parent feels if they learn about your acts!

They might even have to face public critism for you!!


Anonymous said...

to anonymous at Oct 6, 2008 9:10pm,

i know you are not a dy fan, but you are DAWN YANG herself.

i can see you online on facebook now so fuck off.

October 6, 2008 9:26 PM

HAHAHA. ok i found that really funny.. i'm really not DY lah, gawd, i dont want to be her! eee.. have enjoyed DW entries since its beginning but just thought that this entry is a bit too much. that's all.

POWS said...

ehh it was just a bit of harmless speculation :) y ppl say im fat dog and dawn and copycat pow toh kia (i had no idea who this is) is qte funny since i am just a BIG BIG FAN of dawnwayang

neway i have NEVER known why dawn was ever deemed a 'blogger' i feel her entries are really boring and lack substance, has no sense of humour like xx and dawnwayang. i was neutral to her b4 but with all this crap being digged up abt her and after reading the anonymous friend's comment and 'nameless' it just irks me to teh guts. and what irks me more is in her recent entry she still pretend to be cute and say 'itatakimas' when she OBVIOUSLY can't speak jap like she claims - can't even write 'itadakimasu' when its one of the most recognisable jap phrases. why have to lie abt what language she can speak and why 'her looks just somehow...changed over the years' i hate hate ppl like her!!!!

i think she's a phony and pretend-to-be chio. though i dun hate her so much i want her to die i sincerely hope all this shit will somehow miraculously change her for the better or, her face will fall off or she'll just disappear 4eva

but then if she goes dawnwayang will have nothing to blog and i will miss terribly so id rather dawn just be a loser that nevah disappears. and for dw to keep up these fantabulous entries

Anonymous said...

Wah both of you come same time? Others are scolding plastic not scolding you all, no need ganjiong.

Anonymous said...

Guilty as charge?

Anonymous said...

Dear nameless,

We're all sorry to hear what happened.

We all are craving for more stuffs and hope that we won't make your day bad. Do come back when you're better.

nameless said...

Thanks to all. :)

Unfortunately, I do apologize here that because of the status of my fiance, I really can't expose pics and I can't find any pics...

To start off with, I've never known who's Dawn is. Until the very night I saw her saying 'hi' and whispered something into my fiance's ear. Then I found out she's Dawn. Right. One of my fiance's friends at that moment, told me that she's Dawn Yang, the blogger. So that night, I went online to google her name..

First thought was that she really looks different! Is she the lady I saw earlier? She looks so gorgeous in her website. How could that be Dawn when Dawn is supposedly to be so sweet(her pics)... So I became more curious...

So yeah, I asked my fiance if that lady was really the one I saw online and stuffs. He nodded. I was like 'wow, she's really is something.' and my fiance was like 'you saw her earlier.'

Recently, when I got to read much about her and stuffs, I realised that she slept with different guys to gain fame. Moreover they are rich and with fame... So it just brings me to mind...

1) The Dawn who I saw the other night was really the Dawn I read about (online)... She said 'hi' to my fiance... what's it about? [[that's when I qns him! And you guys know what she said ya? -earlier post-]]

2) Before the night when I saw the Dawn, few pieces of my clothings *relatively new and untouched* was touched. I mean someone could have wore it. Obviously. I didn't bother to care much. I thought it probably could be the p/t domestic aunty who came to clean my place every week. But then again, why would a 40's aunty wants to wear a 20's clothing plus...the aunty is round! Even so if the aunty can fit into my clothings, then shouldn't she as a professional cleaner, tidy it nicely. - btw, that week I wasn't with my fiance bcos I went back home to take care of my mom.

3) On the same week,I bump into my domestic aunty, she looked quite worried. Then she told me to take care of my health. I was always in the pink of health. So I was like 'huh'? She told me she found a few long hair on the floor (which is obviously not mine cos my hair isn't that long)... So oh well. I was like fine, maybe it could be my fiance's sis or so. I'll give it a pass. & the aunty even asked me if I do remove foundations or powder when I sleep but I wasn't at home that week. Even so, why would I put on a makeup when I'm going to bed?

4) After reading online stuffs and all, i confronted my fiance. Yes, much earlier on...He told me that She did sleep with him after wine and (btw, my fiance wasn't a real good drinker.) he was pretty high... so yeah, they just do it.

Upon hearing that, I'm really mad. I mean I'm sorry I'm not bragging that I'm very pretty, but I'm at least natural, I don't go for any plastic surgery. "HOW COULD SOMEONE SLEEP WITH SOMEONE WHO'S U KNOW WHAT!?"

I don't know if what my fiance said was true... But anyway, it just tallies everything I read online posted by some friends of Dawn. :) If she's a nice friend, who would want to post bad stuffs about her?

I know she wants fame, she wants money.

So after whatever happened, whenever my fiance goes to club, she'll be there... And tries to hook up with my fiance. My fiance tries to avoid her and stuffs, but she just go closer. She pacified my fiance that she'll give herself to him as long as he can give her a title - meaning get married. Or even bloom her into stardom.

Okay, my fiance (as claimed) didn't want. Because arloe, WE'RE MARRYING THIS END OF YEAR! So she starts flirting with his friends. The last time he went to club was that very time (to avoid her)..

The last time he saw her was that very night.

[[she has been smsing him / call him all the while... till then. Isn't it obvious that people don't want to contact u anymore!!!??? So to speak, now i know why some times my fiance off his hp when with me! or ignore some calls or sms... eh how do i know it's her? That's because I did answer one of the calls and she said she's dawn from -watever- club they'd met.]]

Oh well, life goes on. I just want to share this with everyone. I guess like the chinese said, zi shi bao bu zu huo... :)

Oh I'm calling off the wedding. So yup. [[it's not because of Dawn, but it's just... i mean after he'd confessed, I feel sooo stained. I know u will be thinking, he's probably going for pros, isn't that worst? But isn't it the same as, you eat something nice but didn't witness / know how unhygienic the cook is, you'll still enjoy and can accept... but if you witness an unhygienic cook cooking your food, how many of you will still wanna eat and enjoy it!?]]


Anonymous said...

erm... hello the nameless above, come out with a nicer story please... this is so fake.

Anonymous said...

are u dawn yang or her supporter?

How do you know it's fake unless u are dawn yang herself. To each has their own story...

October 8, 2008 4:49 AM

Anonymous said...

What -nameless- says can't be fake. I believe it's real. It's honestly funny how many people have stepped out to say something about her. If a person is not in the wrong, why do people start pointing fingers at her ? And I've seen Dy personally before, I have this feeling she's an attention seeker slut. Sorry to say that.

Queenbee said...

Nameless, can you please go and tell Dong Yanker's parents? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! I beg you!! PLEASE!!!!!! Please turn this into a big big big big big big drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Auntie and Uncle Yang, are you guys reading Dawnwayang too??? :D kekekeke If not, you should!!!!!

DawnWayang-everyone's reading it!!

Wayang, LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG Dawn is so shamless! IMO your ex needs to go for an eye examination!

Anonymous said...

I think nameless is not the only victim. It's dy hobby to seduce men. Ask anyone in the circle. Everyone knows about the gangbang and the numerous times she has been screwed. She has a bad reputation and it's not only among woman.

lun said...

to the zero IQ, dy supporters who cant see :

alright.. if dy has anything good to speak about,but why isnt anyone defending her with regards to that? stop giving lame excuses that it is xx whos behind all this (spreading rumours about dy), and we are retards/ lowly educated people who believe in baseless 'accusations' etc etc.

well, is it simply because her reputation stinks and has got NOTHING good to speak of?

more n MORE people are talking about the evil stuff that she did... somebody please give me a bucket to puke. i feel so nauseating having to read this most of the time.

