Saturday, September 6, 2008

hello everybody!!!


As you all have already discovered,
the royal pain in the ass Melissalam aka calvin cheng,

is so vehemently denying his right to 15 minutes of fame,
and has subsequently requested that youtube delete his expose video!

But do not fret!

For there is another video !!

~*~ A perfect fairytale!!~*~

featuring my alter ego!!


"Money and lies can never buy you a perfect life,
our princess dawn finds this out the hard way in this heart wrenching,
award winning , awe-inspiring video of her courageous attempt at grasping fame,

fortune, and rich men's balls."



Anonymous said...

This should be Dawn's offical video.

Anonymous said...

it made her look too good for the trash she is :/ should emphasize her past to present pictures again at the end lol.

Anonymous said...

A good idea would be to throw her old pics or new pics into those online 'age transformers' things to see how she 'should' or 'will' look like with her demented face :D:D:D!!!
Or at least a photoshop of how she SHOULD look... without the eyelid job, without the nose... and normal face colour. I wish I had photoshop :(

Anonymous said...

U people r so jealous of dawn.

Anonymous said...

I bet many of u dream of having a life like dawns. Jealousy is so obvious.

Anonymous said...

Yes i am VERY jealous of dawn's plastic silicon face and having a life like hers that involves lying everyday and spreading my legs for midnight exercises.

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous of being the most disgraced lying slut in Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Jealous? O hale no!


Anonymous said...

Yah u wish she was doing that so u can hate her and tell urself ur life is good cos at least u dont have to do that to lead a good life.

The truth is these r all lies u have told urself to make urselfs feel gd.

Anonymous said...

I sure love to be drugged out and fucked raw by multiple guys at a time just like Dawn.

Anonymous said...

Have you gone for a check up lately, ugly plastic slutwhore?

Anonymous said...

She's like 1 of those life like sex dolls but better. Free of charge, comes with stereo sound, always willing. Ask any of the guys in the circle. They've all done her, trice.

Anonymous said...

"Jealously", it's that all you got? Step up the hate game or sit the fuck down!

Anonymous said...

I much prefer the Princess Calvin video.

For one, it was more entertaining watching grown educated men pretend to be girls professing to be waiting for their manicures and calling themselves 'professional princesses'. Secondly, its funnier laughing at ugly people than plastic people.

The gay shows featuring fairies always sell out in Broadway while the overly made up trannies are forced to ply the streets on Sunset Boulevard.

Anonymous said...

SIGH is it possible for DW to load the princess calvin and his friends video onto another stream maybe.. and not Youtube?

Stupid princess calvin! you want to be princess. we make a video for you to enshrine your royalty! you want to be a faggot. we validate your womanliness for you! you posted on your own blog you don't care and even ask us to settle our score with calvin cheng..yet you forced youtube to remove the video!

V said...

OMG, really has DY fucked the guys in her circle? what a fucking slut! Shame on u DY!

Anonymous said...

A slut by any other name would fuck as hard.

Anonymous said...

September 7, 2008 12:00 PM

So the rumour is true? I heard it too! tell more?

Anonymous said...

Her love for money has just transcended all possible boundaries. She is the epitome and example of how low a(n) (ugly) woman can possibly stoop. I had doubts and was in disbelief when rumors of her having undergone plastic surgery surfaced because I thought, isn't plastic surgery supposed to make you look good? And not ugly or rather, uglier?

Princess Malicious Lampa said...

Oh by the way, I shadn't be anonymous unlike certain people. My bad for the previous comment.

Princess Calvin said...

I love Dawn yang!

Anonymous said...

really? I heard something about a party and she got 'passed around' by a few guys. They are so lucky man! Free toss in the hay.I wonder if they have such parties in the states, I wanna go!!

Bringer of light said...

Haiya. The comment about dawn being passed around by men is very true and so commonly heard that people in the circle dont even bother to mention it. Its like a known fact already.

In fact, once at a drug party in singapore (yes miss Christian girl goes to drug parties, along with other 'models' i shall not name), and she passed out from taking too much. The guys with her all rich old fart sorts, then proceeded to have a go with her. stupid slut. and we guys dont like using condoms. spoils the feeling.

now you all know how angelic your stupid slut really is.

Anonymous said...

Well, what I heard is that girls in the circle all hate her as she's always trying to get the all guy's attention on her.

Anonymous said...

I think u just admitted to rape.

Anonymous said...

Wah dawn got piakpiak deep deep!!!!

Anonymous said...

can i get free piak piak wit dawn also?

Anonymous said...

so is mean dy is the party's fuck toy?

Anonymous said...

ijit princess calvin party?

Anonymous said...

but dawn not in sg liao how to go to princess calvin party on the yacht? Only left with fat dog to fuck.

Anonymous said...

So jus gib drugs to dawn den can gangbanging rike veri goot deal. can gib her panadol?

Anonymous said...

We are the age,
in which the pursuit of all values
other than
money, success, fame, glamour
have either been discredited or destroyed.

money, success, fame, glamour,
for we are living in the age of the thing.

