Sunday, July 27, 2008

Impersonating fans

Teehee everybody!'

All of you, or perhaps most of you would have somehow gotten wind of my latest scandal by now,
regarding plagiarism!

Not only am i fake through and through,
But even my opinions are not my own!

And im such a good liar too!

I thought i could get away with it,
Because no one reads my blog except horny old men , and thats why i got away with it
for such a long time!

And I can always distract them by spreading my legs and baring my cleavage!

If you think i shouldnt be able to get away with it,
and that stealing is wrong,

sign this petition!


In an even later update,
im sure that you all know by now that i impersonate my own fans, because I dont have any real ones!
I even create multiple accounts to interacts with each other, so it looks real!

You can read about my lies and slamming

fan art! teehee!
I need to raise funds for my plastic surgery.. Ooops!
i mean lawsuit!

support me by purchasing this doll!! teehee!


Anonymous said...

LOL! your posts are always funny. i love them.

Anonymous said...

this is so fantastic. keep writing please. i beg of you. nasty !!! love it!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I saw it in some posts below, but could you please remove the posts that made references to The Dark Knight's JOKER?
I mean, Heath Ledger (RIP) made such a phenomenal JOKER and by comparing Dawn Yang with Heath is just so disrespectful! I mean, Heath was and always will be an awesome actor, but Dawn, well...

So, thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

You are always so funny... Keep it up lolz..

Anonymous said...

to the 2nd anonymous: Why so serious?!

Anonymous said...

I think she needs help. She has no self-confidence. What a pity.

Anonymous said...

Time to take this plastic down ^^

Anonymous said...

hahaha keep it up! dig more dig more!! anyone else know her other email accounts?

B.H. said...

I wonder how long this blog can continue. Are you saving the best for last?

I have a feeling more scandalous evidence is being kept for a coup de grace.


Anonymous said...

To bh.

Please stop trying to act like a hero. Dawn doesn't give a flying fuck about you. You're nobody.

Use your time and energy to idolize someone else, okay?

Anonymous said...

hehe, dawn yang is a cash cow

Anonymous said...

is this dawn?

and on her entry 'imperfect', she says

If I were given a free extreme makeover, the following will be compulsory!

I so miss the eyelash extension i had earlier this year, if only permanent implant of nice long lashes can be done. I would definitely want it! Next, I’ll go for a nose job, sharp nose with a nice bridge just like how the caucasians have it! Finally, I don’t know, there’s something about the lip. Would Angelina Jolie’s pouting lips do the trick? Or perhaps, Shu Qi’s are good enough… Yeah baby… I think they have lips so sexy I wana plant mine onto theirs and have a taste of it!

Anonymous said...

more of dawn yang old photos

Anonymous said...

This is totally hilarious! I love the "teehee"s! XD

Anonymous said...

Dawn should stop blogging n join the hookers down the streets cz they're the same plastic barbies like her!
or mayb not cz she is indeed flithy rich, right, daddy's princess?
anyways, just continue having more plastic surgery n b the next michael jackson!
go bury yourself cz i doubt u'll have the guts to show urself in public dawn 'yang'

Anonymous said...


"This city deserves a better class of blogger. And I'm gonna give it to them. You'll see."

You're kidding right? ROFL@you copying The Joker!

onlyjx said...

LOL! good job!

LOok at this site as well!

Anonymous said...

I read this update,pretty smart

lols, who might it be?

rumiko kato said...

the pretty dawn is goin down

down yang maybe instead of dawn yang LMAO

Anonymous said...

Sigh, I think everything has gone wrong. Your blog post that started everything, your constant vindictive nature and failure to admit your cyber-bullying, your failure to stop the hate, your inferiority complex to another competitor blogger, your incessant compulsion to photoshop your pictures, your desire for worldly material possessions and your nose job.

You should stop now. Many impressionable youths are seeing your blog, and more so now that you have successfully graced the pages of our papers. They say that bad publicity is good publicity too. Maybe that's your aim, since blogging is a wonderful means of carving a livelihood too. Traffic isn't everything. Stop the hate, stop the squabbles, everyone deserves a second chance and some love.

This shouldn't be the news that gets a section of the sunday times.

B.H. said...

To the anonymous retard who replied my comment and clearly has no grasp of the english language.

No I am not a Dawn fan. I am merely questioning what else this blog has in store in terms of evidence.

Please go back to school or attend anger management classes. Preferably both.


Anonymous said...

i don't think there's anything wrong with B.H. first comment. What did you guys get so riled up about?

Totally agree with anon @ August 3,2008 7:52am !@#!

anyways... new updates from this blog is wayyy overdue. time to give Dawn a break izit? awww...

Anonymous said...

can u stop the teehee rubbish. its irritating!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

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