Anonymous said...

The only 'people' defending plastic are her 2 fat slaves and herself! Her fans has no fans! To hide this fact, she says her non existent fans are classy. The men that "support" her just want their dick suck. Her "friends" who act concern by telling her to "just ignore" actually want her shut up.

Anonymous said...

lun, if it's nauseating to read...go somewhere else..simple!

Anonymous said...

think lun is just dam disgusted with Dawn.

I hope its not just the same group of ppl telling stories of dawn tho. I do hope that it's true, it'll be sensational news.

Don't disappoint us :)

Anonymous said...

Nameless, thank u for sharing it with us. You're nice lady, hope things work out for u. if not, i think u deserve a much much better guy than this fiance. Sorry to say that.

Nameless is a couraging lady who is the victim of whatever dawn is doing. thanks for stepping out. And of cos, pls take care. :)

Since nameless is going to get married soon and her fiance is someone with status, then it means that most people will known / recognize who -nameless- is. Exposing her fiance is the least choice, because can u imagine when she exposed her fiance, and when she wed, a lot of friends, relatives will know this disgusting affair. It won't be fair to -nameless-, in both ways. I guess it'll be fair to expose in public only if she really decides that that's the end of the wedding and all.

Its really your choice, nameless. Don't be pressurized by some people here. We understand, surely. Its to your own level of comfy. :)

dawnkeyfan said...

Dawn needs to get a new life, her reputation is fairly tarnished. :)

Can we have more people to step out and share with us about DY?!

To anonymous (October 8, 2008 10:05 AM): I'm sure time tells and more truth will surface sooner than we expected. :)

To anonymous (October 8, 2008 4:49 AM): Nice stories are always fake. Think about it, why would people want to step out to share their story if it's fake? Why would someone who is not hurt, hurt others? She's just sharing her story. If you don't like it or buy the story, THEN DON'T COME TO THIS BLOG anymore.

Anonymous said...

Plastic's mom wished she was an abortion.

Anonymous said...

I would say.. Like mother like daughter, this is probably her upbringing.

Anonymous said...

dy think her cheebye made of gold ar so many poke liao who dare to marry!

Anonymous said...

Maybe she go tighten it? IDK. Dawn knows best.

Anonymous said...

Really should recycle plastic into something useful like a chamber pot

Anonymous said...

Until you can give us solid evidence, whatever you say "Nameless, is bullshit and baseless.

Anonymous said...

Plastic willing to let us examine her loose cheebye for the evidence?

Anonymous said...

Aren't you suppose to unconcern? You must be really worried that more of your dark secrets get leak out. They will be, one by one.

The fire is on low, it's a slow boil.

lun said...

ya im kinda disgusted but im also at the same time very curious about dy.

one may say, simply human nature - kpo. lolz.

i always thought dy may have a good side of her...but judging at how things turns out? hmmm...

Anonymous said...

To anon at October 9, 2008 3:41 AM:

if what nameless said was true - it was totally shameless to whisper such arrogant stuff to nameless's guy, and in front of nameless at that!

baseless maybe. but it is also baseless of you to say that did not happen. Give us evidence that it did not happen then.

slow boil? nah. she is not some precious chinese tonic which requires slow boil - more like toxic constipated in the body. cannot get all out.


Ever heard of the cry wolf story? If she can lie about her plastic face, not once but all the fucking time, as well as her genetic make up and all the numerous nicks to flame other ladies - anyone stupid enough to believe she is innocent and all? Hell no! You must be out of your mind to think that her reputation can still be salvaged at this stage. I won't call you retard, but from the looks of it, you are not far from the disease of retardation. Pls see a doc soon.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo plastic where got anything good about her one? How can expect anything good out of something so rotten?

Anonymous said...

Plastic where you going for the hols? LA? Las Vagas? Take more pictures of your fugly face ok!

Anonymous said...

To Lun and anon at October 9, 2008 7:18 AM

Please use your brains and explain how anyone is supposed to give proof that nothing happened when there is no information that can be contested?

The onus is on the accuser to justify what they say in order for someone to defend themselves.

Anonymous said...

Yalor so dy cannot prove nothing happen you agree also hor?

nameless already said so much and up till now dy did not defend so she must be guilty lor.

Anonymous said...


lun said...

i dont need to have brains to look at dy.

well, u can say that too, but then again, people can say dy cant prove that nothing has happened too. its up to u to believe.

would u be honest for something like this? from a girl's point (me) of view, reputation is very important, and hence, no. if im dy, i wouldnt even want to talk about it, let alone admit it.

simple logic.

Anonymous said...

actually im more disgusted by the way she plagiarise than her plastic surgery. and taking pictures from arissa's blog for herself. and taking other people's opinions about movies etc etc for herself. totally disgusting.

Anonymous said...

lun, apparently that dy supporter does not have brains - hence not logical. Its the retardation at work.

swd said...


if you're still arnd, i'm so sorry to hear that, girl. i don't particularly like calling another woman a slut but sometimes it can't be helped especially if it's so deserved.

must've hurt to call off the wedding but i think you did the right thing. your fiance didn't even bother pushing dawnkey away when she moved towards him. i suspect that means he wouldn't mind screwing her again one day. i mean, come on, when will men deny an easy lay?

you deserve someone better, dear. hope you'll find him one day.

Anonymous said...

nameless seems to be conjuring a fantasy story of her own. Anyone can write out anything they want here. And until this has some kind of evidence, whatever nameless claims is just another passing "rumour".

Anonymous said...

I love reading the stuff at Dawn Wayang, because its an EXPOSE of what Dawn REALLY did and its bloody entertaining. But people like nameless just spoils the fun. I want truths and not made up stories.

Anonymous said...

And what happened to ladymelissa? i thought "she" was defending dy? now suddenly "heartbroken" over "joe" & has disappeared. what a dramatic exit.

Anonymous said...

damnnn! check out this latest expose of dawn yang haha super juicy stuff she's going down for sure

Anonymous said...

Why would someone exposed DY in that manner if it's fake? She's not a celebrity or so...

Wait till one day, ur guy slept with DY then say lar hor! Then when u tell ppl bout it, ppl say u fake it... See how ya feel then!

If u think it's fake, then dun believe lor, no one ask u to ma... Everyone has that options... And people already said due to the status of her fiance liao. U all too much. Rub salt in ppl's wound.

USE UR BRAIN PLEASE! And I believe that some of you are just DY. U shld name urself shamless - for doing all these acts! Even if nameless said are not true, then what about other guys u sleep with, DY? Don't u have dignity? Ppl has got gf/fiancee / wife... u sleep with them... U think by doing so, u can gain whatever u want meh? Siao... Unless u got a bit of beauty (natural) not to go Plastic Surgery. And if what nameless said is not true, why don't u step up and talk about it? Why hide? Too guilty n shamless liao izt? I thought u like to sue sue sue!? Whatever ya. Dy n her fans/supporter. If u don't like anything bad n true about DY herself, then get lost n dun read. Don't spoil our mood, please. Thanks.

to anonymous October 9, 2008 3:41 AM, U want evidence uh? U go find urself a rich man frm those entertainment circle and see what goes on. Then u can show us all what evidence u have. But for the time being, can you find yourself one first a not? If u can, and even till then, noone believes what u said, see how u feel!!! [[unless u are DY herself? But I'm sure DY's heart isn't make of plastic, surely got feeling de ma. ]]

Anonymous said...

this entry is so malicious, senseless, a whole pc of crap. i bet its just u bunch of your fuking retarded deprived fantasy. if u like gangbang fantasy so much go surf for some porn. go get a life bastards and bitches and stop spreading malicious RUmours when u dun have any evidence.