Anonymous said...

are you sure she was being tossed around after passing out for taking too much drug?! goodness! and by old rich farts at that?! (that's not rape. sounds more like 'she asked for it')

i can't believe that she is THAT easy?! village shared bicycle? or castle shared bicycle? still shared bicycle - no diff to me.

if what 'Bringer of light' said is true, i think she must be very 'worn out' down there the next day.

this kind of ppl are the kind that every decent singaporeans must avoid.

imagine if you have a daughter and your daughter attended such party deluding to herself that she was a hot babe sought after by the rich masses - this kind of delusion must be stopped at ALL COST.

and one must teach all young daughters to be decent and not take drugs! and let alone being tossed around for free pick! unless you have retarded children - then it will be harder to teach - but still must teach!

and most imptly, teach them NOT to LIE. retards or not, cannot LIE. show them examples of what lying will do to them - u can cite...say...monkey and the zoo? (ref source: from the XiaXue's blog)

Anonymous said...

quite apalled at what i am seeing. Pretty ger indeed. But WASTED really. not particulary againist DY, not for her as well. But i kind of believe what i am seeing though.

I bet true christian gers dun partae like like she does. Really contradicts everything that she says and does. And all these sexy just pure sex selling.

ultimately what kind of life would be a good life? with guys purely just lusting after you and the only motivation is to bed you is call good life? my bet on another kind of life wasting.

Anonymous said...

Should Bill Cheng be worried about catching STD? I recalled this poem written by artspraken (refering to Bill Cheng photo of him holding chocolate box with Dawn):

"Life is like a box of chocolates,
you never know what you gunna get;
I pulled this chick thinking she was really fit;
but it turned out everything was plastic"

Now including STD.. sigh..

Anonymous said...

oh please?what's there to be jealous about?her severely damaged face?her lack of dignity because she slept with two industry giants to rise to fame?or her desperation which lead her to create multiple cozycot identities to insult people who are better than her?or her stupidity which has lead to the exposure of all her lies?oh please! There's nothing to be jealous about!and anyway the "you are just jealous" arguement is frequently used by 5 year olds!I suggest that you come up with something more original and grown up and work on your typing skills before writing things here!

Anonymous said...

who r the industry giants? if you referred to calvin cheng, he's just a nobody, a small fry. even less important than fly entertainment boss, irene ang. by the way there's no fashion scene in singapore.

Anonymous said...

should princess calvin also be worried about STD? we heard he is also dung f*ck buddy. opps.. his korean chick also better be careful.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness. i did not know about artspraken's talent in poem until i read the above comments.

quoted from anon who claimed the following poem was by this guy whose nick is artspraken:

"Life is like a box of chocolates,
you never know what you gunna get;
I pulled this chick thinking she was really fit;
but it turned out everything was plastic"

really a fitting poem indeed!

with regard to the above anon with question abt STDs, i guess, if they can bed such a plastic - they must be rich. Money can rid of STDs easily (if they seek doc soon of course). According to this blog, this plastic seems to be fussy over the men she was with - only RICH ppl are selected despite their appearances of their facial and physical odd/funny shapes and sizes.

and when you grap plastic, you will always get a plastic rustling sound. (so this plastic includes a sound surround stereo system)

i dont know about if this calvin is truly the author of lady melissa - its better not to speculate - dont get urself in unneccessary trouble like the plastic.

it is a tough lesson, i guess plastic has already admitted that fact hence the reason of disappearing from the local blogsphere.

but what does all this leads us to?

Xiaxue is the queen of the local blogsphere - and she is NOT to be messed with. dont believe? look at the poor plastic now. very poor thing leh. already not environmentally friendly being plastic and still subjected to all this riducules... i'm surprise, very surprise the plastic did not just die on the spot and cannot rest in peace b'cos plastic cannot decompose.

sigh. if this is not a fate worse than death, i don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

Oh the drama~!!!!!!

I love it!

Anonymous said...

Her family so poorthing lor. Face dunno throw to where liao.

Anonymous said...

Let look at these 2 very interesting posts by melissalam on cozycot (not on Dawn Yang thread, it's on the entertainment blogs thread):

Melissalam: IMHO, Nira looks like a typical thai girl in real life. And also a gold digger, she openly asked my friend to buy LV bags for her.

Melissalam: She has a nice pair on a skinny body, that's why they look big. Looks natural to me...saw her as the date of Dawn Yang's agency owner at an event, VIP area of some Martell gig a few months ago.

So Nira should know melissalam. Let's assume that melissalam is not CC (Dawn Yang's agency owner). Then all 3 of them Nira, CC and Melissalam were at the Martell gig a few months ago.

Nira is XX friend. XX can find out from Nira if there is any lady she knows who attended Martell event is a Cambridge graduate and family is in the top 40 Forbe list. I can guess the answer is no!

But if XX asks Nira if there is any guy attended the Martell event who is a Oxford graduate and from a peasant background... there is only one name.

