Thursday, July 17, 2008

Teehee!! just for you!!


To my beloved fans... heres something new..
just for you!!

Because i only have one hole, i cannot spread it for ALL of you!!

so this post is to show my gratitude!!

let me update you on the goings-on in my wonderful life as a superstar..... teehee!!!

As you all know....

You all better support xiaxue and donate to her if she needs the money!!


and some more fan art from some very special contributors!!


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Joker tongue!!!

Luv you, Dawnwayang!

Anonymous said...

Dawn Wayang, I love you! Keep up the bust-your-gut-laughing humour!

Anonymous said...

Dawn Wayang, you're the best ever. keep spreading, oops, i mean, posting!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

rofll <333 dawnwayang!!! *holds banner*

Anonymous said...

internet bully

Anonymous said...

oh man.. i wonder what has she done to you, to deserve this.. oh well.. any entertainment is good entertainment. :)