Anonymous said...

Where are R's photos? photoshop him out la n show some pics.

Anonymous said...


i guess plagiarizing, backstabbing, lie about plastic surgery and sleep around are darn gross. One is enough to kill one's reputation liao. Let alone so many.

To anonymous October 9, 2008 3:41 AM & October 9, 2008 12:58 PM, I guess the both of u are the same people. Anyway, why don't the both of you come out with solid evidence that 1)DY didn't plagiarize, 2) she didn't do any backstabbing, 3) She didn't plastic surgery (other than nose and eye is ok cos it's pretty norm) 4)Sleeping around isn't her forte. :) Prove us all wrong.

And what solid evidence do u want nameless to get? Oh, get the pics? Or go to police and claim there's murder and get DY's tissue? Even so, do you think police's so free to do all these and tissue will be gone liao. What evidence, pics? And then cover up her ex-fiance's face? Then what! U'll then claimed 'oh it's fake or whatever'... U'll have every reason to backup. So the best bet will be, GO FIND SOLID EVIDENCE for the above 4 and come back to us. We'll believe u then. :) For now and time being, i guess most of us will believe that dy done that. This type needs evidence but not everyone has the same characters to expose all these. Maybe nameless still loves her fiance? Maybe she'll think who knows they might reconcile one day... Exposing all these in internet will cause damn reputations to her guy. Think about it... We all know that all businessman sleeps around (most), then why not all businessman has all these gossips or sex pic / vid posted? Those who doesn't have any gossip / rumors, does that means they didnt betray their other half?

These are their private life and of course, i'll step out if something i know happens, but to PROVE in solid evidence as such, it's not difficult, but there's loads consequences to think of.

Anonymous said...

& does that means October 9, 2008 6:17 PM n October 9, 2008 6:27 PM might be DY herself? LOL. :)

I agree with u October 9, 2008 6:36 PM... :) Go find those evidence first lor.

So shameless, keep on want the pics. LOL. NAMELESS, IF U ARE READING THIS, TRY TO GET THE PICS K? COZ DY N FANS STILL THINKS THAT DY'S SWEET N INNOCENT. If u don't have, nevermind, we'll still support u! :D

Anonymous said...

SO WHAT if she plagarise, denied to haf plastic surgery, blah blah blah. DOES THAT MEAN THAT IF SOMEONE DOES ALL THAT DESERVE TO BE WRITTEN ABOUT IN SUCH A PSYCHOTIC WAY?

I DO NOT believe that DY is sweet and innocent. comeon even kids nowadaes are not tat innocent. nowadays kids use vulgarities, know all about sex , wear slutty clothes way before they reach tat age or watever shet.

BUT this entry has got nothing to gawk at her fakeness, plagarism, her plastic surgery or whatever or even her integrity. Its okie to laugh at at an unglam pic of her, gossip about her going for plastic surgery or backstabbing or maybe even a rumour or two about who she slept with.


It is baseless, senseless, and totally malicious. comeon, even a porn star DESERVES more respect than that.

DWY has way crossed the line. Its no longer funny. IT's just turning into a site full of psychotics fantasising. This brooklyn is just a piece of shet. if u are so desperate go online and buy a life doll. maybe that will help u satisfy all your sexual needs.

Anonymous said...

And i really can't imagine if xx really has something to do with this site. It's so sick. I'd prefer to remember Xx as the girl next door whose blog is entertaining and engaging. And who really put her "talents" to better use.

Anonymous said...

Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!

Anonymous said...

If really, the person who claims to be her good friend is one, then DY must really be a sad case.

How can 'friends' even say this? Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Dawn has no friends and she has never been much of "a friend" either.

Anonymous said...

Rumors and facts are for spreading. Whenever the topic of dy or xx comes up, guess what I tell everyone?

I make sure everyone hears of dy's misdeeds. I make sure everyone hears of princess calvin's and fatdog's acts. I make sure the most bitchy and gossipy people in the fashion and media industry knows the real story and let them help spread it further.

Anonymous said...

i agree with anon October 9, 2008 7:12 PM, in which he/she felt that "even a porn star DESERVES more respect than that."

but whadoya know? plastic is not yet a porn star...maybe just gross distorted porn but not star.. have not reached that stage yet laah.

so no choice - plastic CANNOT have the respect that a porn star deserves (yet). make her a porn star first, then say lah.

Anonymous said...

Plastic does not deserve any respect. She is someone who covers her own ass and shift the blame to others. She someone who lies and play victim. She accuses others of the very acts she is guilty of.

It is right to say that porn stars deserve more respect than her.

Anonymous said...

Pornstar help thousands of loney guys in their flapping! Wat did dy ever do for anyone? I love n respect Aoi Sola and Rio deep deep!

Anonymous said...

I am not October 9, 2008 6:17 PM arghh!

I just wanna see some pics coz it'll be sensational! This piece of gossip getting abit stale already and I'm just hoping for it to get more exciting with photographs of dawn disgracing herself.

And I still think she's secretly enjoying this otherwise why the fuck isn't she saying anything in her Own name.

Anonymous said...

1) You threw away the identity God and your parents have given you.

Everyone is special and unique in their own ways. The set of features you are born with is God's gift to you (I expect you know this since you are such a devoted Christian). However, we have to admit that plastic surgery has become a part of the 21st century with the advancement in science and technology. There is no fault in undergoing plastic surgery, in fact, plastic surgery has done a lot of good to people who are born with defects (cleft lip) or who met with unfortunate accidents (caught in a fire). It has also served its purpose of enhancing one's appearance so as to boost one's confidence in life. However, what you did was far more than that. In fact, it is too much to be acceptable. Why do I say so?

What you did was not a simple double eye lid surgery nor a minor nose job. You changed your entire face, and what we absolutely cannot accept - your heritage, as well. Many korean stars have had surgery done but why do we still love and support them? But remember Dawn, you are different. What you did was more than just plastic surgery. Let me raise two analogies. Look at Michael Jackson. Yes, he did plastic surgery. And he turned from a black man, to a white man. He changed his race. Look at Harisu. Yes, she did plastic surgery. And she turned from a man, to a woman. She changed her gender. This is the extent of your surgery. Look at Dawn Yeo. Yes, she did plastic surgery. And she turned from a pure chinese girl, to a whole new different Dutch - Thai (or Dutch - Japanese) girl. To a girl with an entire different face and ethnicity, that her friends from the past couldn't even recognise the least bit!

Dawn, you abandoned your heritage and your ethnicity. This, we cannot accept. You may be disatisfied with the looks the "Big Guy up in the heavens" has blessed you with. But how can you turn away the ethnicity and identity God has given you? You speak like a devoted Christian woman, but you actually did such a hurtful thing to betray your beliefs. This we cannot forgive. You not only changed your face, you changed your roots. The difference here is enhancing one's feature and changing one's identity. You did the latter.