I am sure XX or DW have done some homework before exposing ML identity. thare are too many clues out there. there are too many common friends in the same circles. there are only a handful of names that fit melissalam profile. it's not easy not to get it right. you only need to go out there and ask for it.

Anonymous said...

To all the anons keeping asking for proofs. go read artspraken posts on cozycot:

~~ vintage ML is a guy, not a girl.

~~ The vintage ML either studied or read widely in PPE.

~~ None of the people who makeup ML is a lawyer (or law student...hint hint...).

~~ Lo, and behold, for as mine eyes closed and mine mind engaged the fluff of dreams, i saw a wise man speak to a boy, and spake he thus: "'PPE, not SPS... This is the truth" In my gut, I felt a pang which woke me up, hence I bring you this message. And even as I returned to mine slumber, my sleep was fitful and troubled, and again yonder clouds parted and the wise man waved his philosopher's finger at the boy, as he cleft a cloud in twain: "Tarry not upon the truth, lest ye be the subject of death by a thousand cuts..." I felt fear touch my heart, and the ice cold pangs of fright awakened me, whence I bring you this message.

~~ PPE = Politics, philosophy and Economics. no. none of people who access ML login is legally trained.

~~ I smell Oxford, not Cambridge.

~~ correct if i am wrong, but Darryl Martin is/was a law student. imho, ML's posts are too ignorant of law for ML to be DM.
vintage ML is more like someone who did PPE.

~~ Imho, it does look like the author of ML's blog did PPE. I never believed ML when he said he did SPS. I felt PPE was likelier. ML also said he should have done PPE instead, probably just to throw you off the hook So far, the only evidence that ML is an Oxbridge don is that he is aware of the Hortpark event on 23 August (for Oxbridge Singaporeans) which he openly announced in this thread a couple of times. In that sense, the evidence is circumstantial but does tend to point more to Oxford than Cambridge. My speculation is that ML pointed at Cambridge instead to send the internet mob barking up the wrong tree. Unfortunately for ML, I do not think he expected that, to Singaporean 'peasants', Oxford and Cambridge are neighbours, if not the same place! heehee

~~ The message has greater significance than the messenger.
The message of vintage ML betrays a great deal about his background
Let me deconstruct to reveal: [Melissalam: The Catholic Church has historically kept it's stranglehold on the uneducated peasants through a mix of economic and intellectual methods. Even post-Reformation, the Protestant Church has inherited an internal hierarchy of Elders and Deacons who hold power over the rest of the congregation, albeit divinely ordained.] This is Marx.'s historical materialism The author knows his history from economics angle, from marxist perspective of structural power mechanics. The manner this is drafted in passing, also hints that the author possesses such information at his fingertips, and he is typing it off the cuff. [Melisslam: ….us being a First World Nation with a Third World Mentality. I think think the HDB heartlands are a microcosm of this phenomenon. …...the bourgeoisie would be more than happy to live there. ……., it seems I have walked into a feudal peasant village] Again. Marxist nuance is very loud. Innate tendency to engage in socio-discourses, hence "bourgeoisie".
It takes an economist to write something like "First World Nation with a Third World Mentality". You are reading an economist for sure.
[Melissalam: Coming from old money….] only certain people are capable of this expression! This phrase is a bleeding dead giveaway….It speaks volumes about the author. No other phrase in the "Lady and the Tramp" story reveals as much about melissalam as this phrase. [Melissalam: It's not like they are complete dumps like the council estates in the UK.] Another dead giveaway. I can anticipate what exposure and education he has received from this sentence alone. For Singaporeans who do not understand this word, or never seen a council estate. See,00.html Council estates are a major topic for socio-policy economists in UK [a Refutation of Sorts] The logic model employed applying Ockham's Razor is another suggestion the author has a grounding in not only economic models (and systemic logic), but also philosophy. [Melisslam: ….blah blah....That's the difference between a shouting match at a playground and making defamatory comments in the adult world….blah blah...I think J.S. Mill was confused, confounded and utterly wrong.] The author is definitely not a lawyer. However, for a singaporean to know JS Mill, the author is shows an affinity to utilitarianism, and again, economics. (JS Mill is not exactly somebody singaporeans know or remember in daily life of a blog)
[Refer to 'Of Peasants and peasants' post on ML's blog] By far, the best post by vintage ML to date, this short parody of Singapore under a (neo?) marxist telescope also speaks volumes about the author. You have someone with a very thorough understanding of power structure; marxist materialism and subjugation of proletariat in order to construct such a parody in a singaporean local flavour. this is not some plagiarised cut & paste work. it is a quite funny and well written parody, which does not seem contrived or painstakingly planned. It seems written ad hoc in a short time, hence my gut feel the author has a great deal of marx and economics in his head. [Melisslam: Peasanthood is a state of being - you can emancipate yourself through a hard work, education and a dash of luck.] ML's words for what Marx said about the proletariat. yes?