At the very least, Michael Jackson and Harisu are at peace with their decision transform God's gift and are able to come to terms with it by not hiding it. They are able to face the world bravely and are responsible for their decision. Another example would be our very own local celebrity, Quan Yifeng. People were discussing about her having had a nose bridge surgery recently (small surgery compared to yours). But did she deny it? No. Go buy a copy of this week's 8 days and you would know. She not only admitted to it but even told everyone that she had lots of botox done and even revealed that she had it done in taiwan and have since reversed the surgery. She even allowed the press to take photos of her without make up on. And the result of it? She gained, not negative responses (like you did), but instead, people applauded her for her honesty and candidness. She did not treat it as a disgraceful act and admitted it graciously. Naturally, people wouldn't see it as a disgraceful act too. Instead, they admire her for her honesty.

But you? Not only are you too cowardly to face up to it, you accused people of defaming you, denied it and refused to be responsible for your decision. Why do you not dare to admit it? Is it because, deep down inside, you know that it was wrong of you to do so? If you see no wrong in what you did, why not have the courage to come out and proclaim, "Yes, I, Dawn Yeo has had plastic surgery done."

2) You exploited the sympathy of the public

You wrote such a admirable and touching entry on how people have accused you of being a rich spoilt brat. You said you came from a "SINGLE INCOME FAMILY". But we came to realise from the Newpaper that Lo and Behold, that's only because your father "RETIRED", not RETRENCHED. There's a huge difference between the two you realised? Being able to retire is a cause for joy because one can finally enjoy the later part of his life after working so hard. However, being retrenched is not a choice and leads to one's financial problems.

Do you know the troubles and problems that comes with being retrenched? Do you know how many people out there are being retrenched and have trouble even making ends meet? And there you are, blessed with such a wealthy family and your father having the priviledge to RETIRE because even without his source of income, your family have enough money to spend for the rest of your lives. Do you know that your family is so rich that even without you father working, your family is able to live so comfortably? Do you know how blessed you are?

Yet, you make yourself sound so pitiful by calling your family a SINGLE INCOME FAMILY. yes, technically speaking, you are not wrong. Your family is indeed a single income one. And like you said, and quoted from you yourself. It's all about WORD PLAY. You are the master of the art of WORD PLAY. You twisted the words such that a priviledge becomes such a cause for sympathy.

To people with TRUE SINGLE INCOME FAMILIES, like xiaxue for instance, do you know how their lives are? do you know how they feel? For them, it wasn't a choice, and they are struggling with life's bills. Even xiaxue, who truly belongs to a SINGLE INCOME FAMILY (for undisclosed reasons, she only lives with one parent), she never ever uses this to exploit others sympathy. How could you live in such luxury yet make people sympathise you with the thought that you belong to a poor SINGLE INCOME FAMILY?

You said, once again, quoted from you yourself, "I don't even live in a detached house." Once again, your outright lie is exposed in the Newpaper. Not only do you live in a DETACHED HOUSE, you live in a BUKIT TIMAH SEMI DETACHED HOUSE. tell me, how is that a symbol of being just a upper MIDDLE-CLASS? I admit to feeling a bout of anger towards you right now simply because, you do not know how to appreciate the gifts God has bestowed upon you.

If living in a BUKIT TIMAH SEMI DETACHED HOUSE is considered middle-class, are you calling all those people who live in HDBs, the LOWER CLASS? then what about those who are unable to even pay their monthly rent for a 3-room flat? What do you call this people? How could you not see and treasure the wealth God has blessed you with?

Dawn, I am extremely disappointed with your inability to appreciate, treasure, or even recognise the blessings you have received. Must you experience poverty before you realise that the BUKIT TIMAH DETACHED HOUSE you live so comfortably in, is something that not half the population can afford? How can you call it MIDDLE-CLASS? I fail to forgive you for your unappreciation and decadence towards God's gifts.

Next, you portrayed yourself as such a fillial daughter who cares for the purse strings of your parents so much. At that point of time, when I read that you said, "Do you know how EXPENSIVE it is to study abroad? I feel guilty just even thinking about the sums." and "I hate asking for more money from my parents." I felt such strong admiration for you. But having known that you did such extensive surgery, I can't help feeling that you are such a hypocrite. Do you know how much rhinoplasty cost? At the very least $10,000 (nose tip and bridge). Double eyelid surgery, at the very least $6000. All the other surgeries you did to enlarge your eyes, change your face shape, even your body assets, lips, all those would have amounted well over $50,000.

Dawn, didn't you feel "guilty" when your parents paid that hefty sum for you? Did you really "hated" yourself when you ask for those money from your parents? If you really hate to spend your parents money so much, why let them spend such a huge amount of money to change the face and body they have given to you? Is that what the fillial daughter you have portrayed yourself to be, supposed to do? I don't think so.

3) You lied.

Once again, it is all about word play. Yes, to be fair to you, you never once said outright, "NO I DID NOT HAVE PLASTIC SURGERY DONE." But dawn, remember you posted about those grievances that you suffered when people "ACCUSED" you of going surgery? using the word 'accused', and making yourself sound so wronged is as good as saying that it is untrue. when the reporter questioned you about people talking about you doing plastic surgery, you didn't deny it because you knew that you did. so you did the next best thing. in your very own words, you said that "and yea true...people also accuse me of having surgery...." (quoted from your blog) and said, "what can i do about it?", indirectly but effectively meaning that those are just untrue gossips and you are the wronged victim being 'accused'. Please Dawn, stop making yourself sound victimised because not once were you wronged at all. Everything that was said about you were facts and you wronged others for magligning you.

I guess you probably remember typing this in defense of someone pointing out that she saw the "cut lines" and "surgery scars" above your eyes. Your response was "another thing, sorry to burst your bubble but lemme be helpful n share a makeup secret: u can use brown eyeshadow to accentuate the crease of your eyelid making it look deeper. when u look down, it’ll obviously look like there’s a slight line. take a look at the angelina jolie pic i had, don’t her eyes look even more "cut"? haha cmon its just simple makeup sheesh!" this can be seen here -

After which, the poor girl who was telling the truth all the while was scolded viciously by your supporters who believed your words and told her off for wrongly accusing you. Tell me, have you ever felt guilty when you see someone being scolded for magligning you when all she did was told the truth, while on the other hand, you LIED? can you touch your heart and tell me that calling those surgery scars a "makeup secret" does not count as DENYING that you had plastic surgery? you talk about WORD PLAY indeed, you know it so well because you have practised it so often.

I don't even want to mention about the whole SCHOLARSHIP to USC lie. please go and reflect on it on your own.

4) You brought it upon yourself.

Dawn, you realised that 3 years after you had your surgery, not one of your friends or acquaintances came out to talk about it or expose you with words and pictures? Why is it happening now? that's because you thrust yourself into the limelight and knowing that you got it with underhand means (using money in exchange for fame), their integrity spured them to reveal the truth. If you argue that having done plastic surgery is your private life and no one should have any right in breaking into your privacy, then you should have jolly well kept your life PRIVATE! but no, you chose to make yourself a public figure. You gave the public the right to scrutinise your life, and your past. This was a choice that you chose to take, and now that it has brought upon the consequences, you only have yourself to blame.