~~i visted ML's blog and read the crazy christian posts flooding the blog. hahaha. its very funny that said, ML's blog reads like the journal of Marie Antionette. Like MA, ML's mistake is to dismiss the peasantry. Seemingly unbeknownst to ML, the aristocracy in Singapore are defined by the peasantry. They are mutually reliant, and neither can exist without the other. ML's churlish and arrogant dismissal of the peasantry will be his downfall. Yes. His. p.s. La Guillotine awaits. p.s.s. I think I've going to abandon Moby Dick as bedtime reading, and start on A Tale of Two Cities.

~~ actually that sounded too masculine to be written by a female. (Calling art a babe)

Anonymous said...

sigh. DY is a victim. fate worse than death. dont know if she will survive this not.

but how come no lawsuit. not that i'm unhappy there isnt - but wont DY and her management look really bad? come to think of it - are they really not taking actions?

i maybe enjoying the pc blogsphere's entertainment - then hor - now i feel bad liao leh - if i put urself in DY's shoes, i'd have just cut my wrists and bleed to death.

i kinda feel sorry for her leh. plastic already very chum, now with these ridicules, more chum. how she gonna face singaporeans again? ppl recognize her face liao unless she went for another plastic overhaul.....

Now that will make u haters look bad - cos if not for u all haters, DY can use the money on charity! Now u see lah! she has to use the money on a new face! u all haters can have some feelings for the needy or not?!

all this is a vicious cycle! in the end, the needy suffer! (assuming she will donate the money to charity if none of this happen lah....)

***grammer and vocab mistakes a lot****purposely one****no law against bad english mah...

Anonymous said...

and also hor, don't pray pray ah! plastic may go for sex change and to f**k you gossipy women!!!!

money can do a lot of things k! don't pray pray ah!!!!

- the one in green boots cos yellow boots run out liao lah.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Artspraken also just guessing is that proof?!!!

Proof is like what we dug up about DY and plagiarizing. That is prove.

And ML said she SAW Nira, she didnt say she KNOW Nira.

I still think ML is someone else - its the person Dawn calls M on her stomp blog.

Anonymous said...

Melissa Wijaya?

Anonymous said...

Hi Fat dog spotted at 1242am!!!!!!! fat dog had your daily dose of cum juice from princess calvin yet?

Anonymous said...

i dont think that is the fat dog leh. (if u r thinking i am - pai seh ah - i am a prince charming in disguise searching high and low for my princess) - but hor...think this princess turned out to be a non-female....sibeh sian...

Anonymous said...

something to share. extracted from her ex's blog.

Someone appears in the newspapers and suddenly
The whole world is messaging them
"Hey, remember me from like a billion years ago?
We met for like 1 second
And you didn't so much as fart in my general direction,
But i still think you're super cool!
Can we be friends?"
Why are the majority (not all) of Singaporeans
So fucking sad?
Get a fucking life you insipid, miserable lot
Or even better yet
Die, die, die
Check out some of these messages
And you'll know exactly what i mean
(Although jade_ite's comment cracked me up)
Vent over and out

(N.B. This does not include friends, you're all er cool)

he was referring to this post ( )

Anonymous said...

The old "DAWN YANG"

Anonymous said...

can dawn wayang come up with suggestions/posters of future surgeries, flood DY's blog n mail with the suggestions and see if she does them? eg double chin lipo, butt implants..etc. if she did the luohan forehead thing, there's no stopping her.

Anonymous said...

those óld' dawnkey pics are after she did her nose and eyes already,i.e 1st stage makeover. She's a disgusting plastic bitch with so many layers of plastic and work done on her face. When she's old her silicone's going to harden on her and she'll look worse thant Jocelyn Wildenstein. But then again, it will finally match her shit personality.

Anonymous said...

eeerrrr....u sure silicon will harden as times goes by? sure or not leh. dont bluff lah. or izzit she can replace the silicon?

eeeeee.....den old liao....will look like monster not ah?

lun said...

hope that DW author can come out with a way , that is when u type DAWN YANG in any of the search engine, DAWN WAYANG automatically will appear on top of the list

i dont know what is this method called, but i hope u guys understand what i mean. :)

Anonymous said...

wah. u sure hate DY like siao hor. want dawnwayang to appear first instead of dawnyang. i sure dun want u for an enemy lor.

eh .... now she is 'supposedly' in NY lah. u think she can get enuff fan base in NY? cos NY-ers more than SG-ers. their saliva will easily drown us leh.

i not dog.
i not plastic.
i just kiasee.
and pls, i am NEVER fat. phew....

Anonymous said...

DW has to include DY in her meta tags to get her blog to come up in the seach engines.

I.T sexpert Anon

Anonymous said...

Google hasn't used meta tags in a long while. Too many keyword stuffers.

Anonymous said...

Not just meta tags. DW can include the words "Dawn Yang" in her blog tags. Users of and digg can join in.

Anonymous said...

if she had stopped at the first stage surgery, no one would be able to tell she had work done. too bad she kept going. c'mon, let's suggest more surgeries for her, see how far she'll go.

Anonymous said...

wat abt change sex?

Anonymous said...

Look what Melissalam (Princess Calvin) has said about Noel (Calvin is Noel's boss) on cozycot:

~~ Noel can't even spell. Doubt he can write the flowing prose from my princess education.

~~ I already told u I resent being lumped together with that nitwit who can't spell.

~~ Honestly I am very offended to be mistaken for a fat ugly Indian chap.

Why would Fat Dog still want to work for the princess??

Anonymous said...

wah. that princess really wrote that ah?! that dog can sue her u noe! she called him nitwit leh!!!! (defamation! if doc find him not a nitwit, the dog can sue leh!!!!)

she resent being lumped together with dog? she resent resent lor - not our prob leh.

she very offended to be mistaken for a fat ugly indian chap? our prob meh? she offended her prob leh. not like we care lor.

ur question on why fat dog still work for princess ah? my thoughts are - i dont know who this fat dog u refer to but lets say we all know who this fat dog is lah - i'd say MONEY MONEY MONEY is the push factor.

yuni said...

i just love spamming this. ahahahaha

lun said...

i just want to create more awareness for DW.. and im sure alot people do support DW. ahahahaha.

i read that dung is not going to update at her own dy webby, but rather at xanga only.

wonder y does she do that?

Anonymous said...

actually it's easy to see that dy suffers from body dysmorphic disorder. she's a classic case of frequenting the plastic surgeon because she will *never* be satisfied with how she looks.

on this count, i think she's quite pitiful.


Anonymous said...

you're people are just jealous of her.
Even if she plastice her boobs or whatever beofre.
then for what you people care?
whats wrong if she does that?
All of the singer does that before.
you people are just too jealous of her.

Anonymous said...

omg you're so retarded and slow!we did not say that's there's anything wrong with going for plastic surgery!what we have an issue with is dy denying that she had work done when it's so obvious she did and lying her ass off!oh and being so hypocritical too!for you to think that this is purely about plastic surgery is so shallow !please think and learn the proper usage of the english language before writing retarded comments here with retarded arguements in an attempt to substentiate anything you want to say!and come on., if this is purely about plastic surgery don't you think that we will be attacking xx as well?but it's precisy because xx is honest about it that saves her from the line of fire.if all I said is too much for you to understand just know that dy is being bashed here because she's plastic on the inside and outside.

tatiana said...

Again. 'Jealous' is so 7 years old.

Anonymous said...

Low grade flammers, as low quality as plastic.

Cannot fight, better fuck off before you die a shameful death here like that fat dog. When fat dog 1st started posting. He was so garang, now see he dare post boldly again anot. All he dare to post are fake anon post here and at his princess boss blog.

Useless slab of fat. Can't even be used to fry food.

lun said...

she has nothing for us to be envious /jealous of. her lifestyle? na, so common. most show girls are living like this.

her studies? the whole street are filled with degree holders.

her looks? most pSed transvestite look quite similar.

n we never said we are against her plastic.

wake up ur idea.


next better entertainer pls.

Anonymous said...

eh hello clever pple up there, we are not against PS - just against plastic. and i cannot control some who dont like dogs (fat or skinny).

oh. transvestite looks good - the toilet-queue mod-ler agency can get these transvesites in leh.

- if peasant is a state of mind, so is retardness, losers, liars, cows' mindset and etc. - all these are state of mind. But most minds are siao these days.

- if you think you are neither of the above - raise above your station and start going for PS - and ADMIT it. (if you have the moolah and the guts of course).

if all these are state of minds - then everything is state of mind.
This blog is not recommended for those who bluff about going to kemp-britch - well...first, the characters prob - if Kemp-Britch produces such an deformed and abt-to-deformed face and mind....tsk tsk...eeeeh wait - kemp-britch not even in the top list! sigh.

Anonymous said...

Bo ji say bo ji lah! Go and call or email all these people and tell them what u think lah, or are u all chicken? Or u all no proof?

Where's the proof that DY denied PS?

Where's the proof that CC is ML?

Where's the proof that DY's manager is trolling??

Here is the proof that XX creates hate-sites like this:

Anonymous said...

To the anon above:
(Sept 14, 8:15 am)

oh you were asking for the proof of DY admitting to PS? So are you saying that by not denying about undergoing the knife is almost akin to admitting? - now we all know why DY refuses to deny PS. Thank you very much for assuring us that we did not flame her wrongly. (On behalf of all of us, we thank you!)