Let me give you a real life example. I used to have a classmate who was extremely beautiful. She was so pretty that most people in school would notice her. However, she kept a low profile and never did anything to attract attention. She only hung out with her close friends and mixed with her classmates. She never tried seeking popularity and instead, avoided it. She was nominated as Prom Queen but she turned it down. She was approached by Carrie Models and Phantom Agency but she declined. She was asked to participate in Miss Singapore Universe but she refused. She never wanted to be under the limelight. Later, we realised that she has not always been pretty. Yes, you are right. She had plastic surgery done, thus, the beauty. But she only did minor surgeries, if i'm not wrong just a low double eyelid and a slight nose bridge enhancement. But when the secret was out, did anybody care? No. When people heard, they took a few seconds to remember who she was and only said "oh, is it?" in response and never talked much about it. Why? Because she was always a low profile, private figure. People hardly know about her so what was there to talk about?

By attracting so much attention to yourself, Dawn, you made the mistake of allowing people to expose you. As a public figure, you have to answer to the public. Let me cite an example. Recently, Jay Chou had to apologise to the public for sticking his middle finger at the papparazi. He might not have been in the wrong, but why did he have to apologise? He had to apologise to the public because as a public figure, he set the wrong example to the public, he was ANSWERABLE to the public. He wasn't apologising to the papparazi, but to members of the public. That's the responsibility of being an artiste, Dawn. You have to learn to accept that.

A piece of advice to you. If you wish for this to tide over, your best choice is to remove yourself from the limelight. If you stop attracting the attention of the public and live a private life, no one would have the access into your deepest secrets. People will eventually stop talking about you. However, if you continue on with this or venture further, there will only be more people discussing about your darkest secrets. It might not even be confined into just Singapore anymore. It will spread to Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, whatever country you go to. When you become a public figure in those countries, you may not only see your 'before' and 'after' pictures in singapore, those unglamorous pictures might even make its way onto the covers of Taiwan's entertainment tabloid or Hong Kong papparazi news.

Even minor surgeries are being made as headlines by the unfeeling papparazi in those countries, what more major extensive surgery like yours? you are considered sheltered in Singapore. At least you haven't appeared on the newspapers and magazines yet. If you do not want a day like that to happen, don't give the reporters the need to bother about your secrets. How? Don't make yourself a concern of theirs. Be a private figure, living a private life with loved ones who can accept you. The papparazi in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China would be going "Dawn who?" when people reveal your secret to them. Because you would just be a normal Singaporean and they wouldn't care less about whether you had surgery done. This is your only way to protect yourself. If you still choose to be a public figure, in Singapore and in other countries, then you choose to subject yourself to people knowing your secrets on your own accord.

5) You cheated the feelings of your supporters, Tinsel Management, admirers and fans.

All those people who looked up to you, admired you, supported you, signed you up and gave you opportunities for your looks. You cheated them. Tinsel Management looked at your photos, felt you were beyond beautiful, decided to groom you. You had no special talents nor even the outgoing personality that an artiste should have. They felt that you are a "INTROVERT", "ORDINARY" and needed alot of "HONING AND POLISHING". meaning, it wasn't your personality, character or talents that attracted them, it was your "EXTRAORDINARY" face. Is it fair to them? You bought the "EXTRAORDINARY" face with money. By signing you up, Tinsel Management is sending out a message that says, "If you want to be a star, BUY your dreams with money. Go and sell your body or hope that you have rich parents, so that you would have money to BUY yourself a beautiful face. Better still, make yourself look like a DUTCH and THAI. It doesn't matter if you can't sing, act, dance or have any talents. It doesn't even matter if you are shy and have no personality. As long as you have money, go and change the face God and your parents have given you. Then, we would make your dreams come true and groom you into a star!"

Tinsel Management, I do not think it is a morally correct message to be sending out to the young minds out there. As an established and reputable agency, this is not a stand that you should take. Please reconsider your decision.

And Dawn, not only did you cheat Tinsel Management, you cheated those people who supported you so strongly. Do you know I have a 15- year old cousin. She is one of the reason I decided to write this letter to you. She was once a avid supporter of yours. She idolised you. She stood up for you. She defended you. When people accused you of having done plastic surgery, she chose to believe you. She even posted defending messages such as "Do not accuse Dawn. You are all just jealous. She looks so gorgeous because she is mixed Dutch and Thai like she said! Stop magligning her!" I believe I can still find such messages left by her and your other supporters on the internet.

How do you feel about deceiving those people who supported you and believed in you? How do you feel about making them go all the way defending you and now, people are telling them to go EAT THEIR WORDS. Do you know that my cousin defended you when her friends insisted that you definitely had surgery done and now that the secret is out, they are all MOCKING her and LAUGHING at her for being so gullible and STUPID? she is the center of jokes among her friends now and is teased constantly about it.

But what hurts her the most is not having to eat her words, but it's because she feels cheated by you. She trusted you, she supported you, she defended you, she stood up for you, she believed you. But now? she is proven to be wrong and yet you do not even have the courage to admit your mistake and to apologise to those who supported you. You know what the 15 year old girl said that struck a chord in me? She said, "I'm not angry with Dawn, I'm just disappointed with her..."

Dawn, this issue is no longer about yourself. You have pulled others down into the water along with you. Many people have been implicated and they may be hurt too. This people are friends of yours and those you care about. People like your best friends, Grace and Candice. Because of you, their faces are being analysed and scrutinised too. Their secrets may be revealed and publicised too. All because of you. You implicated them and they may be hurt because of you. If you want to protect the secrets of your friends, if you truly care about them, please do something about it. Admit your mistake, apologise for it, pull yourself out from the public eye. This is the least you can do for them. And your poor sister, she does not even have a choice of doing even the least bit of enhancement to her features in future because everyone will be watching her transformation from now on. People will be talking about your dear mother having possibly done surgery too since she willingly and generously allowed you to do it. And even your boyfriend. They will laugh and mock him for having a man-made, manufactured, carefully carved-out girlfriend.

Now, when people hear the name DAWN YEO, they will no longer see the image of that beautiful, big-eyed, slim-faced, sharp nose, lovely Dawn. The image that comes into everyone's mind is those 'Before' pictures that is circulating around. And trust me, they aren't very flattering pictures, not a very pretty image in our mind at all. Please look into your conscience, Dawn. Imagine if you are a man, one day, your wife comes clean with you and tells you, "Dear, I was actually a male before I met you. Please forgive me for not telling you." Imagine how the man would feel. Cheated, most definitely. That's what you did to us. I don't know if your boyfriend knows about your surgery and how you looked before. If he didn't know about it before this, I think you have much apologising to do to him because his feelings are those that you exploited most.

And dear dawn, just a question for you, which i believe would be rhetorical. Why did you remove the photos in your old blog ? What is your reason for posting so many pictures of yourself from the year 2003 yet getting rid of all the pictures you once posted with glory in year 2002? I believe the answer is obvious and for all to see.

I may be angry at you for the above 5 wrongs that you did, but a part of me feels sorry for you too and I sincerely hope you would change for the better. A first step would be to admit what you previously denied, then apologise, then live a private life. Hopefully, the public would grant you your wish for privacy then, if you show that you have shown remorse and treasure the many gifts you are blessed with. Respect your own privacy (stop thrusting yourself under the public eye), and people would respect your privacy too.

And one last thing that I am extremely displeased with you about. Please do not say this: "If people want to continue to crucify me go ahead and crucify me." (quoted from your blog). If you insist on saying that you are being 'CRUCIFIED', just remember, Jesus was crucified because he did great things, you are 'crucified' because you did wrong things.