And you were saying you did not have evidence of CC being ML? - this one, really I dont give a darn. You see, ML is a small fly who self proclaim princess. (some of us call this kind of people - thick skin with no EQ) Of course, ML did state peasantry is a state of mind, and so is royalty - so perhaps in her far far far far far far far far away land, (further than Mrs shriek's kingdom of course), she is a princess. - as if we care - not like she has the spirit of Princess Diana who did good to the world before she passed on - infact, this ML princess only called the masses and single out our own fellow citizen as a peasant - oh well, I'm glad, really relieved that she is NOT a princess of singapore - oh wait, we don't have a king here - so no princess. =)

Can I assume that you wanted us to provide proof to you that DY's manager is trolling? - Oh c'mon! Why would you think we care what mode of movement he uses?! He can troll, he can crawl, he can even roll on the ground/blog/wherever he wants - he can even hop like a chicken for all we care.

Ask intelligent questions, will ya? Unlike ML, I won't call you a retard, but you are definitely not very sane, to me - that's it. Its all a state of mind isnt it? - and its only my hubmle yet honest opinion.

nice try, but don't try again. you are not worth any replies. I'm just entertaining you because I'm kind.

Anonymous said...

U siao ah??? Not admitting is different from denying wat! What kind of xiao ppl thinks that not commenting is denying?? Wah lau, I only have n levels and still know the difference.

I know you dun care abt ML and the trolling but they seem to care leh. Even got a post that ML is CC, and so many people say that the manager is trolling but nobody got proof.

Even they say she frame her sister but no proof leh. only someone here say. If i say DY went for sex change you all believe meh?

I showed the link just now Do you think that xx is dawnwayang? I think many of the comments and post sound like her leh. But I hope she not so stupid. Her pictures quite chio so i like her also

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Why plastic ownself don't want to clarify? Why need fat dog come here everyday pretend be anon just to tell us all this? If plastic want us to know lawsuit is over and is not blame her sister then post on her blog lah. So stewpig! On own blog act don't care but actually come here scold Nira. Really hate the ugly plastic!The inside so ugly and outside also!

Anonymous said...

I bet going into the cozycot was the stupid fat dog's idea.

Anonymous said...

It was a complete failure thus he had to come here to troll, only to fail AGAIN! After getting trashed by anonymous, he still has to stick around to watch what his failure achieved.

Anonymous said...

Princess Calvin sure know is the fat dog who fucked up if not for him so stupid, plastic or princess won't be sexpose till so deep. Hor hor fat dog going to be jobless soon!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous comes here at leisure while he does it on top of his usual work. Stupid fat dog can only blame himself for fucking up.

Anonymous said...

Fat dog memory really got problem. It is fat dog who admited out that plastic blame her sister and CC act princess. He still act like he some passerby who dunno the story.

Anonymous said...

Fat dog only got N level cert den his princess calvin is ox fox de he dare to trust this stoopid fat dog idea is so crazee.

Anonymous said...

that is why things turned out this way, isnt it?

if DY made it successful in the 'aisa hollywood' industry - meaning she has gained the majority support and acceptance of her PS.

I cannot imagine what will the youngsters do next to follow their idols! major plastic overhaul too because DY's actions have been accepted by the population at large?

Or actions of a self proclaimed royalty (with no proof and prefer to remain anon)calling subjects peasants began to be a fashion statement or worse, a country-must-have-attitude-esp-when-one-is-loaded?!

Are these the attitudes that our youngsters (future of our country) adopt?!

What are they trying to proof? That living in HDB is something to be ashamed off and having plastic surgery but refuse to deny or admit and self proclaimed being a good christian but praised by her supporter / ally that women should be good at sex?! I don't see this doctrine in the bible! I'm sure as a Christian, one follows what christ would do or had done - and I'm pretty sure Christ wouldnt say something like "WOMEN SHOULD BE GOOD AT SEX, I'M PROUD OF HER" - duh! (If he indeed did say that - then one cannot blame the ppl from cruxifing him ya? but of course, christ would rather die than saying such ridiculous thing!)

And for the insulting word - retard - which has been over-used by the no-proof-anon-princess - my goodness, 'retard' must be as worn out as 'plastic'. 'retard' seem to be part of most of her blog entries - even words can be tired and stale. (who would have thought that will happpen?)

And why would a real princess prefer to remain anon? Ashamed of her action by calling her subjects or other country's citizens as peasants - and not only that - also by scolding and cursing them as well? (How well-bret this princess is. Her parents must be so proud of her. I wonder who gives the impression that "Woman must be good at sex and one should proud of the woman in context" - her parents, the king and the queen? or her council - slutty and bitchy?

In the event that DY made it and big at that = Setting example that one SHOULD get a Plastic Surgery if one is unhappy with his/her looks. (Wow. I cannot imagine, simply cannot) And pictures of her being hugged and kissed by a much older man - if this action become popular with the minds of our youngsters - you can imagine that yourself - it makes me nauseous just to think and write about this. Scandalous. Cheap. Materialistic. Liar. - My own opinion - As a human being, the very least, one must be entitled to ones own views and if that is called defamation and being sued for having different opionions from another - then everyone should really be born retard (just like the self proclaim anon royalty and her so called council).

Well, lets say, in the event that the self proclaimed Princess revealed her true identity (and it happened that she IS a real princess but not of Singapore) - doesnt that equal to setting an unofficial example that any royalty of any country may/can curse and look down on the lesser privilge of their subjects or other countries' subjects, in a nutshell, anyone that they just can't see eye to eye with. (What will the world be? Maybe the bible is right - END OF THE WORLD then)

And if the event that DY really sues XX - despite there is no falsehood (the outcome of her entry with regard to DY are not false) in her entry which she had ALREADY taken off (by request from DY) - eh....that I am at peace but stressful about that and its an ongoing thingy and one must stay tuned...and I accepted her apology but retracted her apology by deleting that sentence off - eh.... can sue her for backing out what she had said before or not? Like sue her for accepting aplogies but change her mind later? - I do not need to study law to understand that one must be a man/woman of his/her words - if changing minds can be as fast as changing white lacy panties and it become an accepted norms in the society - oh gawd - the merlion is vomitting more than its usual amount already - need I say more?

Oh wait! What will the civil court look like? A place where the rich and restless who clearly have a lot of free time - who decide to use their parents' money to 'contribute' to the legal industry? great. just great.

And the anon readers like me who express our thoughts and emotions online - might be complicated because we have our own views which unfortunately DO NOT (thanks god) agree with the likes of them?

Or simply because our parents taught us well and we are well-brought up and we know what is right from wrong? (At the very least, we don't call ourselves princesses or princes and unlike them, neither do we call others as peasants. We do not like to use vile languages like retards, peasants and the likes - but as time goes by - it is only natural that we begin to protect/defence ourselves by throwing back the same vile languages that they thrown at us - we don't use vile languages - we just literally USED their languages which they thrown at us back at them - just imagine the ball that one throws to you - you throw the same ball back)

If one knows that calling others degrading names is a NO-NO and thats why decide to stay anon - and then saying that "SO DARK THE HEART OF MAN" - wow. Yes, it is a man alright. A MAN. A MALE. A NON-FEMALE. A PERSON WITHOUT A WOMB. So dark indeed.

J said...

The video is actually quite sad like a tribute for her or something. It actually shows that there is something good inside her despite all the plastics and fakes.

Doesn't mean that the person sounds intellectual in the forums means that he is from a damn good U. Do you guys feel that maybe you are being led to do this kinda pointless ramblings about dawn?

And doesn't mean that someone who comes from a damn good school wrote stuff by Melissa lam. That person is obviously trying to stir shit knowing that these forum ppl will think in this particular way to find out who Melissa Lam is.

but its entertaining to read la. Can't deny. but if there is a need to explore and investigate. do it smartly not just guessing what you can see on the surface. you guys need an insider to find out this kinda shit.

because the 'real' people are actually laughing at how silly these people are trying to find out and putting up assumptions and guesses and accusations.

I can't wait to read more.

Anonymous said...

Write so cheem for wat? I cannot understand. I want cheem i go read ML blog wat.

I dunno why u all think I am fat dog also. Maybe more stupid than me thats why. Why nobody can prove what they say

only boh ji say here. go and call them lah or ur mummy only teach u to be xx dog? KNNBCCB boh ji gina kia. Boh ji like xx

Anonymous said...

Fat dog spotted

Anonymous said...

Spotted also useless - SPCA refuses to take in this particular dog too.

wat to do? ignore it lah. not funny or entertaining to react to its entry. just treat it as its transparent, invisible and insignificant that it is.

i feel sorry for loo's staff b & c .... its already a sorry state to work in a loo and still have to take those shit thrown to them...

wat to do? some say jump ship, other say jump to die rather than suffer. i'd say - MIA lah.

lun said...

the anon at September 15, 2008 5:22 AM is rather amusing.

if u find that the comments here are cheem, i dont suppose u can comprehend /understand a single bit of ml's blog.

anyway, we just looking for better entertainment. so dont understand whats ur point of telling us to email /call etc

u said we are ball-less/ bo ji / no guts that we are posting anonymously and that we are saying thing w/o concrete proof.

heck la. arent u doing the same thing too? suddenly i remember of this hokkien word, gia lam pa ga tao, i.e loosely translated use ur balls to slap ur own face/head.

if we still think u are dung's dog, then too bad lor. LPPL. haha

Anonymous said...

of course i dun understand lah! I tot i say that already wat. I not entertaining meh? I got proof about xx you all no proof haha. I stupid also not so stupid like you all

Why everybody also fat dog ah?? your mother father also fat dog izzit? must be u all fat dog thats why. I know you all not ugly dog because if you all ugly dog you will call others ugly dog one. heng you all only fat and can lose weight

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fat? You're not fat, you're just ... fat.

Anonymous said...

wah you must be the fattest doggy. type the same thing two times! jia you!!! i support you losing weight! You stupid also ah? fail psle issit? i said i stupid and u all more stupid mah. i never say other people stupid wat? jia you turning into skinny doggie k!!!

Anonymous said...

GTFO useless!

Anonymous said...

So funny to see the fat dog getting more desperate.

Anonymous said...