Please stop accusing your 'fellow humans' of being 'frightful' and making yourself sound so victimised, because the above 5 sins that you did fully shows that you are the one who has wronged. Repent and seek for forgiveness is what you should do. I will pray for you. Hopefully, this will tide over soon. May God bless you.

Anonymous said...

3yrs pass she only become worst!

Anonymous said...

3 years ago she went away to USC and back with higher profile. 3 years later which is now, she went away to NYU... but I sincerely doubt she will be able to do the same as 3 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Dawn really took the wrong step in life. I guess the only way to 'bounce back' to norm (though not going to be norm), it is to apologize for plagiarism and just admit about the Plastic Surgery part.

Anonymous said...

Dat's why only way for her to be famous is to act porn! Wah I sure download her video!

Anonymous said...

Is this also a reason why -nameless- doesn't want to post the pics? Her finace n her will be looked down after if pics are posted. :)

Anonymous said...

         ,. -―-、       
.        /; ': ' ; .'. l         
        {'.': ; ': '_ワ 、       
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    /   ||         |      
.   |  ,'||   ヽ.     |                
   ,|′ ,||  \_|      |                 
   (┴‐''7[jヽ ヽニ,|      l                 
   〉 ̄/./|\\ =|、    ヽ                 
   ,ト、/_/、ト、 `‐三|       \‐-、              
   | ./‐/へ! ヽ  ̄ ̄ヽ      ヽ、 ヽ、_.          
   l/ / 、 |   \   \     __..-'''/"`ヽ        
  ∠ -∩└:ト、___.. -'",>--=ニ..._ノ   .ノ-~┐.    
 '~┬’ `ー|`ー---―''"__∠ニ=ニニニ三''ご=ニ二.フ!    
    ` ̄ ̄`""´ ̄ ̄ ̄ `^'⌒`ー'⌒-へ、__r―┘           

It will 9000 years before the evil plastic demon is able to take on the human form again.

Anonymous said...

p0rnstar IS a STAR.
DY is not.
Nuff said yaw.

Anonymous said...

DY is just plastic trash.

jj said...

pls la. half fcuk thrash. pornstar like MARIA OZAWA is way better than this plastic slut

Anonymous said...

Maria Ozawa ia a chio real eurasian! DY is just a fugly piece of plastic

Anonymous said...

lun, nobody can prove something that did not happen. They can only disprove something that supposedly happened, but they need details in order to do that.

Let me try an accusation on xx as an example. Some people have been saying that she said "a", "b", and "c" anonymously online about dy. All xx can say is no i did not do it. However if the accuser states the dates and times of those so called comments, xx can go "no i did not say it because I was out at thumper. I have a club-full of people who can verify that i was there".

Thats what i mean by use your brains. Believe what you want, but make sure its not based on hearsay and rumors.

To anon on October 10, 2008 12:59 AM

With regards to 1) all i can say is cut out the self-righteous, holier than thou crap. Even the devil can quote scripture for his own good. Besides nobody has proved anything. Some anon did mention that he/she spoke to dy's grandma (Only God knows if it was even true). Guess what, we all have TWO grandmothers.

For 2), she is classified as belonging to an upper middle class family. Go check out statistical definitions of what it is. As for the house, I know that many banks do provide houses to their upper managerial staff. I wouldn't be surprised if the house isn't really theirs. As for the cosmetic surgery, I don't think someone really young would have thought about the financial implications. Maybe she has changed her thinking and now doesn't want to spend frivolously? I don't know if this is true, however I do remember someone saying her mom had also done some cosmetic surgery. It may be their family culture. Who are you and I to judge.

3) It is my opinion that Dawn just played around with her words too. However IMHO she allowed you people to do what you do "best". Read too much into it and make assumptions. Thats why I think your biggest enemy is not dy, but yourself. As for the scholarship bit, I think a few of the detractors have confirmed it is a scholarship. Just that isn't anything like what a scholarship is in Singapore, at least not in the exclusive stakes.

4) Are you also telling me that Princess Dianna asked to be chased by paparazzi and die in a car accident? She was a public figure too. Nobody asks for it. Edison did not HAVE to apologise. He did it for the publicity and PR. Are you so naive as to believe that Dawn did not reveal her surgeries from the beginning because of her personal beliefs? I wouldn't even be surprised if this site is by her, just to remain in the public eye. Nothing like controversy without proof to maintain visibility. Even if nobody likes her, she is still very visible because of this site.

5) Please lah, cheated tinsel and her friends? I would have to be blind or extremely stupid to not see that she has had work done! Not to mention agencies are commercial entities. They are around to make money. Guess what, regardless of real or fake, dy has a pretty face (which is what attracted her fans), and her online personal exudes sex, and that sells. Whether we agree or disagree on the so called moral aspects is irrelevant.

Pulled people down? That was not dy's doing either. She cannot account for the actions of the malicious and vindictive people that dragged these people into it. Blame the right people. Even I'm guilty of it by coming to this site. I don't blame dy. I blame people like you, me, dawn wayang etc for dragging others in.

As for the bible bits on the crucification. You can be crucified for bad things too. Jesus is just one person that was crucified. How about this for being a christian. Did jesus teach you to attack someone in the public sphere, or did he say "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"? Guess what, regardless if the accusations are true or false, you are no better than the people that freed barbbars and shouted "crucify him" no matter what you believe about yourself!

Anonymous said...

Dawnwayang is not XX. Dawnwayang is a student at a local polytechnic :) I bet some of the faculty students already know about this open secret.

Anonymous said...

October 10, 2008 12:59 AM,

a very very good piece you wrote there. To date, I feel that is the most logical and level headed piece that's written about Dawn. And I feel like I can agree with what you wrote about. She should just step away from the lime light. Learn from people, like edison chen for example. I think that if dawn doesn't take this advice. then I can safely think that she is a true bimbo and that she's gonna end up a wreck.

Anonymous said...

October 10, 2008 10:24 AM,

it's clear, especially from your point of view, how desperate Dawn is to remain in the public eye.

Now we all know that this will never stop, this public bashing of Dawn. So it is her choice, if she wants to carry on, she will have to prepare herself mentally for this unwelcoming, malicious response.

It will no longer be the fault of the public from then on. Because, it is what she choses.

Anonymous said...

To anon on October 10, 2008 12:59 AM

" I sincerely hope you would change for the better. A first step would be to admit what you previously denied, then apologise, then live a private life."

Wa lao.. who are u to tell dy wat to do? are u like Jesus Christ? i dun believe u are that perfect in your own life too. Stop acting like a saint from ur moral high horsey and tell other ppl what to do. or what they did is right or wrong.

As for ur 15 year old cousin, she must be like god damn stupid.If not, naive? Quit blaming dawn for cheating pooor 15 year olds. just becos dawn didn't want to 'admit' to plastic surgery. Cos everyone with eyes obviously can tell what changed. *roll eyes. But that does not mean that dy has to admit it! And if she dun wana admit it, why should she have to answer to 15 year olds? come on lah, isn't lindsay lohan, paris hilton, britney spears worse examples for teenagers? Taking drugs, going to jail and not to mention having plastic surgery way too often too? I think parents ought to be the one setting moral standards for their own kids and not leave it to celebrities.

And dy doesn't even look that unglam in those 'before' pics. I dun find it a turn-off or anything. Everyone looks ugly during sec sch dayes. at least most of us. and even those who look good back then, may also turn to shet now. if u were an ugly duckling does not mean u have to remain one forever. i haf frens who turn into models even though they were ugly in sec sch. i haf frens who look good back then that turn fat and ugly now.

And its not even that hard to look good, especially in modern society. Even without plastic surgery, a good taste of fashion, a dash of make up, a good hair cut plus sensible diet, will make u look good. its not that hard! u just gotta make the effort. nobody can wake up and look instant glamorous. supermodel cindy crawford once famously said "when i wake up in the morning, even i don't look like cindy crawford" that just shows how much grooming can do.

That said, i support dy even if she had plastic surgery. Simply becos i think she is pretty. And I dun hate her for having what she have. Becos like u said, she is blessed with it. Whether she is a hypocrite or not. i guess when we reflect on ourselves, we aren't that perfect either. So i prefer to give her the benefit of doubt and accept her for who she is. ALA a pretty face on the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Eh Dawn here for your gangbang before heading to Las Vagas? You looked ugly before pictures and even uglier now.

Maybe you can get a job in Las Vagas as a Michael Jackson impersonator.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line is that if Dawn was not a public figure, the public would leave her alone. Maybe only her friends would flame her in private if she was unpopular among her own friends too.

So Dawn, do you have true friends in real life, who stick by you and do not flame you? Or do you flame your friends and vice versa?

Dawn, from a public point of view, as I am part of the public, I think that your reputation has been ruined. Not totally, but severely enough, just in case you still think that you could still fuck certain people to save your rep. Yes, that is your own business, but because you put yourself out in public, people are gonna scrutinize you and slam you for it. See how the media gets excited about Britney going into Rehab or Linsay Lohan getting doped out & crashing her car?

And it's not all about your plastic surgery if that's what u think. The public does not like you for the kind of character you are potraying. And they have every right to, because you put yourself out in the public.

Edison is professional to say something to the public. He could have chosen to keep quiet like yourself, but then that kinda choice would normally force one into hiding & pretending that everything is OK, when it is not.

Anonymous said...

I'm neither a personal supporter or hater of DY, but I thought I'd just drop my 2c from a neutral point of view.

I've been following Dawn's blog for over a year now. Surprisingly, I find her blog a good read, albeit superficial. The pictures are great visual aids to her happening lifestyle (can anyone spell "p-a-r-t-a-y"?).

As I'm not from Singapore, and I don't know Dawn personally, I haven't been privy to rumors circulating about her until I saw this site. I admit even though I've been following her blog for over a year now, I don't know Dawn any more than the next stranger down the street. Perhaps she has intended to keep things that way all along.

All I can say is, every rumor spread has a figment of truth in it. Whether it be true or not, Dawn's gangbang allegation would not be easily forgotten, unless Singapore decides to embrace Hollywood's celebrity cult status where such allegations are the norm (and to a lesser degree, HK). In the Korean entertainment industry, it would not be surprising if the slandered victim commits suicide (e.g. U-Nee, Choi Jin-Shil, Kim Ji-hoo). How Dawn would react to this claim is still subject to interest and speculation.

But why ever set up dawnwayang in the first place? The allegations on this site (and numerous other gossip channels e.g. E!) are proof that its human nature to stir up shit, substantiated or imagined, and the public digs it. Shit gets stirred up because there are either very angry young individuals with an ax to grind, intent on seeking some form of retributive justice, or just plain bored. Whatever the reason, the site gets high hits/ratings, because people like to set shit on fire and watch it burn. There are some who prefer to bury it in the sand so it won't stink so much. Generally, one can see which option rocks the majority's boat.

In short, I think this site has served its purpose, in presenting the public a totally different image of Dawn, from what she portrays in her blog. Dawn is completely vilified in this site with her previous misdeeds exposed, inter alia, plagiarism (in the writing world I was in, a huge loss of credibility), her lack of integrity, etc. It is fact that omitting the truth or admitting half truths bring about negative repercussions. Although it may seem harmless at the start, it is a form of manipulating the truth all the same. The result of such actions (or lack thereof) may be extremely harsh, even unjust at times.

What are the consequences in this case in point? is the answer.

Anonymous said...

I hope dy puts out a sex video or 2 as 1 of the consequences!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why do all DY supporters always say the same thing:

"I'm neither a personal supporter or hater of DY, but I thought I'd just drop my 2c from a neutral point of view."

Do you see a pattern? Her supporters are always neutral, always give their 2c!!

There is only one answer. All the supporters are the same person. Who else but DY herself?

Anonymous said...

Neutral people can't be fuck with the plastic whore!

Anonymous said...

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    \ ヽヽ(  ^ิ౪^ิ)
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  /\丿 l|\⌒⌒⌒ \
 (___へ_ノ. \|⌒⌒⌒⌒|

                         ▂ ▪ ▂▄▅▆▇■▀▀〓◣▬ ▪ ■ … .
        /⌒ヽ           .▂▅■▀ ▪ ■ ▂¨ ∵▃ ▪ ・
        (  ^ิ౪^ิ)< DIE, UGLY!   ◢▇█▀ ¨▂▄▅▆▇██■■〓◥◣▄▂
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  /\丿 l|\⌒⌒▒▓\        ■  ¨ ▀▀▀■▀▀▀ ▪ ■

Scorpioo said...

The anonymous at October 10, 2008 12:59 AM plagiarise the entire entry.

I read it before!!

Unless the author is the real author him/herself.. but there is no credit whatsoever. So I believe that it is simply cut and paste. SO DO NOT PRAISE THAT ANONYMOUS!!

Besides, I think that this entry is too malicious. All the sources are so... unreliable.

And as for nameless who appeared to be a victim.. I just can't trust what she said.

And to everyone who are badmouthing, backstabbing dawnyang simply based on what dawnwayang has written, you are simply too superficial and simple-minded that you can be so easily convinced by these baseless accusations. Even if some accusations are true, what do you gain/achieve by adding salt to these wounds.

To anonymous at October 10, 2008 10:24 AM

While I am not a christian, what you said is what I agreed =D I don't like preaching, but I think you are convincing. People should learn not to attack people because they are nothing more than barbarians.

Anonymous said...

You too superficial and simple-minded because your think her blog is a "good read" and her face after surgery is 'pretty'.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It's true, so we help spread the word lor. Moe ppl know, more fun!

Anonymous said...

1. Dawn Yang is an ugly lying cheap slut.
2. Spread the word
3. ????
4. Profit!!!

Anonymous said...

aiya. her supporters always have 2c then we give 5c lor. she wants more 'c'? wait until she is a star first lah. porn or not, not important lah but at least a star lah. that is my 4c.

as if her supporters can brainwash ppl here. retards all of them. their 2c or neutral stands are like irritating but amusing rantings - always repeating the same thing.

baseless accusations by 'nameless'? so what is its baseless. we like to believe, cannot meh? unless you have evidence to turn the accusation into defamation then say lah. DY likes to sue mah. sue 'nameless' lor.

so u think baseless accusation is not credible? you are also baseless leh, cos you don't have evidence to prove otherwise.

what did u say? something did not happen cannot show evidence? then what is the deal with the lawyer letter to XX? if XX has written baseless statement - then according to your logic, there is no way one can have evidence against something that did not happen - then sue for fuck?

we believe in nameless, what can you do? being a slut can get one nowhere. ppl getting married and yet try to seduce ppl's husband-to-be. ur parents did not teach you manners or moral ah?!

So being a good christian must have plastic's behaviour rite? Always go party and show panty. Always get drunk. And always lie about plastic surgery. And always blame ppl for own misdeeds. Wah. You really think Christ is blind or dead meh?! Christ rises from death ok?! He can see what you are doing ok?! Maybe the reason you end up being the creature that you are is because CHRIST IS TRYING TO TELL YOU THAT YOU ARE RUINING HIS TEACHINGS!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ITS ABOUT TIME YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT IS RIGHT AND WHAT IS WRONG!!!!!

The face that you have - all fake - major overhaul - so what happened when in future your child does not look like the man-made face of yours?! surgery on the kid too meh? or marry an ugly fella so if the kid is born looking as ugly as u before surgery, you can push the blame onto the father - like you always do - i betcha your sister does not feel good being the one you pushed the blame for flaming other ppl.

hello!? you really think christ was dead meh?! tell u again, christ is looking! buddha also looking ah!

Anonymous said...

SELF RIGHTEOUS PRICKS 101. TL;DR this shit is bbs.

Anonymous said...

That's TL;DR to Dawn! Yes Dawn, no matter how many essays you type out. We don't care.

Anonymous said...

Princess calvin dunwan sarpork her cos fatdog work to much here den not sucking his kkj hard enough. Now only got herself to troll.

Anonymous said...

  \  ̄ ̄ /
   \  /
 ( ・∀・)∞
 / つ つ△
~(  ノ

Flowers for dear -nameless-

dy dun go snatch!

Anonymous said...

DY's blog isn't a good read at all man. Ladymelissa's blog is a good read, Xiaxue's blog is a good read!

Dawn's blog is filled with photoshopped to hell photos just to attract the main stream public who love to look at pretty pictures. It's just a money making business and it's Obvious she doesn't put alot of work into it.

Look at the things she writes, the way she writes. If she didn't put up more pictures than text, I would safely say that I would rather read the instructions off a shampoo bottle than go to her blog, which I have stopped going to completely by the way, because of all these bad vibes we are all getting from this saga and the way she chose to respond and then not do or say a thing.

I just cannot see her as a serious blogger (writer in this sense), she doesn't have the flair for writing.

There's not much of credibility for her to loose for her plagiarism because she never was a credible writer to begin with. But, I was disgusted when it was exposed that she copied another certain girl blogger's photo and had the exact same thing in her picture on her own blog.

Have more originality Dawn. You've just turned into a big public boo boo. Our country's very own public boo boo. How's that for limelight kid?

Anonymous said...

 ( ,_ノ` )      n
 ̄     \    ( E)
フ     /ヽ ヽ_//

A+ comment!

Anonymous said...

aiya. green lights, red lights or limelight - doesnt matter, as long as its in the lights.

no fish, prawns also good mah.

i wonder when will the lawsuit to xx take place. maybe until my grandchild get married - there will still be no lawsuit. (btw: i'm still in poly leh)

Anonymous said...

aiya. green lights, red lights or limelight - doesnt matter, as long as its in the lights.

no fish, prawns also good mah.

i wonder when will the lawsuit to xx take place. maybe until my grandchild get married - there will still be no lawsuit. (btw: i'm still in poly leh)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, another 'neutral' person in one of the above comments hahaha. ya la neutral yet you suppport her and read her trashy blog right?

Anonymous said...

doesnt anybody here reads

apparently he travelled with dawn to paris, n y didnt dawn reveal it in her blog?

well she was prolly too embarassed tat she was staying in a cheap 45euro per person per night place instead of being in paris, hilton ala real socialite paris hilton.

hah, not exactly her dream to expose herself travelling on a budget instead of like her bali valentine getaway which she posted a million pictures of the trip

Anonymous said...

Haha this is getting really ironic.. So whoever who defends dawn yang is dawn herself.. and whoever slaps dawn on the face is XX?? Where is the evidence? Personally i don't like dawn yang.. her features tells me straight that she is already a b!tch to begin with and her s!utty character simply just irks me.. INNNOCENT?? MY FOOT!! What kind of character is she protraying man.. I don't think she is that good as she describe herself..

If she is really innocent.. then there shouldn't be such comments and rebukes coming from not one but many public comments.. Look at those celebrities in singapore.. they are public figure too but why aren't they fire to such an extent like dawn? Think think..

Haha ironic isn't it.. Dawn yang tried to defend herself by creating fake accounts to defend herself.. then kana exposed.. so how in dawnwayang all those that defend her could have a high possiblity that is by her too? HAHA and those comments that is used to shoot XX may part of it may be from her too?? My guess only =)

Anonymous said...

porn with Rio or Maria Ozawa is more aesthetically pleasing.....definitely not dung!!

i wouldnt want to see her on tv. pukes.

Anonymous said...

We won't be seeing the Paris pictures anytime soon. It takes a long time to photoshop her boobs, arms, legs, eyes, nose, forehead, mouth, left cheek, chin, skin, did I miss out any body part?

Anonymous said...

First time I saw someone saying indirectly that it's okay to support hypocrite. Amazing, bombastic, fantastic, kaboom.

Your essay is yawn-able.

lun said...

aiya. im just killing my time and i dont really care much la. most of the times im just skimming through and i forget soon after. but seems like i have been reading almost the same stuff time after time and thats why this piece of sh!tty information keeps getting registered in my memory. people always say seeing is believing, which is what some anons have been emphasizing on the concrete proof part, but then again, looking at the vast amount of comments here, i cant help but to believe that is possible right? i would love to forget but people keep reminding me of it. and so yes, i SEE so many people singing the same tune, and that must be seemingly correct, right?

ha. anyway. i agree with the October 11, 2008 9:52 AM anon.

i dont think dy is considered a celebrity but how come she gets so much attention in blogosphere, albeit an extremely negative one. very amusing and interesting.

fyi. go if u are obviously curious /kpo / busybody.

this is a trend that is happening now, and i wonder why. perhaps she could be a case study for my children in future :p

Anonymous said...

Dawn Yang sings in Paris:

Anonymous said...

"Michael Jackson live in Paris 2008" you mean?

Anonymous said...

why her hand keeps covering her mouth? it's rather irritating...

Anonymous said...

She was digging her fake nose when Kenny suddenly turned his camera on her. She had to act coy and pretend she was covering her big mouth while she laughed.

Anonymous said...

To anon on October 11, 2008 1:37 AM

Baseless because there is no proof. You can believe it if you want, but it is still baseless.

I don't need to prove anything. Just like if dy and xx actually go to court, all dy has to prove is that xx is responsible for the text on her blog (xx didn't even have to write it herself for it to be defamation). Then dy can say "No, points 1,2,3,4... are not true". After that, she can sit down and watch to see how xx proves it was true by facts (i.e. no "my friend said", or "this person said", or "this picture on the internet", etc).

Like I said, nobody can prove that something did not happen, however we can disprove something that supposedly happened. Go read my example using how xx can disprove some accusations thrown to her.

Pls don't make yourself look any dumber by insinuating that I am dy. I am not. Similarly don't make yourself look any dumber by talking about things you don't know about (e.g. what dy has to do in court, about Christianity, etc).

Anonymous said...

To anon on October 11, 2008 9:52 AM

Yes it is dumb. Unfortunately most of the people here seem dumb so its expected.

People believe that dawn created fake accounts so they think she is here. Likewise it was proven that xx creates hate sites etc before so others believe that she is behind this.

I wouldn't be surprised if both were true, but i wouldn't say it unless i had proof lest i look like a fool.

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