NBCB! Dun worry i protect u fattest doggy!!! i dunno what gtfo is but be nice leh. dun scold the fattest doggy leh. That one cannot blame for being useless since fail psle wat.

Anonymous said...

Some fat dog going to get fired very soon.

Anonymous said...

WOLS who fucking cares about 2006 news. Find new things den come bk!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The fatty is a product of sibling dogs.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! Fat d0g fhail evrytiem!

Anonymous said...

NBCB! Can dun be so bad to the fat dog can anot? He never say anything also get scolded. Fattest doggy also get scolded when he try and help u all. U all fat also right?

2006 and now still the same pattern wat so must be xx wat. i got proof she do before mah so will do again wat Where you proof leh? Tok so much but no proof

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

U shut your cb mouth first lor. u no proof wat. sommore u also a fat dog wat!


Anonymous said...

What proof? Some old news dated way back in 2006. THE SOLID PROOF is to directly link XX to the creator of this hate site!! Where is your proof?? If you don't have proof, stop barking here! Go back & be your lumper9 in your gay princess blog.

The original dawnwayang xanga hate site was created long before the XX vs DY saga (it was removed by ahem... who else but Plastic). Cozycot thread was started on 18/03/08!! Stomp thread was started on 27/2/08!! Are you as deluded as your plastic master?? We hate your plastic master and your gay princess NOT because we are XX fans or we support XX. We hate them because of WHO THEY ARE!!

We hate your plastic master and your gay parincess because they had zero respect for commoners like us and thinks we will take whatever they gave us.

We hate your plastic master and your gay princess because they think the netizen are stupid. She plagiarised (still doing it) and they used anonymous nicks on forums because they think we singaporean are stupid. They think they can get away with it! No, hell no! they are wrong! They are so wrong! This is not the end of the saga. This is just the begining.

Anonymous said...

You peeing in your pants fat dog? You should be, it's not about xx creating this site or not. It's about Calvin Cheng the boss of Looque flaming netizens on a forum. You sabotage your boss by trolling here you useless lump of fat.

Anonymous said...

L.A.M. = Looque Agency Models/Management!


Anonymous said...

NBCB Siao are u all? I never say xx do this wat. I say I hope she not stupid to do this again.
Where your SOLID PROOF that the other people do this U all no proof summore they also never do before so why they do now
U all can answer anot. Cannot right tat why u all say everybody is dog like you all Call me dog never look in the mirror first

Anonymous said...

Fat Dog Spotted!!!

lun said...

ya. anon writer telling me that u got proof about xx being creater of the hate site.

so funny. i dont even know how may i address u. but whatever la, i couldnt care less. u may continue remain anonymous.


Anonymous said...

wah now got ppl say got proof that xx do this ah
I say last time do so now sure do again but where proof? No proof no tok hor. Same like ppl who say DY e jing ji and lau ban

Anonymous said...

Fat Dog Spotted!!!

Anonymous said...

Fat dog no prove also. Fat dog only got xialanxue's 2006 entry on something unrelated to DW!!! SO STUPID AS USUAL!!!

Anonymous said...

Is Mr Calvin Cheng (Looque boss, he is also DY's boss) = Melissa Lam?

Melissa LAM said LAM is a acronym. It's L.A.M = Looque Agency Models/Managers.

Let's have a look at Mr Calvin Cheng's Wiki page. It makes us wonder. He is not famous or popular, so why would anyone post up a wikipedia page about him?

Let us bring your attention to someone who has been editing Mr Calvin Cheng's page, and
sounds familiar: ARICIA LAM.

You can see her contribution here:

"Aricia Lam" is stated to be a "fashion coordinator and editor based in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hongkong".

However, google her name.... Nothing.

This Aricialam account was created solely for editing the pages of artistes under looque (such as Amber and Elvin), adding Looque into these artistes' pages, and
most importantly, campaigning for the non-deletion of Mr Calvin Cheng's wiki page, and tweaking his page to perfection.

Other than that, editing magazine related stuff (Juice is Mr. Calvin Cheng's magazine), and deleting Daniel Boey's wiki page.

Daniel Boey is a famous fashion icon and -just so happens- he has 600+ friends on Facebook and Mr. Calvin Cheng has 400+, but they are not friends with each other. Why? They are both fashion industry people and move in the same circles. Hmmm...

Most telling of all, the most recent contribution by Aricialam is when she campaigned strongly for the non-deletion of Dawn Yang's wiki page.

So who is Aricialam? How is she related to Mr Calvin Cheng or Melissa Lam? Dunno!

But if Aricia Lam is Mr Calvin Cheng, then it goes to show that he is not above creating fake accounts to campaign for his causes, and that he is very well-versed with internet ongoings.

Editing or creating your own wikipedia page is strictly against wikipedia rules and guidelines.

Just a nugget of info we thought we'd share.

Anonymous said...

DawnWayang!! Calvin Cheng is one of your most faithful reader. He check your blog everyday. He is responding to anon September 17, 2008 6:16 PM comments: